New Years Bring New Opportunities

Every new year sees us making resolutions about things we want to change, or do differently in the future. Obviously, a new year is no different from a new day or a new hour. We can choose any moment in our lives to go forward in a new fashion.

We don’t have to wait for a new year to start a new life. Every single moment we have in the now is an opportunity to change our lives. However, many people see New Year’s, birthdays and other anniversaries as points of new beginnings. Whether it is for the new year or just because you’ve decided to change your life, you can start a new here and now.

I suggest that you sit down and make a list of the things you would like to change in your life. Perhaps make two columns; one column for how things are now and the second column for how you want them to be. If your list is long, try to only tackle one or two things at a time. Once you get those things under control, then address a new item on the list.

Lots of people begin their new year vowing to lose weight, get more exercise, eat healthier, or other such health and body image related resolutions. If you want to do those, that is just fine. And I also suggest that you add some others that could help you in manifesting the changes you want.

Make a resolution to think more positive thoughts. When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, stop, take a pause and tell yourself you don’t need that negative thought. Then replace it with a counteracting positive thought. For instance, if you find yourself thinking that you are never lucky, stop, tell yourself you don’t need that thought, and replace it with a new thought that says, “this year I am very lucky.”

Another resolution that can help make your life better is to practice compassion. When you practice compassion, you drop the judgment, you drop the negative thoughts about the person in the situation they are in. It also helps to be much more compassionate with yourself. Make sure that your internal voice is giving you pep talks telling you that you can do better, rather than telling you there is something wrong with you.

This new year is a very good time for you to begin building the foundation of a happier, healthier, and more prosperous life.