Meditation Sound

As most of you know, many sounds have a vibrational quality that is soothing or agitating or even healing. Some people use music to put themselves in a good mood. Others may use music to relieve stress. Various sounds have the ability to change our moods, and even our blood pressure.

I have met people at metaphysical conferences who use music, sounds, and similar modalities to help people heal. If you consider that everything in existence is vibration, then you must acknowledge that vibration can produce results.

I found this nifty video that has wonderful meditation music for deep relaxation or sleep..

They claim this sound resonates to your 7 chakras. They say it also boosts dopamine in the brain. If this is true, spending a few minutes looking at the image and listening to the sound can give you a real brain boost. I wonder if people who have Parkinson’s disease have tried this with any positive results?

At any rate, I found this very soothing to listen to (and quite hypnotic). I hope you will find it pleasant, as well.

The Site is Restored

I have been moving this website from an old server to a new one. Moving a WordPress blog can be a little tricky. I sent out an email to everyone who had registered on the site to warn them that it would be down for a few days.

I told them that the site would be back up by June 1, 2013. I am pleased that it is back up today, May 28. Luckily, the site was only down for two days. It is my sincere hope that no one was severely inconvenienced during the time the site was down.

If, during the time you spend on the site, you notice a broken link or a missing graphic, please contact me and let me know, so I can fix it. Also, if you find any part of the site that isn’t working, please let me know as well. It is hard for me to go through 188 blog posts with a fine tooth comb in the limited amount of time that I have.

So far, the transition from the old server to the new one seems to be fairly smooth. I hope that it remains smooth and easy for you to navigate this site.

If you have any other suggestions regarding the site feel free to contact me using the contact page.

Incredible Kites

There is a man named Ray Bethell in Vancouver, Canada, who flies kites with more skill than anyone I have ever seen. He is in his 80s, and his skin is old and weathered from spending so much time in the sun.  And when he flies his kites, it is as if a beautiful visual symphony is playing.

He reminds us that we are not limited in any way. We can soar in the skies. We can feel the joy of freedom and weightlessness lift us up. I have watched this at least a dozen times, and every time I feel inspired.

Watch this video and feel your heart soar with the kites. Feel your energy dance and fly.

Text Copyright © 2012 by Victoria Young