Announcing New Book!

Cover-101-Mantras-for-Self-EsteemI am very happy to announce the publication of my newest book, 101 Mantras For Self-Esteem. This is the first in a series of books that will each have 101 mantras or more.

101 Mantras For Self-Esteem contains more than 101 mantras (affirmations) to help people develop improved self-esteem. Self esteem and confidence in oneself are critical factors for success in every aspect of one’s life.

This self help book has useful chapters about the nature of self-esteem and about how the author has overcome her own issues, in part by using mantras. There is also a very nicely presented chapter on how to use mantras to improve your life.

A Mantra is a sound, a syllable, a word, phrase or sentence that you repeat over and over to achieve a state of being or a state of mind. In this case, Victoria is using the word “Mantra” to describe words and phrases that are repeated in order to release (and eventually eliminate) self-limiting beliefs. (Some people prefer to use the word “Affirmation” to describe the same thing. Mantras are very powerful tools for changing the way we believe (and therefore act) regarding our possibilities and opportunities.

Good Self-Esteem (believing in yourself, recognizing your value, honoring your talents and possibilities) is a basic requirement to achieve goals in life. Most people with low self-esteem won’t even try, or they claim victimhood when their efforts fall short. The Mantras and quotes in this book can be a part of your commitment to claim your power, raise your self-esteem and let go of your limiting beliefs about yourself. High self-esteem is necessary to achieve higher levels of success.

This 256-page book will also be available in the near future in the EPUB and Kindle formats on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. I will update with links when it becomes available in the new formats.

Victoria Young is an author, teacher and psychic medium whom Hans King called, “One of the finest mediums in the country.” Victoria has been using Mantras for over 30 years. She wrote Spirit Guides; Communicating With Your Unseen Friends, and produced a CD with the same title that contains guided meditations to help people contact their own guidance. Victoria lives and writes in Colorado.

Watch for more upcoming books in the 101 Mantras series. For more information, visit and

Affirmations – 7 Steps to Make Them Work – Part 2

In part 1, I gave you some sample affirmations and started explaining the seven steps that successful people use related to affirmations and changing their lives. I also covered the first three steps:

  • Make Peace with Where You Are
  • Practice Forgiveness
  • Repetition Helps You Start to Internalize It

Here are the remaining steps to help you successfully use affirmations to improve your life.

Move Your Attention From “What Is” to “What Can Be”
When you first start saying affirmations, it can feel like they are untrue. After all, you are affirming (saying) something that does not appear to be true right now. Saying the affirmation “I have lots of money” when you know your bank account only contains five dollars can feel like a lie.

Try to remember that the current condition of “I only have five dollars” will be perpetuated if you keep thinking that, even though it appears to be true at this point in time. Paying attention to and thinking about “what is” will only cause it to continue. Saying a positive affirmation, even if it does not currently seem to be true is an important step toward bridging from only having five dollars to having lots of money.

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Affirmations – 7 Steps to Make Them Work – Part 1

I’ve known lots of people who tried affirmations to no avail.
For those new to this, an affirmation is a positive, present-tense statement about something you want to create in your life. Here are a few examples:

Money comes easily to me.
I am healthy, whole and complete.
I am loving and lovable.
I am thankful for my new job.
My romantic partner is loving and kind.
I am the perfect weight for my height.
My life flows easily.
People are friendly and helpful.
My life is full of joy.
My income is constantly increasing.
People appreciate my contributions.
I am successful.
I love myself the way I am.

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The Unpredictability Chakra And Our Potential

The Unpredictability Chakra is the third of three chakras located in the Root Chakra Region of the body.  It is located on the pelvic floor between the anus and genitals.  The Unpredictability Chakra represents raw uncontrolled and unpredictable energy.  Can energy be controlled?  People believe uncontrolled energy is dangerous because of its unpredictability.  However, there is strength, opportunity and originality in this kind of energy.  The opportunity to create and experience new situations, lessons, and connections should always be available.  This chakra represents our individuality created out of unpredictable potentiality.  It is my belief this is where the kundalini (Sanskrit for serpent or sleeping snake) energy, what the ancients call our fire and life force, is located.    The spiritual symbol of the Unpredictability Chakra is a sun (unpredictable energy) with a happy face.

“Raymond” was an accomplished visual artist who was blackballed by the art world.  His work had a way of “pushing” buttons and getting a rise out of people.  He admits he was arrogant and uncompromising in his work and felt his mission was to change people’s attitudes about social inequities and the “absurdities” of life.  Raymond has not produced any art work for the past seven years and is currently teaching at a university.  He feels useless, insecure and stagnant.   He said that his memory is poor, his vitality is very low, and he worries about money.  Raymond also had unresolved sexual trauma and, for years, struggled with his sexuality.  He felt alone and was not in contact with most of his family members and friends.

Our first session centered on grounding Raymond; he knew he wanted to enter the art world again but didn’t feel secure and could not figure out how to proceed.  He didn’t feel that fire or inspiration coming through as it had earlier in his career.  I cleared a lot of past life energies of that triggered Raymond to block receiving recognition, prestige, security and resources.  Raymond had past life trauma and negative energies of sexual abuse, greed, unworthiness, self-punishment, unforgiveness and appeasement.

Several of the past lives revealed that there are two family members and several friends, who had ostracized him from the visual art world, who, on a soul level, “remembered” that Raymond had maligned, abused and severely punish them in order to succeed.  When they harmed him in this life, they were “setting things right” so Raymond could not succeed in this life.  Raymond also “remembered” these lives and, on a soul level, agreed to suffer because he felt guilty for what he had done and wanted to appease them.

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