Transitioning From This Life

It has been almost two weeks since my mother passed from this life. I was with her for the final week 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She lived in another state from me, so I wasn’t with her on a regular basis.

When I wrote my last post, I had been in Kansas for about nine days taking care of my mother. When that time ended, we thought she was out of the woods and on the mend. But, it wasn’t too much longer until I got emergency phone calls and the final phone call that she needed to be in hospice.

That last week was a difficult week in many ways. And it was a magnificent gift. I loved my mother, as I’m sure almost everyone does. But, I didn’t always like her. She was very judgmental, racist, and always quick to tell you what was wrong with everyone. When she was alive, I often felt negative thoughts toward her because of her anger and judgmentalness. In effect, I was being angry and judgmental at her because she was being angry and judgmental at other people.

During that last week, because we knew the time was short, I didn’t find myself getting caught up in her negativity. It was still there, to be sure. But, I realized that this was truly the last time I was going to have with her here on this physical plane. I was not going to waste any of that time getting wrapped up in her negativity, or judging her negativity.

As she progressed from being lucid to being unresponsive, I found myself thinking about some of those big questions. What is life, anyway? What is consciousness? When she was dying, did the part of her that was ego – personality based give way to a higher conscious self?

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On the HoloDeck

You are the master and creator of your HoloDeck and all of the virtual experiences, running as programs on your HoloDeck. They seem so real to you that you call them your life experience.

A common question from people who come for readings is, “How can I learn to create my reality?” Guidance always says you cannot learn it. You cannot learn what you already know. You cannot learn it because you are already doing it — every second, every minute, every day, every situation.

What you can learn is to pay attention to how you do it. Pay attention to the repeating patterns in your life. Especially the ones you are trying to prevent or the things you are trying to avoid. The repeating patterns in your life are the programs you are running on your HoloDeck. Everything in your life is running on your HoloDeck, every experience, situation, observation is on your HoloDeck and the repeating patterns are the obvious evidence of it.

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The Joy of Thinking Less

Almost all of us are burdened with thinking too much. I myself attained a fifth-degree black-belt equivalent in thinking too much. I thought all the time. I had my ego tied up in being an intellectual, which I thought was a good thing.

I believed that my ability to think “in-depth” about things, know the history and inter-relationships of things gave me value. I was always trying to figure everything out. Always wanting to be ready with the answers if someone asked.

About 25 years ago someone said to me that not everyone had a zillion thoughts in their mind all of the time. How could someone not think all the time? It was a concept I could not ‘grok.’

Until I stuck to a regular meditation practice and witnessed a calming mind within.

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Prices to Pay

I received this message from Source on February 12, 1987

Dear Ones,

We wish to talk with you about your goals and dreams in life and their “prices”. Many people have high aspirations or secret wishes for things or situations but never act upon these dreams and wishes. The reason they never act upon them is that they think there is a “price” associated with doing or being or having the thing they dream about. As example, a person may dream of being a great writer. Yet that person never acts upon it because he believes that writers do not make enough money. He has decided the price of being a writer is not having enough money. He also decided the price was too much to pay so he does not pursue his dream.

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Get Out of Your Own Way

Get Out of Your Own Way.” The first time someone said this to me more than 30 years ago, I didn’t understand what he was saying. I was fully embedded in thinking myself into solutions, thinking myself out of problems. I could not see how I was standing in my own way.

I thought all of the thinking hard to figure things out, the working hard, the struggling to get what I wanted were not only how I obtained goals, but how I proved that I was worthy of obtaining them. If I needed to prove I was worthy, then clearly I did not believe I was worthy. I was trying to make things happen because I subconsciously believed I had to push to overcome my unworthiness.

In addition, all of the hard work and struggle were based on a deep seated belief in limitation. If you have to struggle so hard, it’s because things don’t come easily, right?

