Flow of Light Chakra – Constant Flow of Energy

The Flow of Light Chakra is the second of four chakras in the Heart Region of body; it is located in the right breast. This chakra allows us to realize our permanence in the universe. We are and will always be a constant flow of light, love, and life force radiating out energizing the universe. Part of our spiritual journey is to know and be (go into action) as this constant flow of energy radiating out to support the universe. The spiritual symbol for this chakra is a crystal sphere and its color vibration is emerald green.

“Jacqueline” is a real estate broker, has three grown children and is currently married to her second husband. She describes most of her life as being difficult. She grew up relatively poor after her mom divorced her dad when she was six years old. Her mom moved Jacqueline and her siblings from Cleveland to a small town about 150 miles away so the family could have a “fresh start.”

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Spiritual Harmony Chakra

The Spiritual Harmony Chakra is the seventh of eight chakras located in the Solar Plexus Region of the body. It represents our ability to achieve spiritual balance. This balance occurs when our full spiritual consciousness and awareness leading us on our life’s journey outweighs the beliefs, judgments, perceptions and illusions we allow to influence our choices. This is the process of living consciously in the present.

The color vibration of this chakra is yellow and gold representing the integration of physical will (yellow) and spiritual purpose (gold). Located in the liver, the Spiritual Harmony Chakra’s spiritual symbol is iodine. Spirit calls iodine the Grain of Life and says it represents the recognition of Spirit as our own consciousness.

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Security Chakra

The Security Chakra, located just above the diaphragm, is the fifth of eight chakras located in the Solar Plexus Region of the body. The Security Chakra represents our ability to feel grounded and secured as we become one with Spirit and our life’s purpose. The colors of this chakra are green and gold and its spiritual symbol is the phrase, “At One-ment is the goal.”

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Reincarnation – At Play In The Fields of Creation

I love the idea of incarnating lifetime after lifetime. It means I get to play around with different ideas and concepts about life. I imagine one of my lifetimes as an atheist strongly believing there is no God or Higher Being in existence. My philosophy would be that I am in control of everything, the universe was created with a big bang, and there is no after life. Just imagine how I’d feel once I died thinking I’m in for the Big Sleep and instead I’m meeting some of my guides who are asking me what I learned from that life. I might say something like “Oh, $@#*! I got that one wrong!”

Next lifetime, thinking I got a handle on what life is about, I am a devout Catholic priest on the road to being a Pope. I would warn the masses about heaven and hell. How Jesus died for our sins. Why we must be obedient and confess our sins every chance we get in order to enter the gates of heaven. I’d be celibate, and abstain from all worldly pleasures. I would make everyone feel guilty for anything they do that isn’t an example of worshipping the Lord. Once I get back to the spiritual realms I’d meet my guides again and I might say something like, “What the %$#@? You mean I could have enjoyed Sister Anne and gone down to the bar and thrown back a few?”

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Remembering Past Lives — A Reincarnation Story

Like many people on the path, I came into this life with past life memories. And like most people, no one believed me, so I was easily talked out of it and had to ‘rediscover’ it in meditation. I’m glad to know that some are not talked out of it.

This is a touching story of a little boy who remembers his past life as a fighter pilot in World War II. This is divided into two videos.

Hope you enjoy it.

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