Quantum Physics & Consciousness

Quantum Physics tells us that everything in the universe only exists as possibilities or probabilities. They often call it “waves of possibility.”

Everything exists as a possibility, but only APPEARS to exist as a reality when the observer, through conscious choice, chooses a possibility — collapsing the wave into a single possibility.

I have always wondered why we keep choosing the same reality — continuing the same narrative — especially when it is a reality we want to change. I am still working on that one — how do we switch from an illusion that does not please us to an illusion that does? It seems like memory is a critical part of it.

Amit Goswami, Ph.D has written several books, including “The Self-Aware Universe.” He explains this stuff very well, so I am including some videos by him and Joe Dispenza to explain it. Joe Dispenza describes it from a slightly different point of view, and the addition of his brain-scientist point of view makes it more understandable.

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Amit Goswami Part 1 of 3

Amit Goswami Part 2 of 3

Amit Goswami Part 3 of 3

Joe Dispenza Part 1 of 3

Joe Dispenza Part 2 of 3

Joe Dispenza Part 3 of 3

Travel the Void

Travel the void, a place where nothing yet exits, but all potential dwells – A Mayan saying.

When I was younger, I often wondered about “The Void.” In school my teachers told me and my fellow students that a Black Hole in the middle of space is a place void of light, sound or vibration. I was fascinated that there was a place like this and I wanted to know what it would feel like to there. I remember daydreaming about drifting along in this silent nothingness understanding the concept of peace and oneness. Can there be a potential phenomena beyond The Void? Is there a cosmic and/or physical reason for Black Holes?

Peace and oneness, we’re led to believe, are in the middle of the universe contained in a Black Hole, however we can find this stillness in a breath, a moment of focus, knowingness and when we shut out the noise of our day just before drifting off to sleep. In this moment of stillness, there is a sort of gravitational and cosmic pull that helps us reach beyond our “normal” senses. There is a sound of an electrical charge going off and we are able to see very clearly everything going on around us.

You see that beyond the stillness of peace and oneness is an opportunity to arrive at truth and knowingness. On the other side of the Black Hole is a Mirror of Light.

This Mirror of Light shows us the path to our Creative Source and potentiality – reflections of the higher aspects of ourselves. Only in stillness can we arrive at infinite understandings of our true nature – Spirit. So stop. Be Silent. Travel the Void. Where you eventually arrive will only be a mirror image of yourself – a reflection of Spirit.

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Science and the Taboo of PSI

Dean Radin is Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). You may remember him from “What the Bleep Do We Know?” Radin is the author of “The Conscious Universe” (1997) and “Entangled Minds” (2006).

He has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Psychology. Dr. Radin has used the blending of these sciences to study psychic phenomena (psi), effects of consciousness on measurable reality, etc.

Here is a video of a lecture he gave entitled “Science and the Taboo of PSI.” It’s over an hour long — think of it as getting to go to that conference for free.

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