Announcing New Book!

Cover-101-Mantras-for-Self-EsteemI am very happy to announce the publication of my newest book, 101 Mantras For Self-Esteem. This is the first in a series of books that will each have 101 mantras or more.

101 Mantras For Self-Esteem contains more than 101 mantras (affirmations) to help people develop improved self-esteem. Self esteem and confidence in oneself are critical factors for success in every aspect of one’s life.

This self help book has useful chapters about the nature of self-esteem and about how the author has overcome her own issues, in part by using mantras. There is also a very nicely presented chapter on how to use mantras to improve your life.

A Mantra is a sound, a syllable, a word, phrase or sentence that you repeat over and over to achieve a state of being or a state of mind. In this case, Victoria is using the word “Mantra” to describe words and phrases that are repeated in order to release (and eventually eliminate) self-limiting beliefs. (Some people prefer to use the word “Affirmation” to describe the same thing. Mantras are very powerful tools for changing the way we believe (and therefore act) regarding our possibilities and opportunities.

Good Self-Esteem (believing in yourself, recognizing your value, honoring your talents and possibilities) is a basic requirement to achieve goals in life. Most people with low self-esteem won’t even try, or they claim victimhood when their efforts fall short. The Mantras and quotes in this book can be a part of your commitment to claim your power, raise your self-esteem and let go of your limiting beliefs about yourself. High self-esteem is necessary to achieve higher levels of success.

This 256-page book will also be available in the near future in the EPUB and Kindle formats on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. I will update with links when it becomes available in the new formats.

Victoria Young is an author, teacher and psychic medium whom Hans King called, “One of the finest mediums in the country.” Victoria has been using Mantras for over 30 years. She wrote Spirit Guides; Communicating With Your Unseen Friends, and produced a CD with the same title that contains guided meditations to help people contact their own guidance. Victoria lives and writes in Colorado.

Watch for more upcoming books in the 101 Mantras series. For more information, visit and

Become More Effective by Finding Peace

Everyone is multi-tasking these days. They are tethered to their “Crackberries,” iPhones, iPads, smart phones and computers, so they are sending eMails at all hours. Even when they are supposed to be “at leisure,” they are mailing and texting during meals at restaurants, movies, baseball games, family outings, while driving, during classroom lectures, in the bathroom (both public and private), and in some cases, even during sex.

Years ago, there was a promise that technology would make us more productive. There are some ways in which it has made us more productive — I can edit this article without having to type it over from scratch, as I would have done before word processing programs existed. I can sell my domain names to people halfway around the world by using the internet, eMail and PayPal.

But there is a dark side — technology has enabled “spammers” to fill our in boxes with masses of junk. In some cases, the junk mail is so overwhelming that it causes people to lose their important messages among the spam.

Technology promised to give us more leisure time, as well. Presumably, the more leisure time was a result of having gotten all of our work done earlier than before. However — studies have shown that people (who are fortunate enough to have a job these days) are working more hours than ever. Obviously, in the workplace, one must do the bidding and put out all the little “fires” that the employer commands. But it is well documented that people end up doing a lot of things poorly when required to multi-task all the time. The human brain is not structured for it.

Yesterday, I saw a woman walking through a traffic-filled parking lot into a store. She had a baby cradled in her right arm, a toddler by the hand with her left arm, and her neck was bent to hold the cell phone between her ear and shoulder so she could carry on a conversation. There is no way she was giving adequate attention to either child. She was not watching for traffic as she crossed. But she was deeply engaged in a phone call that pulled most of her attention elsewhere.

The sad thing is that most people are unaware that they are performing poorly on multiple tasks. They don’t have that insight because too much of their brain is occupied trying to multi-task. And it is becoming evident that all of these short bursts of technological communication are making many people attention deficient.

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The Joy of Thinking Less

Almost all of us are burdened with thinking too much. I myself attained a fifth-degree black-belt equivalent in thinking too much. I thought all the time. I had my ego tied up in being an intellectual, which I thought was a good thing.

I believed that my ability to think “in-depth” about things, know the history and inter-relationships of things gave me value. I was always trying to figure everything out. Always wanting to be ready with the answers if someone asked.

About 25 years ago someone said to me that not everyone had a zillion thoughts in their mind all of the time. How could someone not think all the time? It was a concept I could not ‘grok.’

Until I stuck to a regular meditation practice and witnessed a calming mind within.

