The Heart Chakra Region – Divine Love and Deep Connection

The Heart Chakra Region of the body allows us to channel, draw in and anchor love into our physical environment and experiences. In the Solar Plexus Region article I stated we are here to fully express our talents, gifts and our own uniqueness. Well, how do we move forward in developing these gifts and talents? How do we become comfortable with ourselves to be unique, creative and have our own viewpoints?

We do this first by having an awareness that we are the energy of love having been created by Spirit out of love, with love and for the full expression of love. Secondly, we have to develop a realization that we are all a different expression of the One and therefore deeply and intricately connected to each other. Thirdly, we must love and accept ourselves fully, completely and unconditionally.

The two strongest and opposing energies in the universe are fear and love. Fear holds us back, restricts our progress, makes us doubt ourselves, and disconnects us from our divine connection and purpose in life. Fear makes us scared to live, face our challenges and be open and vulnerable enough to love.

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Lessons from Baseball – Welcoming Failure

We’re in the thick of baseball playoffs for the 2009 season. Naturally, I am tuned in and following everything closely. I am going to playoff games on Saturday and Sunday. It’s supposed to be nasty weather, but what a treat! I can hardly wait! But I digress….

Jim Tracy, a strong contender for National League Manager of the Year, took over the Colorado Rockies Manager job at the end of May. The previous manager had been fired after a dismal start. The Rockies had only won 20 of their first 52 games. They were in last place in the National League West. Twelve games under .500 and disappointing everyone who said they were a good team coming out of Spring Training.

The Rockies finished the season 92 and 70 and won the National League Wild Card. After that sorry start, the Rockies won 72 of the remaining 110 games. They lost 32 of the first 52 games and only lost 38 of the final 110 games. Remarkable turnaround!

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