Incredible Kites

There is a man named Ray Bethell in Vancouver, Canada, who flies kites with more skill than anyone I have ever seen. He is in his 80s, and his skin is old and weathered from spending so much time in the sun.  And when he flies his kites, it is as if a beautiful visual symphony is playing.

He reminds us that we are not limited in any way. We can soar in the skies. We can feel the joy of freedom and weightlessness lift us up. I have watched this at least a dozen times, and every time I feel inspired.

Watch this video and feel your heart soar with the kites. Feel your energy dance and fly.

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Transitioning From This Life

It has been almost two weeks since my mother passed from this life. I was with her for the final week 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She lived in another state from me, so I wasn’t with her on a regular basis.

When I wrote my last post, I had been in Kansas for about nine days taking care of my mother. When that time ended, we thought she was out of the woods and on the mend. But, it wasn’t too much longer until I got emergency phone calls and the final phone call that she needed to be in hospice.

That last week was a difficult week in many ways. And it was a magnificent gift. I loved my mother, as I’m sure almost everyone does. But, I didn’t always like her. She was very judgmental, racist, and always quick to tell you what was wrong with everyone. When she was alive, I often felt negative thoughts toward her because of her anger and judgmentalness. In effect, I was being angry and judgmental at her because she was being angry and judgmental at other people.

During that last week, because we knew the time was short, I didn’t find myself getting caught up in her negativity. It was still there, to be sure. But, I realized that this was truly the last time I was going to have with her here on this physical plane. I was not going to waste any of that time getting wrapped up in her negativity, or judging her negativity.

As she progressed from being lucid to being unresponsive, I found myself thinking about some of those big questions. What is life, anyway? What is consciousness? When she was dying, did the part of her that was ego – personality based give way to a higher conscious self?

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Rules of the Game — Part Three

3. The people who decide to make their own rules and take responsibility for the reality they create.

These people understand that all “rules” are artificial creations that result from a person’s beliefs becoming harder and more solidified. What ever you believe, whether it is supported by hope or fear, will dominate your life and appear real. It will become an opportunity or an obstacle, depending on the emotion you charge it with.

This approach to life is much more powerful than types one and two. It recognizes that all rules are basically arbitrary. Whether the rule is something like “you can’t wear white after Labor Day” or the various rules of games or was that are still on the books of most U. S. States (visit for examples) or the rules that say members of various religions are required to cut their hair, grow their hair, cover their hair, etc.

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The Honest Guys encourage us to commit random acts of kindness. I am so into this notion! When you do random good things for others, you not only make that person’s day, but you get a great rush of happiness from knowing you’ve done something helpful. Your random act of kindness may inspire the recipient to do something wonderful for someone else and create a chain of kindness. Since you are doing something kind and moving on, you won’t know for sure, but you can take great satisfaction in knowing you helped one person today!

Here, they are offering ideas and their food for thought to help you come up with your own random acts of kindness.


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10 Minutes to Happiness

How do you go from unhappy to happy? I mean TRULY go from unhappy to happy. Not from unhappy because I don’t have much money to happy because I won the lottery. Not from unhappy because he hasn’t called to happy because I’m talking to him. Not from unhappy because my job sucks to happy because I have a new job. Not even from unhappy because I’m overweight to happy because I’m slim.

I’m talking about the kind of happiness that comes from within. True happiness from within happens because the greater part of yourself that still resides in Source is allowed to express.

As Guidance has told us many times, we are pure Source energy. A portion of that pure Source energy has condensed down into our bodies, minds, personalities, etc. However, the vast portion of who we are remains in the invisible vibrational energy realm as Source itself. That part of us (some call it the Soul or the Higher Self or God) is pure joy and happiness. That part of us is not at all concerned with the daily grievances we process. That part of us is unconditional.

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No Heaven, No Hell, No Karma

I’ve never been able to get behind the concepts of Heaven, Hell and Karma. They all presume that there is a “person or persons” that is/are separate from us and keeping score. It also presumes that there is a fixed set of rules by which they keep the score. (And of course, the rules vary, depending on your religious system.)

Heaven, Hell and Karma are reward and punishment systems. If you do what is on the “approved” or “recommended” list, you get a ticket to Heaven or Good Karma. If you do what is on the “no-no” or “sin” list, you go straight to Hell or have Bad Karma.

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Prices to Pay

I received this message from Source on February 12, 1987

Dear Ones,

We wish to talk with you about your goals and dreams in life and their “prices”. Many people have high aspirations or secret wishes for things or situations but never act upon these dreams and wishes. The reason they never act upon them is that they think there is a “price” associated with doing or being or having the thing they dream about. As example, a person may dream of being a great writer. Yet that person never acts upon it because he believes that writers do not make enough money. He has decided the price of being a writer is not having enough money. He also decided the price was too much to pay so he does not pursue his dream.

Many people are walking around the world ignoring their dreams for the very same reason. When they become older, they will recite their dreams with great regret at having never pursued them. Continue reading

The Bliss Chakra – The Cosmic Superhighway

The Bliss Chakra, primarily known by its Sanskrit name, Anahata, is the first chakra located in the Heart Region of the body. This chakra, when open and balanced, allows us to connect and communicate with each other, the universe and our guides on a very deep level of consciousness in an expression of love, joy and compassion.

This chakra is located on the spine opposite the middle of the chest and near the heart. It has two color vibrations, green and pink. The green vibration is primarily thought of as a healing color although I believe it also represents prosperity, abundance and vitality. The pink vibration is thought of primarily to mean various stages and expressions of love, such as passionate love, childlike love, endearing love, familial love, romantic love, sexual love, and mature love.

Both of these color vibrations are perfect in understanding how we attract exactly what we want into our lives. The key to living an abundantly fulfilling life is our willingness to be open to the expression and vibration of love by being vulnerable enough to give and receive it graciously. Wouldn’t we all live in a state of bliss if we were willing to surround ourselves with love all of the time?

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What Would Hera, Venus and Bast Say? Part 2

I had several friends who wanted to “play in the cosmos” and see what these wonderful Goddesses might have to say about some aspects of their lives. So here are some revelations!

Janice: Is there realty a Fountain of Youth?
Goddesses: Yes, it is your inner passion manifest for the world to see! You must be passionate about your life. What gives you inspiration, joy and happiness? What drives you and brings vitality into your life? Who supports your full expression of you? Accessing the Fountain of Youth is a matter of you getting to know your Self and learning how to live a passionately led life.

You don’t do this by compromising yourself and your ideals. You don’t do this by watching television (watching other people’s interpretation of life) a great deal of time. You don’t do this by judging or finding fault in others. Find out whom you are. See your grandness! Express your interpretation of love to the world and your inner light will course through every cell of your body. This light is your Fountain of Youth. You will always be young if you stay passionate about yourself and life!

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Saying “Yes” to Life

Like many people I know, I’ve been dealing with some frustrating challenges lately. I don’t need to give them more energy by describing them in detail here, but one is health related and the other is financial.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I sit to visualize the outcomes I prefer, my mind has been wandering to some negative places. It’s as if part of me assumes that the positive outcome I desire automatically comes with some negative baggage.

For instance, if you were thinking about winning the lottery and then found yourself thinking about how to deal with all of the people that might hound you for part of it. Those extra thoughts turn what should be a joyful experience into a burdensome one.

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