A Whole New World – Part I

I was introduced to spiritual energy modalities when I worked in South Africa. I was on a ten month assignment to help two non-governmental agencies research and create business opportunities for small and large companies. I remember stepping off the plane and feeling electricity in the air. Although dozens of people speaking at least six different languages (not one of them was English) were rushing past me, I felt calm. I wasn’t sure if I was picked up (I didn’t see my name on a card) so I called my contact who told me to just catch a cab to the hotel they booked me at for a day. Right when I got off the phone a man came up to me and asked if I needed a cab.

He was about 30ish, tall, and had a gentle demeanor coupled with a sense of urgency. While in his cab and without any prompting he started instructing me on how to be safe in Johannesburg. He told me which areas to stay away from, where to carry my money, about the different combie (cab) gangs, and how to tell if a person was from the Zulu, Sotho, Khosa tribes…very important information I was to later learn. He told me how proud he was to be living in a time where there can be wonderful opportunities for him and his people. “This is the new South Africa!” he said with pride and happiness.

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Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask – Part 2

What do we want most out of life? Quite simply, we want to be happy. We want to smile, giggle, laugh, joke, grin and enjoy life every chance we can get. So why do we make the simplest things we want in our lives the hardest to get?

I believe it is because we are co-dependent on fear, struggle, and conflict. We seem to fill our lives these energies. Where did this co-dependency begin?   Continue reading

Spiritual Harmony Chakra

The Spiritual Harmony Chakra is the seventh of eight chakras located in the Solar Plexus Region of the body. It represents our ability to achieve spiritual balance. This balance occurs when our full spiritual consciousness and awareness leading us on our life’s journey outweighs the beliefs, judgments, perceptions and illusions we allow to influence our choices. This is the process of living consciously in the present.

The color vibration of this chakra is yellow and gold representing the integration of physical will (yellow) and spiritual purpose (gold). Located in the liver, the Spiritual Harmony Chakra’s spiritual symbol is iodine. Spirit calls iodine the Grain of Life and says it represents the recognition of Spirit as our own consciousness.

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Security Chakra

The Security Chakra, located just above the diaphragm, is the fifth of eight chakras located in the Solar Plexus Region of the body. The Security Chakra represents our ability to feel grounded and secured as we become one with Spirit and our life’s purpose. The colors of this chakra are green and gold and its spiritual symbol is the phrase, “At One-ment is the goal.”

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Reincarnation – At Play In The Fields of Creation

I love the idea of incarnating lifetime after lifetime. It means I get to play around with different ideas and concepts about life. I imagine one of my lifetimes as an atheist strongly believing there is no God or Higher Being in existence. My philosophy would be that I am in control of everything, the universe was created with a big bang, and there is no after life. Just imagine how I’d feel once I died thinking I’m in for the Big Sleep and instead I’m meeting some of my guides who are asking me what I learned from that life. I might say something like “Oh, $@#*! I got that one wrong!”

Next lifetime, thinking I got a handle on what life is about, I am a devout Catholic priest on the road to being a Pope. I would warn the masses about heaven and hell. How Jesus died for our sins. Why we must be obedient and confess our sins every chance we get in order to enter the gates of heaven. I’d be celibate, and abstain from all worldly pleasures. I would make everyone feel guilty for anything they do that isn’t an example of worshipping the Lord. Once I get back to the spiritual realms I’d meet my guides again and I might say something like, “What the %$#@? You mean I could have enjoyed Sister Anne and gone down to the bar and thrown back a few?”

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If This Was Your Last Incarnation What Would You Do?

If you knew this was your last incarnation what would you do?  What would your life look like?  How deeply would you love?  How loud would you laugh?  Where would you live?  What talents would you develop?  What kind of car would you drive?  Who would be in your life right now?  How would you live each day?

I am only a third of the way through my life (that is if I maintain my body’s health and live to be 120) and over the past fifteen years I have learned and am continuing to learn what it means to embrace life as if it were the most precious metal on earth.  What have I done so far to live an incredible life?  What more do I want to do?

What are some of the things I have done and am doing?

