Finding Equilibrium

The past year, for many people I know (including myself) has been about facing big challenges and losses — then finding some equilibrium among the remains. I went through some health challenges for several months last year. I had problems keeping food down. My gall bladder was in full rebellion. For over a month, I was too sick to sit at my computer and write posts.

Before I felt fully recovered, I had to make emergency trips to Kansas to care for my mother. She died in September of leukemia. It was two days before my birthday. I was raw and fragile from the experience for quite awhile. Then, I heard news about people I didn’t know that affected me deeply. Even though I did not know them, I felt a personal sense of loss. I know that some of that sense of loss was because I was (and am) still in the midst of grieving for my mother.

Steve Jobs died on October 5. The news, though not unexpected, caused me to sense a deep loss. I admired many things about Steve Jobs. I have been a Mac user for a long time. I have not used any other platform since 1988. I write my blog on a Mac, I write and layout books on a Mac, I edit sound and video on a Mac and I even do astrology on a Mac. Almost everything I do for my livelihood is done on a Mac, so the passing of the visionary who created my tools was deeply felt.

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Forgiveness is for You (Not Whoever You are Forgiving)

One of my favorite quotes, attributed to Swami Muktananda, says we need to keep forgiving until we realize there is nothing to forgive. Over the years since I heard it I have come to grok it on different levels and from different points of view.

Obviously, if you accept the notion that you create your reality — all of it — no exceptions — then it makes no sense at all to blame someone else for anything in your life. If you create it all, even what someone else does in your life that affects you was created (or attracted) by you. So, if you are feeling like a victim of someone’s deeds, start out by forgiving them. Keep forgiving them until you realize it is all your creation and no forgiveness is required.

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No Buts Please

I received this message from Source on February 12, 1987

Dear Ones,

We have talked to you about the fictional prices people think they must pay to achieve their dreams. (See Price To Pay, published on May 25, 2010.)

There is another method of freeing yourself from these limiting thoughts which you may wish to consider. It is deceptively simple. Of course, those of you who have worked with us know that all we have to say is deceptively simple. The truth is never complex or difficult. It is always very simple. The truth may appear to be complex at times because it permeates all that is and is therefore connected to all truth. However, it remains extremely simple.

The second method I spoke of is to simply eliminate the use of a certain 3-letter word from the vocabulary and speech and thought patterns. You may say “That is easy”, and I assure you that you will find yourself using this word more than you thought. If fact, you will be surprised at how often this word is used in your speech and the speech of all you encounter. As you train yourself to notice it more and more, you will realize what a very powerful word it is and how it creates your reality. What is this word?

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This Illusion Called Life

I received this message from my Guidance on February 23, 2006.

It is with great pleasure that we meet with you again today.

We wish to speak with you about this illusion called life. We know that for many of you, it is difficult to accept the concept that your life is an illusion. Perhaps if we describe from our viewpoint, we will clarify it a little more.

When we refer to it all as an illusion, we mean it is an illusion which you have created. Many spiritual traditions speak of the world within you. They say that everything you think is out there in the world, separate from you is actually contained within you. One way to express this would be to the fact that every thing you see is a reflection of your beliefs. If you do not accept this, just pay attention to all of the different ways people see the world. You all watch the same circumstances occur around the world and yet each of you has a different interpretation of what is going on. Each of you have created your own illusion.

The reason so many of you disagree about what is really going on is that each of you is coming from a different belief system or point of view. Even when you seem to come from similar belief systems such as a Christian belief or a Muslim belief, or American or Chinese, you will find that within those groups that there are many things upon which they do not agree.

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It's All a Mirror

Your experience of the world is entirely up to you. Albert Einstein said that the most important decision you will make in your life is whether you believe you live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe.

If you believe the universe is hostile, you experience lots of obstacles in your life. It may go something like this. Everything is hard. People are not to be trusted. You have to struggle to get “your share.” Others are plotting against you or trying to take what is yours. There are dangers everywhere, in the form of germs, disease, “bad” people, smog, traffic, disasters, terrorists, politicians, etc.

If you believe the universe is friendly, you experience life as one lesson after another that contributes to your growth. You feel the universe is plentiful and you will always have enough. You know you are taken care of and that Source is always looking out for you. The people you meet are friendly, compassionate and fun to be with. You know there is a ‘gift’ with every challenge. You expect situations to work out for the best.

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Create Your Fortune by Letting Go of “What Is”

Almost everyone has a long list of things they want in their life that have not yet manifested. High on those lists are lots of money, a new house, a new car, a great job, meeting one’s soulmate, perfect health, long life and more.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you desire is coming toward you, by virtue of the fact that you desire it and put your attention on it. Your energy, resonating at a frequency of desire for something sets up a corresponding resonant frequency in the something you want so it is attracted to you. So why do so many people NOT have what they desire?

I believe it’s because they pay far too much attention to the ABSENCE of their desires in their lives. Continue reading

The Secret Wand of Isis & Earth Energy

By guest writer Kiwidolphin

The Secret Wand of Isis is solid sterling silver and can be used as a pendulum or worn as a necklace.

That is the simplest description of this item and matches its discreet appearance. However, there’s more to this than meets the eye, as I found out when I began wearing it.

The makers, Circle of Raphael of Britain, claim it to be “The Most Accurate Divination & Life-Enhancing Magical Pendulum in History.” This article will address the life-shifting results I’ve noticed while wearing my Isis Wand daily (I even wear it to bed). I’ll write about its accuracy as a pendulum in a later article.

I’ve had my Isis Wand for about six weeks. As a piece of jewelry, I enjoy wearing it. It’s small, relatively lightweight and looks attractive with any outfit. It has an unassuming, delicate appearance that almost blends in with its surroundings.

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None of the Above – or What the Heck am I Creating Here?

I’m sure our readers are wondering what happened to our articles. Did we fall into a black hole? Did we get bored and just give up? The answer is “C — None of the above.”

Shirlyn has been occupied with a family emergency and she is in the midst of creating her own web presence, which we will announce when it is up and running.

And I had a cold (I don’t think it was flu…) that sapped my energy. It set me back because I had let a lot of chores go — only the absolutely necessary ones, like feed the cats, clean their litter boxes, fix myself something to eat — got done.

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You Can Heal Yourself

These videos are from a presentation by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton done by Hay House. These guys are two of my favorite authors. They talk about various scientific discoveries that further support the roles of Mind and Thought in healing.

Everything in your Mind can fix everything in your body. Your Mind creates the environment for your cells. What you believe about your body and your health is important!

I love these videos! They act as nice, succinct reminders about how powerful we really are. I hope you love them, too.

Part 1

Part 2

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Don’t Go With Your Song Still Inside You

I saw the movie “The Shift” with Wayne Dyer in it (a few times — I have it on DVD.) There’s a great song that plays over the credits at the end called “Don’t Go With Your Song Still Inside You” by Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra.

It’s a great theme for all of us. Most people, when they are dying, don’t regret what they have done. They regret what they DIDN’T DO. What they didn’t learn (like painting or dancing), the chance they didn’t take, the road not taken, the book not written, the adventure not pursued.

Don’t let your fears or laziness or made up excuses keep you from “making your music.”

Here is a video of that song to inspire you.

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