Meditate as You Fly Through the Universe

Stare at this beautiful image as you listen to John Serrie’s beautiful music. I suggest you eliminate other distractions while you watch this to get the full effect. The combination of the visual and the audio is truly stunning. The colors are similar to those I associate with the first, second, sixth and seventh chakras.

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The Practice of Universal Loving-Kindness

As the world becomes increasingly polarized and the news stories are filled with hate, it is a wonderful reminder that we need to get back to practicing kindness.

We need to remember that we are all One Self. There is no “other.”

There is only one. There is an illusion of many, but just as all of the drops in the ocean are part of the same ocean, we are all the same Source energy, partially manifested in physical to give the appearance of many.

We are deeply connected to all that is. There is only an illusion of separation.

Offering love and kindness to others is an offer of love and kindness to ourselves.

I found this charming music video that reminds us of the benefits of practicing Universal Loving-Kindness.

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The Law of Attraction From Many Years Ago

There has been much attention paid to “The Secret” book and movie in the past couple of years. It has wonderful, inspiring information. But the information is not new. As they state in the movie, this “secret” has been known by successful people throughout history.

Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich” talks about the importance of what you think and how it it creates your reality. He doesn’t call it the Law of Attraction, but it is the same thing. He says our greatest riches are given to us at birth in the form of the power to control our mind in order to manifest what we want.

W. Clement Stone’s “The Success System that Never Fails” is available in 12 parts. Jack Canfield credits Stone with teaching him the Law of Attraction and starting him on the path to success. Stone lived to be 100. He passed away in 2002. When he talks about selling papers a age 6, he is talking about 1908 in Chicago. He started out in poverty. His father gambled away the family money before he died when little Clement was only 3 years old. Stone became a very successful man.

Here are Parts 1, 2 and 3 so you can follow on from there.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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David Wilcock on 2012

This is a presentation given by David Wilcock on September 19, 2009.

The title of this presentation is 2012: Return to Camelot.

Wilcock talks about upcoming changes to DNA related to the changes coming in 2012, weaving together ancient prophecies and quantum physics.

It’s over two hours but you will might it fascinating.

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2012 and Beyond — Many Things to Ponder – Drunvalo

Quite often I post a multimedia file for your enjoyment. This one is of Drunvalo Melchizedek. He is discussing the Energy Shifts on the planet, 2012, the true nature of reality and how the paradigm is changing. Interestingly enough, this 2008 interview discusses “prophecy” that foretells the failure of the banking system and more….

He speaks in English and there are Spanish subtitles.

Enjoy and ponder!

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Don’t Go With Your Song Still Inside You

I saw the movie “The Shift” with Wayne Dyer in it (a few times — I have it on DVD.) There’s a great song that plays over the credits at the end called “Don’t Go With Your Song Still Inside You” by Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra.

It’s a great theme for all of us. Most people, when they are dying, don’t regret what they have done. They regret what they DIDN’T DO. What they didn’t learn (like painting or dancing), the chance they didn’t take, the road not taken, the book not written, the adventure not pursued.

Don’t let your fears or laziness or made up excuses keep you from “making your music.”

Here is a video of that song to inspire you.

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New Years Eve Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

It’s New Year’s Eve. Time to celebrate the transition from 2009 to 2010. Lots of parties, resolutions and general reveling. It feels like a more powerful New Year’s Eve this year because of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse taking place in Cancer. And it’s a Blue Moon!

As you review the past year and look forward to the next one, think of how much power is building right now. Surely you have noticed it. Perhaps a vague feeling of restlessness. Or feeling uneasy, anticipating a big event, even though you don’t know what it is. Or a sense of excitement for no explainable reason. Many on the path are reacting to the buildup of energy taking place prior to the shift.

My guidance says it is a little like the leading edge of a weather front that brings pressure changes and strong winds before the weather change actually arrives. So, the restlessness is the leading edge of the energy changes and shifts that are coming.

Guidance says 2010 is going to be a very interesting ride.

Enjoy this evening and the fabulous fireworks in these videos.

Happy New Year 2010!

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Om – Gayatri Mantra

By now we all know that “Om” or “Aum” is the Universal sound, the vibration. I heard this Mantra, called the Gayatri mantra by Deva Premal. It begins each sutra with “Om.”

It is the most amazing thing that when I play this mantra I smell incense like Nag Champa, though I have no incense in my house due to allergies. I just get the smell, not the smoke itself when I play this. But the perfume of the chant is lovely.

It begins with the voice for about two minutes then brings in other voices and instruments to create a hypnotic rhythm.

A sort of phonetic pronunciation of the mantra goes like this:

oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ
tat savitur vareṇyaṃ
bhargo devasya dhīmahi
dhiyo yo naḥ prachodayāt

According to Ralph T. H. Griffith in his 1896 work “The Hymns of the Rigveda,” a literal translation of the Gayatri Mantra is:
May we attain that excellent glory of Savitar the god:
So may he stimulate our prayers.

Sir William Jones paraphrased it to mean:
Let us adore the supremacy of that divine sun, the god-head who illuminates all, who recreates all, from whom all proceed, to whom all must return, whom we invoke to direct our understandings aright in our progress toward his holy seat.

And Swami Vivekananda said it means:
We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe; may He enlighten our minds.”

I like the Vivekananda meaning. When I hear the chant, I feel connected to Source. I know I am always connected because I AM Source, but with this chant it is palpable for me. I Hope you enjoy it as well.

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Happy Winter Solstice – Coming Monday

The Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere, where I live) will be day-after-tomorrow — Monday, December 21, 2009.

I always look forward to the Winter Solstice. Partially because the next day is the beginning of daylight getting longer. I know we must always allow ourselves to go through the darkness as part of surrendering our resistance to what is.

For me it is that period of darkness we all go through before the dawn — even more so because the Sun is transiting my 12th House, activating all of that “hidden” energy. The Sun moves into my 1st House on December 25 each year. So for me, getting to the Winter Solstice and a few days later to Christmas Day feels like awakening from the darkness.

Since it occurs only 10 days before the new calendar year, I often think of the Winter Solstice as the beginning of the end — of the year. I love knowing more daylight is coming. I breathe a sigh of relief every year when the Sun moves into my first house to begin the new Solar Journey through my life. And then, just a few days later, the new calendar year begins, bringing (at least psychologically) a sense of renewal and a chance for new beginnings. Hence the plethora of New Years Resolutions.

I know it is an important day in Wicca but I am not that familiar with Wiccan beliefs so I don’t know how or why they honor the Solstice. (To be fair, I am not very familiar with Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism either. I’ve never felt comfortable with organized religion.)

This is a nice song called “The Winter Solstice Song” by Lisa Thiel. I hope you enjoy it and that you enjoy the Winter Solstice.

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Living the "How To" Secret Law of Attraction

This collection of three videos is absolutely right on. If you like the Abraham-Hicks Material, you’ll love this.

Zen DeBrucke gives a very simple, practical set of info and steps to allow you to get in touch with your internal guidance system so that you can more accurately manifest what you want in life.

She teaches you to pay attention to the visceral sensations in your body, what they mean and how to use them as your guidance system, rather than letting your mind get in the way.

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