  • Traveled to some spiritual vortexes around the world
  • Awakened each morning an expectation of adventure
  • Helped trauma victims find peace
  • Lived in another country for a year
  • Really listen to others as if they were the only person in the room
  • Marched against injustices
  • Sat with my dad and watched old cowboy movies and sports almost every day the last six months of his life
  • Learned to play the tuba and Native American flute
  • Created classes that make me and other discover more about ourselves
  • Climbed a few mountains – each time I was really out of shape but I did it!
  • Make my niece and nephew feel as if they are the most loved people in the world
  • Learned new and cool healing concepts and techniques
  • Write inspirational stories
  • Lived in one of the most expensive places in Chicago
  • Eat ice cream at midnight, first thing in the morning and in the middle of the day with no guilt
  • Swam in three oceans
  • I have forgiven and will continue to forgive myself
  • Climbed a mountain at sunrise on a New Year’s Day and opened my arms to receive Spirit’s blessings
  • Visited three of the seven original wonders of the world
  • Play practical jokes
  • Helped people find peace
  • Been chased by a bull elephant
  • Drive across South Africa listening to incredible African music
  • Tell my mom I love and appreciate her
  • Learned a martial art
  • Dreamed and tried to start an online company
  • In the most challenging circumstances, helped others find their power
  • Have fun
  • Take wonderful pictures
  • Ate at Le Cirque in New York and Tru in Chicago with wonderful friends
  • Express myself fully to the world – what you see is who I am
  • Helped others see what’s possible
  • Learned to love and accept myself

What more do I want to do?

Keep creating opportunities to continue embracing my life!

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright

Freedom Chakra

The Freedom Chakra is the fourth of eight chakras in the Solar Plexus Region. It represents our free will to choose how we want to live every aspect of our life. When we were created by Spirit as Spirit, we were given power, dominion, and free will. Therefore, we are free to live a life of happiness or to live a life of misery. We are free to be abundant or to be impoverished. We are free to be at peace with the world or to be at war with everyone. We give ourselves the choice to be free or to be limited. The colors of this chakra are indigo and gold, two of the highest color vibrations on our planet and, combined, represent Spirit in free expression.

The Freedom Chakra’s spiritual symbol is the Spiritual Realms. According to Robert Detzler, founder of Spiritual Response Theory, “The Spiritual Realms are also called the Garden of Eden and are where all souls had their first level of existence and education.” So the Spiritual Realms represent our knowledge of ourselves and our abilities to create anything and everything we want to experience in the universe.

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"I Am" Chakra

The I Am Chakra is the second of eight chakras in the Solar Plexus Region. It is located in the stomach and has the color vibration of yellow and violet. Yellow represents the will to shine and violet represents Spirit; the two together vibrates our willingness to shine as an expression of Spirit. Its spiritual symbol is the crescent moon – new beginnings, new creations, and new expressions of possibilities. This chakra helps you to accept yourself as an expression of infinite possibilities. We can be anything we want to be, experience everything positive that can be experienced, and create wonderful lives that unabashedly show the world who we are and how we think. We just have to be willing to accept the creative power of “I Am.”

“Francis” is an organic farmer and master manifestor. He can manifest anything he wants at any given moment. He can manifest money to make changes and repairs to his farm, more than enough workers to help him when he needs it, books he has heard about literally within days of becoming aware of them (he lives in a very small community in Wisconsin so this really is a feat), the free use of machinery to help with the operation of his farm, the energy to work two days straight (he’s 60 years old) and still have time to help others, and a consistent flow of shareholders to whom he can sell his produce.

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The Solar Plexus Chakra Region – Our Free Will, Life’s Purpose and Femininity

The Solar Plexus Chakra Region represents our willingness to:

  • express our gifts and talents developed over many lifetimes;
  • “strut our stuff” celebrating and sharing who we really are with the world;
  • and nurture ourselves and others.

All of the chakra regions of the body are important however this region contains the highest potential for physical and emotional illness if not in balance and fully expressed.

Most of us ask ourselves, “What is my life’s purpose?” The simple answer to that question is: We are here to transform ourselves, others and the universe through our many life experiences. There is no other purpose for us to be on this or any other planet. We are here to be alive completely enjoying, learning from, and understanding every moment, situation and event in our lives.

The challenging task, where we all sometimes get “stuck at start”, is addressing and answering the following questions: “How willing am I to take on the responsibility of having many different life experiences? How willing am I to show others my unique expression of intelligence, creativity, strength, joy, love and happiness? How willing am I to risk expressing love in every moment, situation and event in my life? ” You are here to go into action to stand out, be who you are, and feel comfortable loving yourself in the process.

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Divine Comprehension Chakra

The first of eight chakras in the Solar Plexus Region is called Manipura in Sanskrit and “Divine Comprehension by my High Self.”  It is located on the spine opposite the navel and its color vibration is golden yellow.  This chakra represents how well we combine and express Divine Wisdom and Practical Knowledge in our lives.

When our souls are created in the Spiritual Realms we are imbued with everything that is Spirit.  We are the very essence of Spirit:  the microcosm of the macrocosm, the alpha and the omega.   We begin our educational process in the spiritual realms learning what Spirit is, who we are, why Spirit decided to expand Itself and create us, and how our existence transforms Spirit.

Ninety-nine percent of all of our education, Divine Wisdom, is gained while we are in the Spiritual Realms.  The final one percent of our education, Practical Knowledge, is gained through the incarnation process.

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