New Years Bring New Opportunities

Every new year sees us making resolutions about things we want to change, or do differently in the future. Obviously, a new year is no different from a new day or a new hour. We can choose any moment in our lives to go forward in a new fashion.

We don’t have to wait for a new year to start a new life. Every single moment we have in the now is an opportunity to change our lives. However, many people see New Year’s, birthdays and other anniversaries as points of new beginnings. Whether it is for the new year or just because you’ve decided to change your life, you can start a new here and now.

I suggest that you sit down and make a list of the things you would like to change in your life. Perhaps make two columns; one column for how things are now and the second column for how you want them to be. If your list is long, try to only tackle one or two things at a time. Once you get those things under control, then address a new item on the list.

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Transitioning From This Life

It has been almost two weeks since my mother passed from this life. I was with her for the final week 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She lived in another state from me, so I wasn’t with her on a regular basis.

When I wrote my last post, I had been in Kansas for about nine days taking care of my mother. When that time ended, we thought she was out of the woods and on the mend. But, it wasn’t too much longer until I got emergency phone calls and the final phone call that she needed to be in hospice.

That last week was a difficult week in many ways. And it was a magnificent gift. I loved my mother, as I’m sure almost everyone does. But, I didn’t always like her. She was very judgmental, racist, and always quick to tell you what was wrong with everyone. When she was alive, I often felt negative thoughts toward her because of her anger and judgmentalness. In effect, I was being angry and judgmental at her because she was being angry and judgmental at other people.

During that last week, because we knew the time was short, I didn’t find myself getting caught up in her negativity. It was still there, to be sure. But, I realized that this was truly the last time I was going to have with her here on this physical plane. I was not going to waste any of that time getting wrapped up in her negativity, or judging her negativity.

As she progressed from being lucid to being unresponsive, I found myself thinking about some of those big questions. What is life, anyway? What is consciousness? When she was dying, did the part of her that was ego – personality based give way to a higher conscious self?

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None of the Above – or What the Heck am I Creating Here?

I’m sure our readers are wondering what happened to our articles. Did we fall into a black hole? Did we get bored and just give up? The answer is “C — None of the above.”

Shirlyn has been occupied with a family emergency and she is in the midst of creating her own web presence, which we will announce when it is up and running.

And I had a cold (I don’t think it was flu…) that sapped my energy. It set me back because I had let a lot of chores go — only the absolutely necessary ones, like feed the cats, clean their litter boxes, fix myself something to eat — got done.

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Weight Loss, Cowboys and Scarlet O’Hara

The United States is a nation known for its fast food chains, processed foods, high fructose drinks (weren’t we called the Coca Cola nation at some point?) and fostering an increasing sedentary lifestyle. We are known as a nation of cowboys – men who give one-word answers and whose actions express their deepest feelings – and Scarlet O’Hara’s – overly emotional and superficial women who only want to be taken care of. Although these are two pretty outdated and unfair stereotypes, a lot of Americans seem to wear them proudly.

Our nation is also one of the most overweight countries in the world and, therefore, obsessed with weight loss. Most magazines, television talk shows and nutrition experts claim that our unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity is the root of most overweight issues of Americans. I believe the impetus of our weight challenges is not just our negative physical habits; it’s our emotional, mental, and spiritual states of being.

I have had challenges with my weight since by early twenties. I remember graduating from college, moving back home and launching my job search. I mailed out hundreds of resumes and rarely received a response. Although I worked as a temp to make money and networking connections, I became increasingly disillusioned and unhappy. I started eating more to hide my hurt and frustration. Before I knew it I had gone from a size 10 to a size 18 in a matter of eight months. Although I was working out a couple of times a week, I was so focused on my job search that I didn’t realize my additional weight until I finally got a job and went shopping for appropriate clothes. I was devastated.

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What Would Hera, Venus and Bast Say? Part 2

I had several friends who wanted to “play in the cosmos” and see what these wonderful Goddesses might have to say about some aspects of their lives. So here are some revelations!

Janice: Is there realty a Fountain of Youth?
Goddesses: Yes, it is your inner passion manifest for the world to see! You must be passionate about your life. What gives you inspiration, joy and happiness? What drives you and brings vitality into your life? Who supports your full expression of you? Accessing the Fountain of Youth is a matter of you getting to know your Self and learning how to live a passionately led life.

You don’t do this by compromising yourself and your ideals. You don’t do this by watching television (watching other people’s interpretation of life) a great deal of time. You don’t do this by judging or finding fault in others. Find out whom you are. See your grandness! Express your interpretation of love to the world and your inner light will course through every cell of your body. This light is your Fountain of Youth. You will always be young if you stay passionate about yourself and life!

