Creativity is Divine

Creativity comes in an unlimited number of forms. It can be as simple as changing a recipe, or as complex as designing massive art and sculpture. For all of us, when we tap into our creativity, we are tapping into source at a very pure level.

There is a very creative man named Michael Grab who does rock sculptures near the area where I live. He does not use any mortar, or glue, and yet he creates amazing compositions using rocks. He says he finds the place where the rock wants to be balanced. He calls that the tripod within the rock.

I have posted a few pictures from his site, I hope you find these as amazing and inspirational as I do. They look so impossible. And yet they exist.

Mr. Grab has reminded me that impossible only exists in the mind. Creativity is always the answer to any “impossible” situation.

I hope you enjoy these photos. You can visit his website for even more inspiration.

a rock bridge made without mortar or glue

rock composition made without mortar or glue

a rock sphere balancing on a mountain, made without mortar or glue

rock spires precariously balanced over a stream, made without mortar or glue

Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

There is an orchestra in an impoverished town in Paraguay where most of the instruments are fashioned from garbage and thrown away trash from the landfill. The young people who play in this orchestra are incredibly talented, and grateful for the chance to make beautiful music.

They don’t stop and complain about the fact that their instruments are made from trash. Instead they elevate the quality of the music they make with their homemade instruments. I find them to be very inspirational.

It reminds me that as a new year is beginning again, we need to approach our lives with creativity and possibility rather than negativity and complaining. The old adage “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is never more true than with this orchestra. These kids are proof positive that anything is possible, as long as you have a dream and you point your life towards it.

Beauty an inspiration exist everywhere. Even in the slums and landfills of Paraguay where no one has anything. Their orchestra will be touring in the future, and a documentary is being made about them. Watch this wonderful video and be inspired to yourself.

Text Copyright © 2012 by Victoria Young

Uplifting Music

When one thinks of an orchestra, you think of many different instruments. Percussion, woodwinds, string instruments, horns, etc. There is a band local to me, called the Boulder Bassoon Band. Their music is true to their name. A bunch of people playing bass in rooms, and making beautiful music.

There is also a very interesting orchestra in Great Britain. They are the Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain. It is astonishing how they are able to create full orchestral pieces using only ukuleles.

Ukuleles bring to mind Hawaiian music, hula dancers, and perhaps some casual music. Who knew they could be so orchestral? I put this video in to show the actual scope of what is possible with a tiny instrument that has only four strings. I hope you enjoy this video and become inspired by people who took a look at the ukulele and imagined all of its possibilities. We should do the same thing with every aspect of our lives. Look for the possibilities, even if they are not obvious.

Text copyright © 2012 by Victoria Young

Be Awake To Your Fate

My good friend Mary showed me her poem and I asked her if I could publish it. She agreed, so here it is. Enjoy.

Be awake to your fate
Don’t fall back asleep
Nurture the light within
Let it go into the world
It flows, it flows
It glows. It grows.

One small light in the night
Brings the dawn
Dissolves the false beliefs of the night
And sets things right
Be diligent.
Stay awake.

Copyright © 2009 by Mary Young

Consciousness, Creativity and The Brain

This is a very long (1:49:24) video of a talk by film director David Lynch at UC Berkeley on the topic of “Consciousness, Creativity and The Brain.” He is joined by Quantum Physicist John Hagelin, Ph.D as they discuss opening up to new ways of thinking. They talk about opening to infinite possibilities.

They are both obviously practitioners of Transcendental Meditation. If you are not into that particular modality of meditation, no worries. Pay attention to the rest and the great info on creativity. Creation. Consciousness.

The first 7 minutes are introductions, if you want to skip ahead.

I enjoyed seeing David Lynch give a keynote speech at a Quicktime conference in Los Angeles many years ago. This time, he talks about enlightenment and intuition, and other things.

Text copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young