The Perception Of Consciousness

Here is a GREAT video, featuring David Lynch, Wyane Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden and more. They explain in ten minutes that the substance of the universe is consciousness. They tell us we only have fear when we believe that the substance of the universe is matter.

This Matrix is so incredible!

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Get Out of Your Own Way

Get Out of Your Own Way.” The first time someone said this to me more than 30 years ago, I didn’t understand what he was saying. I was fully embedded in thinking myself into solutions, thinking myself out of problems. I could not see how I was standing in my own way.

I thought all of the thinking hard to figure things out, the working hard, the struggling to get what I wanted were not only how I obtained goals, but how I proved that I was worthy of obtaining them. If I needed to prove I was worthy, then clearly I did not believe I was worthy. I was trying to make things happen because I subconsciously believed I had to push to overcome my unworthiness.

In addition, all of the hard work and struggle were based on a deep seated belief in limitation. If you have to struggle so hard, it’s because things don’t come easily, right?

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The Moment of Power is Now

Most of us regularly state the equivalent of “I need to do-change-make-write-fix something one of these days.” Like Pa Kettle from the old movies, who kept saying, “I’m gonna get to that someday,” we push our chores or opportunities further into the future.

There is no power in the future. Your power exists only in the NOW.

As we allow ourselves to be aware of something that needs to be taken care of or a cherished goal or a promise made and then push off the doing of it to a future day, we are postponing our power. Every time you allow your attention to rest on something that needs to be done, you are leaving a bit of your energy there. Most of us have many little things that each grab a little bit of our attention, leaving less for us to focus on what is in front of us now. Those little postponed things keep us from being fully present in the now because they occupy a portion of our attention, in the form of a background uneasiness.

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What Would Hera, Venus and Bast Say? Part 2

I had several friends who wanted to “play in the cosmos” and see what these wonderful Goddesses might have to say about some aspects of their lives. So here are some revelations!

Janice: Is there realty a Fountain of Youth?
Goddesses: Yes, it is your inner passion manifest for the world to see! You must be passionate about your life. What gives you inspiration, joy and happiness? What drives you and brings vitality into your life? Who supports your full expression of you? Accessing the Fountain of Youth is a matter of you getting to know your Self and learning how to live a passionately led life.

You don’t do this by compromising yourself and your ideals. You don’t do this by watching television (watching other people’s interpretation of life) a great deal of time. You don’t do this by judging or finding fault in others. Find out whom you are. See your grandness! Express your interpretation of love to the world and your inner light will course through every cell of your body. This light is your Fountain of Youth. You will always be young if you stay passionate about yourself and life!

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Don’t Go With Your Song Still Inside You

I saw the movie “The Shift” with Wayne Dyer in it (a few times — I have it on DVD.) There’s a great song that plays over the credits at the end called “Don’t Go With Your Song Still Inside You” by Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra.

It’s a great theme for all of us. Most people, when they are dying, don’t regret what they have done. They regret what they DIDN’T DO. What they didn’t learn (like painting or dancing), the chance they didn’t take, the road not taken, the book not written, the adventure not pursued.

Don’t let your fears or laziness or made up excuses keep you from “making your music.”

Here is a video of that song to inspire you.

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Saying “Yes” to Life

Like many people I know, I’ve been dealing with some frustrating challenges lately. I don’t need to give them more energy by describing them in detail here, but one is health related and the other is financial.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I sit to visualize the outcomes I prefer, my mind has been wandering to some negative places. It’s as if part of me assumes that the positive outcome I desire automatically comes with some negative baggage.

For instance, if you were thinking about winning the lottery and then found yourself thinking about how to deal with all of the people that might hound you for part of it. Those extra thoughts turn what should be a joyful experience into a burdensome one.

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I Have a Dream – Multimedia

In honor of Dr. Marin Luther King’s birthday, I wanted to post his “I Have a Dream” speech. Dr. King was so eloquent in pointing out how tragic it is when one group of people is not allowed to participate in the fullness of society. When we do not allow a group of people to benefit from the “gifts” of our society, we also do not allow our society to benefit from the gifts of those disenfranchised people.

We are all connected – Black, White, Brown, Yellow – Male, Female – Gay, Straight – Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan, Agnostic, Atheist – Old, Young and In-Between. We are all part of the same Source. We are pure source energy and those things like race, religion, gender, age and sexual orientation are only illusions of difference, like costumes we wear in this incarnation.

In our various incarnations, we have all been all of these things. For us to identify with our current physical circumstances so strongly that we do not see everyone as our brothers and sisters on this journey is a source of great sadness.

Dr. King spoke up for African-Americans and helped inspire changes in our culture that lead us to our first African-American President of the United States. Of course, we still have far to go in providing full access to the privileges of this country to everyone, but we can point to some progress.

I have a dream that someday we will not use race, gender, age, religion, handicap or sexual orientation to discriminate against anyone.

In that light, here is Dr. King’s inspiring speech.

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Would You Rather Be Right or Happy?

When I first heard this question over 20 years ago, I thought it was a trick question. Back then, I believed that being right was what made you happy. How could you be happy if you had to admit you were wrong? Over the years, I began to understand it from different points of view.

It became less important to correct people or to win an argument (even though I was SURE I was right), because I knew it would not contribute to peaceful situations. So I was keeping my mouth shut to preserve the peace. I found myself feeling annoyed when other people insisted on correcting me or trying to make me wrong. A perfect reflection no doubt, of the part of me had the urge to compete with them and prove that I was right and they were wrong. Ah — the joys of the ego.

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Lessons from Baseball – New Beginnings

The way athletes, especially baseball players, approach each new season is a lesson for all of us. They start fresh, renewed with hopes of becoming champions — no matter what happened last year.

Every year, when Baseball season ends, I feel a little bit down. Not truly depressed, but there is an “empty space” in my life for a few months where Baseball used to be. I watched a baseball game almost every day for over six months and now it’s gone. (I’m glad they have started the Baseball Network, where I can go get a little “fix” by watching some classic baseball games once in a while.)

My favorite team – the Colorado Rockies made it to the post-season, but were eliminated by the Phillies in the first round. The beginning of the let down.

The season is done. I know how it ends.

When the season began all fans were full of hope for the possibilities. For the fans of 29 of the 30 baseball teams, the season ends with a disappointment. For one team and its fans, the season ends spectacularly — they win the World Series.

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Simply Saying How You Feel

Anger, frustration, and disappointment are just a few challenging emotions we all experience from time to time. It is actually healthy to express these emotions because they allow us to see where we may not be in balance in some areas of our lives and they give us a heads-up when we are not honoring ourselves. As a friend of mine told me once, “It’s OK to be angry now. I’ll give you a day then you are going to have to express yourself, move on and transform that energy into a positive outcome.” That was great advice. It reminded me of when I was a child and able to express my outrage, come to terms with the person I was upset with, move on, continue to play whatever game we were in the middle of as happy as I could be and the infraction a far distant memory.

When did the process of expressing your feelings become as dramatic as a stage production of Phantom of the Opera?

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