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How Do You Choose What To Eat?

I know more than one person whose relationship with food is precarious at best. Many people I know avoid wheat, dairy and sugar. Others avoid soy and corn, and a huge number are vegetarians. One person I know keeps eliminating foods from her diet. She is vegetarian, doesn’t eat wheat, dairy or sugar. And she recently announced she is also cutting fats from her diet due to having gall stones. Soon, she will have nothing to eat if she keeps it up. She and many others have made food their enemy.

I am not saying this out of negative judgment. I myself had a long history of making food my enemy. I was fat, allergic to many things and my health was deteriorating. The harder I tried, the more attention I put on my diet, the worse it got.

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Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First – Part I

Put on YOUR OWN oxygen mask first. My good friend Marva coined this phrase in response to our tendency to not take care of ourselves first before we reach out and help others. I believe this behavior of denying ourselves comes from a number of habits that don’t serve our highest good and stop us from reaching our greatest potential. In this series, I will be giving a few simple suggestions that have the potential to help us develop more positive habits to completely love and take care of ourselves first.

Know you are the most important person in your life.

You are the most important person in your life. Your parents, siblings, friends, spouse, and children should, must and have to play second fiddle to the needs, wants and desires in your life. This does not mean that you ignore your responsibilities; this means you stop sacrificing your happiness, joy and needs for those of others. If you aren’t happy and whole you will not attract people who are happy and whole. If you aren’t demanding joy and love in all aspects of your life you cannot be a positive example to your children about how to attract love and joyfully embrace life. If you feel you are not worthy of greatness, the universe will answer you in like kind and no one will feel you are either.

“Caroline” is a client of mine who owns a successful small health food and vitamin store. She works seven days a week, thirty days a month, and 364 days a year (she takes Christmas off). She does not buy herself anything new, travel, go to nice restaurants, go on walks to enjoy nature, and enjoy the city she lives in.   Continue reading

Perkl-Light Review

The Perkl-Light is a small light-weight device that puts out energy via light settings. The clear light-emitter that sits on top of the machine changes colors with the frequencies. David Thomas, co-inventor of the Perkl-Light, says that it is NOT a color therapy device. Instead, he says it is a subtle energy device that can reorganize energy in the bioenergetic field and put energy into the bioenergy field. He says it is more similar to acupuncture than to other machines you might have seen.

I became interested in the Perkl-Light as a tool to balance energy because I believe that healing, releasing stress, etc., are all byproducts of being truly balanced. Like everyone, I get out of balance and would like a tool to help me more easily achieve balance. Intention is a critical component.

What comes in the box:

  • The Perkl-Light
  • The Emitter
  • Power Cord
  • Instructions (on 8.5 x 11 paper)
  • 3 DVDs — an Introduction DVD and a Training DVD plus an extra Introduction DVD to share with a friend.

The first time I used the Perkl-Light, I had expected to feel nothing or at most, a very subtle energy. I thought it might take me awhile to attune to it or to feel the subtle energies. I was quite surprised to find that within a minute, I began to feel this sense of well-being, much like I feel when I am going into trance to channel.

I was sitting comfortably on my couch with the Perkl-Light sitting on the glass coffee table in front of me. The literature says it puts out the energy about 12 feet in all directions. I was less than three feet away. (I noticed in the videos that the person who is being treated either holds it or the practitioner holds it or places it very close to the person being treated.)

I ran it on the Frequency Clearing [auto] setting. I really resonated to that mode. No cares, no worries, just a smooth energy that feels like I am connected to all that is. I LIKE being in that state.

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EFT – Tapping your Issues Away

I have been running into situations that lead me to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for about 10 years now. I used to find references to it on Dr. Mercola’s website when I was working on diet and health issues. A few years ago, I bought a book called “The Tapping Cure” by Roberta Temes, Ph. D. It is an excellent tutorial by a licensed Psychologist who uses EFT to help her patients release phobias and other problems.

EFT involves making carefully crafted statements about your issues while tapping on certain acupuncture points on your body.

It seems that no matter what I wander off and try, I end up coming back to using EFT as one of the valuable tools in my arsenal for releasing issues. Each time I return to it with more depth and understanding. Lately I have been using it around prosperity and relationship issues and I am feeling good about the results.

Perhaps you readers would be interested in trying it. This is an excellent video to get you started.

For a free manual and more info on EFT, Visit Gary Craig’s Website [].

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