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Saying “Yes” to Life

Like many people I know, I’ve been dealing with some frustrating challenges lately. I don’t need to give them more energy by describing them in detail here, but one is health related and the other is financial.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I sit to visualize the outcomes I prefer, my mind has been wandering to some negative places. It’s as if part of me assumes that the positive outcome I desire automatically comes with some negative baggage.

For instance, if you were thinking about winning the lottery and then found yourself thinking about how to deal with all of the people that might hound you for part of it. Those extra thoughts turn what should be a joyful experience into a burdensome one.

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Luminous Beings in Disguise

For a long time (over 30 years) my guides have referred to us as Luminous Beings. They say we are all luminous, every one of us. I thought understood what they were saying, related to our true nature being energy, etc.

Recently I have had a different notion about it. I realize that what my guides were saying is literally true. It is not a metaphor or a nice image. We really are Luminous Beings.

I was watching a David Wilcock video and he referred to our luminous bodies as being who we really are. He also gave some physical description of our luminous bodies. Something in his description caused me to access a “knowing” within me that started over 30 years ago.

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Would You Rather Be Right or Happy?

When I first heard this question over 20 years ago, I thought it was a trick question. Back then, I believed that being right was what made you happy. How could you be happy if you had to admit you were wrong? Over the years, I began to understand it from different points of view.

It became less important to correct people or to win an argument (even though I was SURE I was right), because I knew it would not contribute to peaceful situations. So I was keeping my mouth shut to preserve the peace. I found myself feeling annoyed when other people insisted on correcting me or trying to make me wrong. A perfect reflection no doubt, of the part of me had the urge to compete with them and prove that I was right and they were wrong. Ah — the joys of the ego.

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The “Impossible” Does Happen

The next time you are looking at the circumstances of your life and feeling that it is impossible to make a leap to wealth, consider the story of Géza and Zsolt Peládi. They are two brothers in Hungary who have been living in a cave near Budapest.

Homeless and without work, they were making money for food and necessities by selling stuff they found in the trash and on the streets. These guys are in their 40s. They couldn’t ever get girlfriends and live a “normal” life because women don’t tend to be attracted to homeless guys who live in caves with no prospects of supporting or contributing to the support of their families.

They were abandoned by their mother when they were young. They never received good parental guidance, education, etc., from their mother. She died some years ago. They never knew their father.

Looking at their lives — looking at “what is” — would certainly not lead anyone to predict what has happened to them. They will soon have a $6.6 Billion fortune to share between themselves and their sister (who is not homeless and lives in the United States). That’s BILLION with a ‘B.’

These are guys for whom a few hundred dollars is a fortune, and now they are making the stratospheric leap to billionaire status.

Their Grandmother — their mother’s mother — died in Germany and these three grandchildren were her only heirs. They did not know their grandmother because their mother had no relationship with her. It never occurred to them that their life circumstances could change so drastically. They obviously were not holding resistance to it, or it could not have happened.

Their story is proof that the “impossible” can happen. So take a lesson from their story and be open to all possibilities, even those you cannot see or that might appear to be ‘impossible.’

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Lessons from Baseball – New Beginnings

The way athletes, especially baseball players, approach each new season is a lesson for all of us. They start fresh, renewed with hopes of becoming champions — no matter what happened last year.

Every year, when Baseball season ends, I feel a little bit down. Not truly depressed, but there is an “empty space” in my life for a few months where Baseball used to be. I watched a baseball game almost every day for over six months and now it’s gone. (I’m glad they have started the Baseball Network, where I can go get a little “fix” by watching some classic baseball games once in a while.)

My favorite team – the Colorado Rockies made it to the post-season, but were eliminated by the Phillies in the first round. The beginning of the let down.

The season is done. I know how it ends.

When the season began all fans were full of hope for the possibilities. For the fans of 29 of the 30 baseball teams, the season ends with a disappointment. For one team and its fans, the season ends spectacularly — they win the World Series.

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