This Illusion Called Life

I received this message from my Guidance on February 23, 2006.

It is with great pleasure that we meet with you again today.

We wish to speak with you about this illusion called life. We know that for many of you, it is difficult to accept the concept that your life is an illusion. Perhaps if we describe from our viewpoint, we will clarify it a little more.

When we refer to it all as an illusion, we mean it is an illusion which you have created. Many spiritual traditions speak of the world within you. They say that everything you think is out there in the world, separate from you is actually contained within you. One way to express this would be to the fact that every thing you see is a reflection of your beliefs. If you do not accept this, just pay attention to all of the different ways people see the world. You all watch the same circumstances occur around the world and yet each of you has a different interpretation of what is going on. Each of you have created your own illusion.

The reason so many of you disagree about what is really going on is that each of you is coming from a different belief system or point of view. Even when you seem to come from similar belief systems such as a Christian belief or a Muslim belief, or American or Chinese, you will find that within those groups that there are many things upon which they do not agree.

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What Do You Expect?

Are you getting what you expect? Or are you surprised by your life and the turns it takes? Do you feel that sudden changes in your life come out of nowhere? I talked to someone recently who was in a bad car accident. I’ll call her “Henrietta” for these purposes. She was broad-sided at an intersection by someone speeding through a red light. Her car rolled over many times. As she told me the grim details, I was grimacing as I was imagining her being cut from the car. It was a very dramatic and sad story.

As Henrietta ended her story, she said to me, “I know you believe we create our own reality, but I didn’t create this. I would never create something like this.”

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Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask – Part 2

What do we want most out of life? Quite simply, we want to be happy. We want to smile, giggle, laugh, joke, grin and enjoy life every chance we can get. So why do we make the simplest things we want in our lives the hardest to get?

I believe it is because we are co-dependent on fear, struggle, and conflict. We seem to fill our lives these energies. Where did this co-dependency begin?   Continue reading

The Game Of Negativity

The Game Of Negativity — “It’s what you are taught to become!”

For all ages


You can play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year as long as you desire.


To help you and your loved ones to greatly suffer through life. 


To assist you to play this non-stop never ending game you have some support lines:

Phone a friend – your friend will let you complain, gossip and help you NOT solve your dilemmas because they are stuck in the Game of Negativity too!

Poll the news and media outlets – the news will allow you see the world as place of doom and gloom and supports your theory that nothing will ever get better!

Guilt/Blame/Judgment/Self Punishment (50-50) – which choice will make me feel better about myself today?   

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Change is With You

by JonMark

I received this from Spirit on 14 September 2008.


Breathe with us for a moment and allow your mind to entertain the idea of there being a new form of energy around you and soon to be running through you. When we say through you, we mean on all levels, in all dimensions and all times.

Know that the healing you seek is but a thought away. Know that the prosperity you seek is but a thought a way. Know that a new love that you seek is only a thought away. So we ask you now, what are you thinking? Wherein do your thoughts lay?

We know you realize and you have all heard for many years now that you exist in only but one dimension of hundreds upon thousand of dimensions. There are not just 12, there are not just 100 there are more than you can count. Whether you believe it or not does not change any of this, for what is, IS.

Many modern day prophets cry out that your lives are about to change over these next few days, weeks, months and even years. In fact, we do not know of a time when change is not happening somewhere in the sphere of your being. Your very cells are changing this very instant. Your brain cells are working overtime as you read this trying to comprehend where we are going next, what thought will be next.

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Your Life is a Symphony

I received this message from my guidance in 2005.

Dear Ones,

It is important for you to understand that you are the sum total of your thoughts and beliefs. There is nothing that is you that is separate or independent from your thoughts or beliefs.

You must understand this, dear ones, in order to have the core understanding necessary to graduate to “higher” levels of knowing. These so-called higher levels are all predicated on accepting that you have created your own beingness out of thoughts and beliefs. From there springs the truth that you create your entire reality — everything you experience, everyone you draw into your life and all of those so-called “unexpected” events.

Thoughts are vibrational energy. The tone and frequency of your thought vibrations create your beliefs, much like musical notes when put together create a song or even a symphony. Your symphony is your masterpiece created from notes (thoughts) that have been combined into songs (beliefs) and the songs have created your symphony — your life — your entire existence.

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You Create Your Reality Out of Habit

I received this message from my guidance in May, 1987. It seems just as relevant today.

Many of you do not realize that your reality is created out of what you call “habit”. The only reason you find it easier to believe in a world full of misery, danger, hunger, war, and disease is that you have gotten in the habit of doing so. Over time, your entire species has come to accept such things as “reality” and “unavoidable”. As long as you all are in the habit of believing in such a negative reality, then such a negative reality shall be yours.

You further compound your situation by the use of what you call your entertainment systems and that which you call “news”. We notice that you only find pain, tragedy, suffering, murder, war, and such as newsworthy. They are the things which get your biggest attention. You have a very negative attention direction and it is getting more so all the time. Continue reading