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The Secret Wand of Isis & Earth Energy

By guest writer Kiwidolphin

The Secret Wand of Isis is solid sterling silver and can be used as a pendulum or worn as a necklace.

That is the simplest description of this item and matches its discreet appearance. However, there’s more to this than meets the eye, as I found out when I began wearing it.

The makers, Circle of Raphael of Britain, claim it to be “The Most Accurate Divination & Life-Enhancing Magical Pendulum in History.” This article will address the life-shifting results I’ve noticed while wearing my Isis Wand daily (I even wear it to bed). I’ll write about its accuracy as a pendulum in a later article.

I’ve had my Isis Wand for about six weeks. As a piece of jewelry, I enjoy wearing it. It’s small, relatively lightweight and looks attractive with any outfit. It has an unassuming, delicate appearance that almost blends in with its surroundings.

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Weight Loss, Cowboys and Scarlet O’Hara

The United States is a nation known for its fast food chains, processed foods, high fructose drinks (weren’t we called the Coca Cola nation at some point?) and fostering an increasing sedentary lifestyle. We are known as a nation of cowboys – men who give one-word answers and whose actions express their deepest feelings – and Scarlet O’Hara’s – overly emotional and superficial women who only want to be taken care of. Although these are two pretty outdated and unfair stereotypes, a lot of Americans seem to wear them proudly.

Our nation is also one of the most overweight countries in the world and, therefore, obsessed with weight loss. Most magazines, television talk shows and nutrition experts claim that our unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity is the root of most overweight issues of Americans. I believe the impetus of our weight challenges is not just our negative physical habits; it’s our emotional, mental, and spiritual states of being.

I have had challenges with my weight since by early twenties. I remember graduating from college, moving back home and launching my job search. I mailed out hundreds of resumes and rarely received a response. Although I worked as a temp to make money and networking connections, I became increasingly disillusioned and unhappy. I started eating more to hide my hurt and frustration. Before I knew it I had gone from a size 10 to a size 18 in a matter of eight months. Although I was working out a couple of times a week, I was so focused on my job search that I didn’t realize my additional weight until I finally got a job and went shopping for appropriate clothes. I was devastated.

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What Is A New Year’s Day Celebration?

A New Year’s Day Celebration is a time of reflection, happiness, excitement, and acceptance of what you have accomplished in the year that is ending and anticipation of wonderful opportunities, experiences and relationships you want to attract into your life in the new year.

I always celebrate New Year’s on my birthday. A long time ago I decided to gauge my progress through my age because that’s what my parents did while I was growing up. I think they did it because of the adage “as we get older we get wiser and better.” I know for certain that most of us do this to a certain extent and there are both positive and negative benefits of this practice. The positive benefit is we stay focused on the wonderful things we want to accomplish. The negative benefit is we may get caught up in the attaining the goal and forget to acknowledge the little things we get to experience along the way.

I remember many years of my mom crying on her birthday Continue reading

The Effects of Mercury and Mercury Retrograde

When I was a child there were two subjects I had a fascination about: Greek Mythology and Astrology. I was captivated by the stories of the gods and goddesses; their antics, affairs, fights, bravery and trickery. Astrology held a different kind of fascination. I started reading the daily astrology shorts in my newspaper curious about how my day might evolve; I don’t know why because what could possibly happen in a seven year olds life that isn’t somehow routine? Maybe I was trying to get a heads up on the right day to ask my parents for something I knew they would be somewhat against, like eating ice cream before dinner or watching television until 10 PM on a school night; what all seven year olds want!

Later on as I learned more about astrology I discovered I was on the wrong track in getting what I want from my parents. Continue reading

If This Was Your Last Incarnation What Would You Do?

If you knew this was your last incarnation what would you do?  What would your life look like?  How deeply would you love?  How loud would you laugh?  Where would you live?  What talents would you develop?  What kind of car would you drive?  Who would be in your life right now?  How would you live each day?

I am only a third of the way through my life (that is if I maintain my body’s health and live to be 120) and over the past fifteen years I have learned and am continuing to learn what it means to embrace life as if it were the most precious metal on earth.  What have I done so far to live an incredible life?  What more do I want to do?

What are some of the things I have done and am doing?

