About Shirlyn Wright


Shirlyn Wright, gifted in extra sensory perception, works directly with your soul to reveal and release destructive negative energy from your body.  By removing negative energy, Shirlyn has affected positive change in people, who then are capable of leading happier, healthier, and more productive lives.  In one-on-one sessions, Shirlyn communicates directly with your soul.  These ‘conversations’ reveal who you are, your strengths, weaknesses, your life’s purpose, and, most importantly, what prevents you from achieving the things you believe you want to accomplish in your life.  This information is used to help her release any negativity affecting your soul’s full expression of health and wellness, inner harmony, and love and compassion.

Shirlyn is a nationally certified Consultant and Teacher of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring.  Spiritual Response Therapy, a transformational system founded by Robert E. Detzler, releases negative energy that limits the soul’s potential for joy and happiness.  Using this method, Shirlyn works directly with your subconscious and soul to research and release the root causes of negative energies affecting your life and physical well-being.  Spiritual Restructuring, also created by Robert E, Detzler, works directly with the many systems of the physical body to release energies blocking complete health.

Shirlyn began energy healing twelve years ago training under the Universal Energy Method created by Dasira Narada. This healing method works primarily with the physical body sending universal energy to seven of the major energy  centers or chakras to heal physical ailments.

You can visit Shirlyn’s website at Secret of Bliss.

Shirlyn created Transformation in Consciousness Process, a powerful transformational process that realigns and balances our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies in order for us to live at a higher and more effective level of self-expression.  There are 725 chakras (energy centers) in our physical body; 25 of them our considered our principal centers of force and consciousness.  Shirlyn connects to your energetic bodies, “reads” the conditions of these principal centers, and removes negative energies, harmful emotional and mental patterns, blockages, and energy forms.  After releasing these, Shirlyn then begins accessing your soul records that contain information about the positive energies and unique gifts you’ve come to use and fully express to the world.

In addition to her energy work and research, Shirlyn studied and practiced Transcendental Meditation, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Infinite Love and Gratitude Technique, Akashic Record Reading, Jewels of the Lotus Gem Stone Therapy, Svaroopa Yoga and Judo.

Prior to her energy healing work, Shirlyn worked in finance, business development and academic administration.  Her experience in developing small business initiatives in South Africa, which included analyzing industry sectors, writing business plans and seeking debt financing, led her to help start an Internet brokerage firm in 1999.  Shirlyn has held research, marketing and liaison positions with an institutional brokerage firm on the Chicago Stock Exchange and the Illinois Institute of Technology.  She served as an adjunct professor in finance at Roosevelt University.  Shirlyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Florida A&M University and a Master of Science in Financial Markets from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

You can contact Shirlyn to inquire about a reading or clearing session or to find out about upcoming classes.

Phone: 773-627-6455

eMail: shirlynwrightel@yahoo.com