Finding Equilibrium

The past year, for many people I know (including myself) has been about facing big challenges and losses — then finding some equilibrium among the remains. I went through some health challenges for several months last year. I had problems keeping food down. My gall bladder was in full rebellion. For over a month, I was too sick to sit at my computer and write posts.

Before I felt fully recovered, I had to make emergency trips to Kansas to care for my mother. She died in September of leukemia. It was two days before my birthday. I was raw and fragile from the experience for quite awhile. Then, I heard news about people I didn’t know that affected me deeply. Even though I did not know them, I felt a personal sense of loss. I know that some of that sense of loss was because I was (and am) still in the midst of grieving for my mother.

Steve Jobs died on October 5. The news, though not unexpected, caused me to sense a deep loss. I admired many things about Steve Jobs. I have been a Mac user for a long time. I have not used any other platform since 1988. I write my blog on a Mac, I write and layout books on a Mac, I edit sound and video on a Mac and I even do astrology on a Mac. Almost everything I do for my livelihood is done on a Mac, so the passing of the visionary who created my tools was deeply felt.

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No Heaven, No Hell, No Karma

I’ve never been able to get behind the concepts of Heaven, Hell and Karma. They all presume that there is a “person or persons” that is/are separate from us and keeping score. It also presumes that there is a fixed set of rules by which they keep the score. (And of course, the rules vary, depending on your religious system.)

Heaven, Hell and Karma are reward and punishment systems. If you do what is on the “approved” or “recommended” list, you get a ticket to Heaven or Good Karma. If you do what is on the “no-no” or “sin” list, you go straight to Hell or have Bad Karma.

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The Effects of Mercury and Mercury Retrograde

When I was a child there were two subjects I had a fascination about: Greek Mythology and Astrology. I was captivated by the stories of the gods and goddesses; their antics, affairs, fights, bravery and trickery. Astrology held a different kind of fascination. I started reading the daily astrology shorts in my newspaper curious about how my day might evolve; I don’t know why because what could possibly happen in a seven year olds life that isn’t somehow routine? Maybe I was trying to get a heads up on the right day to ask my parents for something I knew they would be somewhat against, like eating ice cream before dinner or watching television until 10 PM on a school night; what all seven year olds want!

Later on as I learned more about astrology I discovered I was on the wrong track in getting what I want from my parents. Continue reading

Destiny Chakra

The Destiny Chakra is the sixth of eight chakras located in the Solar Plexus Region of the body. It is located in the lower portion of the right lung and its color vibrations are blue and gold. The lungs are connected to Spirit through the process of respiration or breathing Spirit in. (Notice the word SPIRAT in respiration. When we expire we breathe our last breath – Spirit- out). The vibration of blue represents truth and gold represents confidence. Together they vibrate to, “Be confident and trust yourself!”

The gemstones that will heal and balance this chakra are pearls and clear citrines. The positive energies to activate this chakra are: listening (to your inner voice); love, joy, love of women (femininity) and purpose. The Destiny Chakra’s Spiritual Symbol is Heart as in center and extended as the highest expression of love. What is the highest expression of love? It is your ability to do, live and express your heart’s desire.

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We Are Always Supported

In the direst of circumstances we are ALWAYS supported by the universe.

When we believe that there is no way out of a situation, there is no where we can go for assistance, there is no one who can help and we feel as if we are on the edge of the Grand Canyon and about to fall in, is when we are to look even deeper within ourselves and find our inner spark which is our connection to the universe. Just on the other side of those dark situations are the lights of creation; the solutions to our challenges.

All of us have had those moments. I describe them as moments when I can’t see an outcome and all I see is a big black void of energy.

When it happens to me, I face that darkness head-on and search for a spark of light that will lead me out. How does the spark of light appear? It created from a number of faint lights that come together and form a point of light, guidance, faith and support.

Those lights represent:

  • A deep and profound knowingness that there is at least one solution or path that will help you solve this challenge.
  • An understanding that you created this situation in order to create a solution.
  • Gifts and talents that you have brought into this life to use in any circumstances, not just when things are going well.
  • Souls whom you knew would incarnate during the same time you would and have asked to be your emergency crew in times of darkness. They could be the stranger who gives you a smile when you most need it, the bus driver who tells you exactly what you need to hear, the neighbor who tells you about a position that would be perfect for you skill set, a friend who feels inspired to give you a check, a teacher who recognizes your gift and encourages you to pursue it, and/or a family member who puts their hand out and asks what do you need.
  • Faith in yourself and the universe.
  • Light Balls of inspiration, happiness, poise, and strength your Guides, Guardian Angels, High Self Committee and other Light Beings keep hitting you with to get your attention.
  • Wisdom gained from many lifetimes of experience.
  • Your courageousness.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright

Everything You Need

Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now, you are a whole, total person, not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else. You are pure potential — Source energy itself. Source encompasses all-that-is, so there is nothing left out.

Most of us on the Metaphysical – Spiritual path are familiar with this notion and many of us are able to accept it as truth — intellectually, that is. Few of us easily understand it and own it deep within.

If we owned it deeply, we would never say “I need” anything. We can have wants or desires or preferences, but we cannot have needs if we align with the knowledge that we already have everything we need.

I am one of those who held this belief at an intellectual level for a long time. I was regularly channeling Guidance who reminded people of that very thing. And yet, I was still seeing myself as incomplete and in need of healing or money, etc., to become whole. Until someone helped me put it into perspective.

