End of Year Ritual

Everybody is familiar with the New Year Rituals — making resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, be a better person, get a better job, etc. But, it seems to me that the sudden turning to “what’s next” without taking care of “what’s past” causes old issues to come up again — soon after the shine has worn off the New Year.

Those old energies can be like troublesome relatives or acquaintances. The New Year arrives and you move to get away from the negative energy of those people. You are ready to start new and fresh, with a clean slate. You didn’t tell those people your new address.

Even though you didn’t tell them where you live, they find you anyway and cause the same old trouble — or — you meet new people who behave in the same ways. You just can’t seem to get rid of that energy for long because you did not take the time to deal with it before setting out on the new path.

I developed an End of Year Ritual to clean up the old energies before going forward into the New Year. I find it is very helpful in tying up the old loose ends that can trip you up like un-tied shoes. Click the link to read the ritual process.

Victoria’s End of Year Ritual

1. Think back over the year and write down all of the good things that happened this past year. Make a nice list. Itemize each thing on the list so you can deal with them one-at-a-time.

If you’re having trouble making a list, consider these questions. Did you meet nice people, discover new ideas, learn something new, win a prize, get good grades, get a new car or house, get a promotion or a raise? Did people give you compliments on your appearance or ideas or cooking?

2. Look at each item on the list and remember how good you felt when it happened. Allow yourself to feel that happiness or satisfaction again.

3. Give thanks for that event in your life. Bless it and know it was special for you.

4. Now, think back over the year and write down all of the bad or undesirable things that happened this past year. Itemize each thing on the list so you can deal with them one-at-a-time. (If you are still remembering transgressions from previous years, write them down, too.)

5. As you think of each item, identify who you blame for the event. Was it someone else? Did you blame yourself?

6. No matter who it was that you blamed, imagine that person(s) standing in front of you with a dark shadow over him or her or them.

7. Send your forgiveness to him, her or them. As you send forgiveness, see the shadow lifting off of them. See them bathed in light as you forgive them.

If it is you that you blame, send a double-dose of forgiveness. For some reason, people more easily forgive others than themselves. I think it is because many times, when we forgive someone for a transgression, we move on and perhaps don’t see them again or don’t do business with them again, etc.

But, you can’t get away from yourself — you are your constant companion. You need to forgive your constant companion, know that it was just an error, a learning experience. We all make mistakes, so the best we can do is get over it and resolve to do better. Remember what you learned from the mistake. That is its gift.

I always remember Swami Muktananda’s reminder that we need to keep forgiving until we finally realize there was nothing to forgive.

8. After you have dealt with each item on both lists, destroy the lists. As you destroy them, set their energy free to the universe so that energy can transmute into something wonderful for you.

Crumple them up in a large metal pot and set them on fire. Do this OUTSIDE in a safe area where you will not start a fire!

If you cannot burn them safely, then put them through a paper shredder or cut them up into tiny pieces.

9. Now, give thanks for all that has happened up to now. Thank the Universe, Source, God, Spirit — whoever you thank — and affirm that everything is in divine order. Everything is fine as it is.

Now that you have completed this ritual, you can move on to you New Year’s Resolutions if you wish.

Happy New Year!

Copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young