Transitioning From This Life

It has been almost two weeks since my mother passed from this life. I was with her for the final week 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She lived in another state from me, so I wasn’t with her on a regular basis.

When I wrote my last post, I had been in Kansas for about nine days taking care of my mother. When that time ended, we thought she was out of the woods and on the mend. But, it wasn’t too much longer until I got emergency phone calls and the final phone call that she needed to be in hospice.

That last week was a difficult week in many ways. And it was a magnificent gift. I loved my mother, as I’m sure almost everyone does. But, I didn’t always like her. She was very judgmental, racist, and always quick to tell you what was wrong with everyone. When she was alive, I often felt negative thoughts toward her because of her anger and judgmentalness. In effect, I was being angry and judgmental at her because she was being angry and judgmental at other people.

During that last week, because we knew the time was short, I didn’t find myself getting caught up in her negativity. It was still there, to be sure. But, I realized that this was truly the last time I was going to have with her here on this physical plane. I was not going to waste any of that time getting wrapped up in her negativity, or judging her negativity.

As she progressed from being lucid to being unresponsive, I found myself thinking about some of those big questions. What is life, anyway? What is consciousness? When she was dying, did the part of her that was ego – personality based give way to a higher conscious self?

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The Honest Guys encourage us to commit random acts of kindness. I am so into this notion! When you do random good things for others, you not only make that person’s day, but you get a great rush of happiness from knowing you’ve done something helpful. Your random act of kindness may inspire the recipient to do something wonderful for someone else and create a chain of kindness. Since you are doing something kind and moving on, you won’t know for sure, but you can take great satisfaction in knowing you helped one person today!

Here, they are offering ideas and their food for thought to help you come up with your own random acts of kindness.


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The Practice of Universal Loving-Kindness

As the world becomes increasingly polarized and the news stories are filled with hate, it is a wonderful reminder that we need to get back to practicing kindness.

We need to remember that we are all One Self. There is no “other.”

There is only one. There is an illusion of many, but just as all of the drops in the ocean are part of the same ocean, we are all the same Source energy, partially manifested in physical to give the appearance of many.

We are deeply connected to all that is. There is only an illusion of separation.

Offering love and kindness to others is an offer of love and kindness to ourselves.

I found this charming music video that reminds us of the benefits of practicing Universal Loving-Kindness.

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It's All a Mirror

Your experience of the world is entirely up to you. Albert Einstein said that the most important decision you will make in your life is whether you believe you live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe.

If you believe the universe is hostile, you experience lots of obstacles in your life. It may go something like this. Everything is hard. People are not to be trusted. You have to struggle to get “your share.” Others are plotting against you or trying to take what is yours. There are dangers everywhere, in the form of germs, disease, “bad” people, smog, traffic, disasters, terrorists, politicians, etc.

If you believe the universe is friendly, you experience life as one lesson after another that contributes to your growth. You feel the universe is plentiful and you will always have enough. You know you are taken care of and that Source is always looking out for you. The people you meet are friendly, compassionate and fun to be with. You know there is a ‘gift’ with every challenge. You expect situations to work out for the best.

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I lived on the Hawaiian island of Kauai for some years. There I learned some of the Hawaiian customs. One of them is called “Ho’oponopono” — a practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It was used by shamans or “Kahunas” to heal sick people. In order for healing to take place, all transgressions in the family had to be discussed and forgiven. It was believed that ones errors were the cause of illness. This is true in many Polynesian cultures.

They believed that the “sins of the fathers” fall upon the children. If the child is sick, the parents are suspected of quarreling or other misdeeds. Rituals were performed of mutual family confession and forgiveness to release the memories of wrong doing and free the sick from bad karma.

Whether you subscribe to these ideas or not, owning up to one’s errors, apologizing for them and receiving forgiveness can be very healing go to. It releases the great burden of carrying around unconfessed feelings of guilt. And forgiving someone for perceived “wrong doing” can heal the forgiver, as well. Feelings of anger and victimhood create a cascade of chemicals in the body that cause problems with stress and health.

When we forgive, we stop creating all of those nasty chemicals that contribute to dis-ease.

So, in that spirit, I offer the lovely video I found called “Hooponopono.” The phases repeated for Ho’oponopono are:

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

So simple and profound.

And another video that gives instructions on practicing Ho’oponopono.

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It’s All An Illusion Anyway

Today I joined my mom, three sisters and nephew for lunch and to enjoy part of the long weekend together. Family outings are always interesting because, for as much as you have changed, shifted and transformed, you can still count on your family to show you just how much you can get sucked back into old patterns and behaviors. Someone of importance once said something like, “If you think you have become enlightened spend a week with your family and then revisit that thought.”

He/She didn’t lie.

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As Above…So Below

By Jon Mark

I received this message from Spirit on 4 January 2004.

Beloved Self,

Speak to me of the coming energy and what we parts are to play in this energy as it approaches.

Take refuge in this energy. Take refuge in the compassion of this energy. In the times ahead, compassion is where you will draw your greatest strength and where you will find your greatest solace as you work more and more with the new energy as it approaches.

Be not afraid. This is the first energy of the ancient energies that will actually manifest upon this physical plane of your existence. The energies of the great cosmic grid are shifting and rising in vibration.

As above, so below!!!!  May we so remind you?

Ergo, the great energies of the earthly cosmic connected grid are redirecting themselves as well. The place to put your attention is in the area around the place you call Yellowstone Park. The great caldera begins to boil towards the surface as the great grid shifts polarity in that area of the land. Metaphysically the great mother spirit is reaching for the sky to blend with the father once again. When this happens there is a great disturbance for the children of the planet. New life will be created where the ancients were sacrificed and their energy released back into the heavens.

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