I was talking to her about the disability I have been dealing with for almost 20 years. I mentioned how my limitations make it hard on others sometimes. I walk slowly and there are many activities I avoid because of being handicapped. I was feeling that I did not have the right to present myself as an expert on these topics because I was handicapped. I feared that people would say, “If you’re so advanced in this, how come you haven’t healed yourself?”

I was diagnosed with an inherited neuro-muscular disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT) in 1990, well after I was on this path of Spiritual understanding. Because of it, I experience difficulty with balance, I walk with braces on my legs and a cane and I have limited use of my hands. My Father and one of my brothers also had it, as well as a grandfather, aunt, uncle and several cousins. (The disease I was diagnosed with is genetic, but Bruce Lipton has done a wonderful job of explaining how we need not be victims of our genetics.)

After I said something about feeling limited because of my handicap, she asked me if I had considered re-framing how I think about the CMT. She asked if I could see it as a blessing rather than a limitation. When I asked for examples, she pointed out a few of the obvious ones, such as — I always get the best parking spaces because of my handicapped placard.

Then she pointed out some less obvious ones. Continue reading

Who Are We?

We are Spirit in physical expression.  We are more than the face and body we see in the mirror everyday.  We are more than our bodies.  We are the essence of Life, Love, Light, and Spirit.

As Spirit, we are created in and from something greater than our physical selves; we come from the Universal Source of Existence, God/Goddess, Shiva, the Creator, Spirit and any other Names given to the mystical All.   Spirit is the creator of all things, thus we are creators.  Spirit is all knowledgeable therefore we are all knowledgeable.  Spirit is love therefore we are love.  Spirit is powerful therefore we are powerful.  

Spirit is abundant therefore we are abundant.  Spirit is timeless therefore we are eternal souls.  Spirit is genderless and cultureless therefore, in essence, our souls are genderless and cultureless.  Spirit just is and we just are.  We are the energy of love because we are the purest expressions of the Spirit or Love Energy.   Love Energy is formless, expansive, and eternal.  In its purest full expression Love Energy cannot be contained, limited, or temporary.  Since we are the energy of love, we have also these qualities.  

Therefore, all of our answers to life’s questions are contained within us.   Continue reading

Connecting with I AM — Part 3

by JonMark

This is the final portion of a message I received from spirit on 2 April 2009.










So many people misunderstand wisdom. Many think of wisdom as something they must attain through suffering or renouncing of worldly possessions. Wisdom does not require either of those things. There is only one thing wisdom requires and that is the willingness to be open. To be open to all the experiences in life that surrounds you. Experiences that perceived on many different levels. Wisdom can be an active force in our daily lives. Wisdom is linked to perception of the physical dimension and to the less perceived dimensions as well. We see something in this dimension as one thing, this triggers a response in our brain and then we use perception to put it all together.

Everything is filtered through our perception of any given situation. This can protect us and cause us delayed growth depending on how open we can be to any given situation. Case in point, when we are little we are taught that a stove, when in use, should not be touched. This was a base understand that had to be developed over the years. At that point in time we had yet to really create a conscious connection to our higher dimensions around us so it was a very simple response. We learned. It WAS truly hot. Now that same way of thinking can assist us in limiting our lives on so many levels.

Our past experiences are not only in our minds but in our physical bodies as well. Many of us have been working tirelessly on processing so many outstanding issues in our lives and we keep wondering where the increase in wisdom is? We have peeled back the onion of our own personal existence till there was nothing left to peel. No where to go, except inward. Go into the space of no-space and there you will see the face of God looking back at you. We connect back to our true selves.

When do we get IT? What else must I do in order to attain this new deeper understanding? The answer my child is no-thing. There is nothing you do not already have except the awareness that you posses it. All you need do is awaken to that understanding. There is nothing in this world or in the higher dimensions that can not be known. You have all the keys to the kingdom you need. The question is, do you have the wisdom how to use those keys and are you willing to increase what you already believe you know to be true?

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Connecting with I AM — Part 2

By Jon Mark

This is a continuation of  a message I received from Spirit on 2 April 2009.










We have had that thought. We have held it and it has gestated. We have shared it with those that would help us grow it and now we begin to incorporate that thought into our being. We begin to align our thoughts, our being and open to the greater wisdom that lies within the thought. This is the place where the awareness sets in that many things are not as they seem.

We have matured with our thoughts and really see/feel how this/these thought(s) are now becoming beliefs and how we are incorporating them into our mind and into our lives. Once again our old friend discernment comes into play. Are we coming into alignment with this with ease or are we shoving something that does not really fit into our vibrational field because we are doing it for someone else?

The manifestation of our lives is nothing more than an exercise in alignment. Remember alignment does not happen just for us but for those around us. Remember that alignment is not constant and it can change. There will be people through out your life where at one time you were in alignment with them and then it faded. It by no means, means you love them less. It just means that you were together once and now it is not comfortable for you to stay where you are, you have moved away from alignment.

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Connecting with I AM — Part 1

By Jon Mark

I received this from Spirit on 2 April 2009.

Know now that you are all returning back to us once again.  Your time away was useful and regenerative we pray.  Drift with us here for a moment and allow us to bring you back. Bring you back into alignment with your self, your being and your light.  The light of Life.  The light of Spirit.  Light that holds the very atoms of your being together.  Light that vibrates on may different frequencies.  In your bodies, around them and through them.


You are not separate from me.  NEVER.  How can we be separate?

We are older than time itself.  Younger than new life waiting to emerge.  Existing in more dense and more light filled dimensions.  All at the same time.

Stop and breathe.  As you breathe feel the light come into your body.  Feel your body swell with this energy.  Exhale out all that is not in alignment with your true being.

Your true being that I AM.  From the heart of I AM you were created and sent.

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