David Wilcock on 2012

This is a presentation given by David Wilcock on September 19, 2009.

The title of this presentation is 2012: Return to Camelot.

Wilcock talks about upcoming changes to DNA related to the changes coming in 2012, weaving together ancient prophecies and quantum physics.

It’s over two hours but you will might it fascinating.

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2012 and Beyond — Many Things to Ponder – Drunvalo

Quite often I post a multimedia file for your enjoyment. This one is of Drunvalo Melchizedek. He is discussing the Energy Shifts on the planet, 2012, the true nature of reality and how the paradigm is changing. Interestingly enough, this 2008 interview discusses “prophecy” that foretells the failure of the banking system and more….

He speaks in English and there are Spanish subtitles.

Enjoy and ponder!

Text Copyright © 2009-2010 by Victoria Young

A Disturbance in The Force

The earthquake in Haiti represented what I call a disturbance in the force, borrowing a Star Wars reference. When the earthquake hit, a number of people including myself had a physical reaction. People experienced nausea, headaches, and pains in their bodies. At first I thought my headache had to do with something with Spirit and some kind of expansion going on in consciousness. So I cleared and healed myself asking that any new information and expansion would be applied for my highest good. The ache in my head would go away but within an hour or two the dull pain returned.

I was aware of the Haiti situation but didn’t make a connection between my headache and the suffering of hundreds of thousand of people, the land, and the ocean. When I did, I saw a hole in the energetic pattern of our world. Fear, suffering, panic, grief, anxiety, terror, self-punishment, cruelty and hopelessness swept over our planet faster than the speed of light. My headache wasn’t going away because healing, clearing and heart balancing needed to be applied to Haiti. This was my High Self’s way of letting me know that I, and others, had work to do NOW.

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Thinning Veil Between Dimensions

By Jon Mark

I received this on 20 June 2009.


It is with great pleasure we enter into this space with you to begin this discourse. We will get right to the matter at hand for it is an urgent matter to many of you. We have heard the question from all of you and will take this time to respond to your questioning…”what is next”.

For the next 10 of your earth months the veil that separates dimensions will be quite thin. Normally those on the “other side” as you like to call it have some energetic distance between the dimensions. For the next few months this will not be the case. Many of the other dimensions will be moving very close to the dimension where you hold your physical vibration at this time.

For those of you visual in nature imagine many spirals in sorts of arrangements, think of them all bumping into each other with various arms of the spiral touching. If you can hold a quantum image in many dimensions all touching then you have a great visual representation of your next 10 months. It is not a single point of contact but multiple contacts on many different levels. Hold that image. Now realize that your own personal energetic fields will be responding in the same way. We heard someone say, “Mind your own vibration”. This is a good mantra for the next few months. Be aware when it is your own vibration causing the disruption in your energetic fields and when it is an external energy exerting influence over you.

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As Above…So Below

By Jon Mark

I received this message from Spirit on 4 January 2004.

Beloved Self,

Speak to me of the coming energy and what we parts are to play in this energy as it approaches.

Take refuge in this energy. Take refuge in the compassion of this energy. In the times ahead, compassion is where you will draw your greatest strength and where you will find your greatest solace as you work more and more with the new energy as it approaches.

Be not afraid. This is the first energy of the ancient energies that will actually manifest upon this physical plane of your existence. The energies of the great cosmic grid are shifting and rising in vibration.

As above, so below!!!!  May we so remind you?

Ergo, the great energies of the earthly cosmic connected grid are redirecting themselves as well. The place to put your attention is in the area around the place you call Yellowstone Park. The great caldera begins to boil towards the surface as the great grid shifts polarity in that area of the land. Metaphysically the great mother spirit is reaching for the sky to blend with the father once again. When this happens there is a great disturbance for the children of the planet. New life will be created where the ancients were sacrificed and their energy released back into the heavens.

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Change is With You

by JonMark

I received this from Spirit on 14 September 2008.


Breathe with us for a moment and allow your mind to entertain the idea of there being a new form of energy around you and soon to be running through you. When we say through you, we mean on all levels, in all dimensions and all times.

Know that the healing you seek is but a thought away. Know that the prosperity you seek is but a thought a way. Know that a new love that you seek is only a thought away. So we ask you now, what are you thinking? Wherein do your thoughts lay?

We know you realize and you have all heard for many years now that you exist in only but one dimension of hundreds upon thousand of dimensions. There are not just 12, there are not just 100 there are more than you can count. Whether you believe it or not does not change any of this, for what is, IS.

Many modern day prophets cry out that your lives are about to change over these next few days, weeks, months and even years. In fact, we do not know of a time when change is not happening somewhere in the sphere of your being. Your very cells are changing this very instant. Your brain cells are working overtime as you read this trying to comprehend where we are going next, what thought will be next.

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