Guided Meditations

I have created the following Guided Meditations to accompany my book Spirit Guides (2nd Edition). I personally narrate all of the meditations, so my energy is embedded in them.

They are available on a CD titled Spirit Guides; Communicating With Your Unseen Friends through and

These guided meditations are available for purchase as MP3 downloads by clicking on the buttons below.

Guided Meditations Available
Spirit Guides – All 3 Meditations This is the best deal. You get all three Guided Meditations (a $10.97 value) for only $8.49! That’s a savings of almost 23% over the individual prices. The CD with all three meditations on it sells for $14.99. You can buy this bundle of all three MP3 files for almost 45% off the price of the CD. $8.49 USD Add to Cart
Grounding Meditation A brief (around 10 minutes) guided meditation to help you get “grounded” and prepare you for the other guided meditations. It is also very useful if you are feeling scattered or are having a difficult time with mental focus.
$2.49 USD Add to Cart
Meeting Your Guide This is a 22 minute guided meditation for beginners to use to meet their guides. It takes you on a gentle journey to your special garden, where you will meet your guide and get answers to a few questions.
$4.49 USD Add to Cart
Working With Your Guide This 22 minute guided meditation is for more experienced people to work with their guides.It includes beautiful background music and just enough suggestions to help you relax and contact your guide. Then, it allows you a good amount of time to communicate with your guide before returning to “here and now.” $3.99 USD Add to Cart