  • Traveled to some spiritual vortexes around the world
  • Awakened each morning an expectation of adventure
  • Helped trauma victims find peace
  • Lived in another country for a year
  • Really listen to others as if they were the only person in the room
  • Marched against injustices
  • Sat with my dad and watched old cowboy movies and sports almost every day the last six months of his life
  • Learned to play the tuba and Native American flute
  • Created classes that make me and other discover more about ourselves
  • Climbed a few mountains – each time I was really out of shape but I did it!
  • Make my niece and nephew feel as if they are the most loved people in the world
  • Learned new and cool healing concepts and techniques
  • Write inspirational stories
  • Lived in one of the most expensive places in Chicago
  • Eat ice cream at midnight, first thing in the morning and in the middle of the day with no guilt
  • Swam in three oceans
  • I have forgiven and will continue to forgive myself
  • Climbed a mountain at sunrise on a New Year’s Day and opened my arms to receive Spirit’s blessings
  • Visited three of the seven original wonders of the world
  • Play practical jokes
  • Helped people find peace
  • Been chased by a bull elephant
  • Drive across South Africa listening to incredible African music
  • Tell my mom I love and appreciate her
  • Learned a martial art
  • Dreamed and tried to start an online company
  • In the most challenging circumstances, helped others find their power
  • Have fun
  • Take wonderful pictures
  • Ate at Le Cirque in New York and Tru in Chicago with wonderful friends
  • Express myself fully to the world – what you see is who I am
  • Helped others see what’s possible
  • Learned to love and accept myself

What more do I want to do?

Keep creating opportunities to continue embracing my life!

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright

"I Am" Chakra

The I Am Chakra is the second of eight chakras in the Solar Plexus Region. It is located in the stomach and has the color vibration of yellow and violet. Yellow represents the will to shine and violet represents Spirit; the two together vibrates our willingness to shine as an expression of Spirit. Its spiritual symbol is the crescent moon – new beginnings, new creations, and new expressions of possibilities. This chakra helps you to accept yourself as an expression of infinite possibilities. We can be anything we want to be, experience everything positive that can be experienced, and create wonderful lives that unabashedly show the world who we are and how we think. We just have to be willing to accept the creative power of “I Am.”

“Francis” is an organic farmer and master manifestor. He can manifest anything he wants at any given moment. He can manifest money to make changes and repairs to his farm, more than enough workers to help him when he needs it, books he has heard about literally within days of becoming aware of them (he lives in a very small community in Wisconsin so this really is a feat), the free use of machinery to help with the operation of his farm, the energy to work two days straight (he’s 60 years old) and still have time to help others, and a consistent flow of shareholders to whom he can sell his produce.

Francis can also manifest enemies almost immediately, Continue reading

Paying Attention

This is a message I received from my guidance on June 12, 2008.

Dear Ones,

It is important for one to look at one’s life with attention and reverence.

Attention to what is.
Attention to what needs to be done.
Reverence for yourself, reverence for others, reverence for all that is.
You will treat people and things differently if you have reverence for them. You will treat yourself differently, as well.

Most people have developed the habit of taking everything in life for granted. They do not even notice how miraculous and special it is. They don’t see the amazing divine energy that flows through everything. They do not appreciate all of the many things that operate smoothly and perfectly in their lives. They do not notice that their heart is beating, their lungs are breathing, their brain is processing, the street lights are working, their car is running. They only notice what doesn’t work.

They only notice when they or a precious loved one becomes ill or when they suffer a great loss. We implore you to pay attention now. Now. Now. NOW!! Now is the only moment of power. Now is where you always are, yet you put your attention on what happened (usually troubled by it) or on what you think (or fear) is going to happen.

Surely you can see how illogical (silly, really) it would be for you go on a vacation to a paradise and put all of your attention onto some awful place? But that is what most people are doing with their daily lives. You are already living in Paradise. The Kingdom of Heaven is truly within you.

There are many petty issues and petty tyrants that you may choose to focus on, but not happily. Your focus on them will remind you what troubles you. When you are troubled, you are not acknowledging your connection to Source.

A good practice for paying attention is, of course, meditation. During meditation your thoughts and distractions, hopes, fears and fantasies will assemble a very large parade (with floats and orchestras) to march across your attention.through observing the spectacle of your mind, without engaging any of the thoughts or attaching to them, you can begin to see your thought patterns. You will begin to see how your particular mind-ego works to stay in charge. By developing this understanding, you can rise above the cacophony of the mind. when you recognize the tricks, the trickster can no longer fool you.

Copyright © 2008 by Victoria Young