End of Year Ritual

Everybody is familiar with the New Year Rituals — making resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, be a better person, get a better job, etc. But, it seems to me that the sudden turning to “what’s next” without taking care of “what’s past” causes old issues to come up again — soon after the shine has worn off the New Year.

Those old energies can be like troublesome relatives or acquaintances. The New Year arrives and you move to get away from the negative energy of those people. You are ready to start new and fresh, with a clean slate. You didn’t tell those people your new address.

Even though you didn’t tell them where you live, they find you anyway and cause the same old trouble — or — you meet new people who behave in the same ways. You just can’t seem to get rid of that energy for long because you did not take the time to deal with it before setting out on the new path.

I developed an End of Year Ritual to clean up the old energies before going forward into the New Year. I find it is very helpful in tying up the old loose ends that can trip you up like un-tied shoes. Click the link to read the ritual process. Continue reading

Christmas Day Rising

I’m not sure there is any significance, but I look forward to Christmas Day every year because the sun finally moves into my first house, beginning its year-long journey through my chart. When it gets out of my 12th house and all of the murky energy I feel with it, the world begins to seem a bit lighter.

The sun went into my first house today, December 25, 2010 at 11:33 PM MST. Whew!! Glad to see it. Glad to feel it.

I was already feeling some lighter energy because of getting past the Winter Solstice. Some years I feel like the new year begins at the Solstice, when the days begin to gather more sunlight. Other years, it definitely seems to be when the sun crosses my ascendant.

This past week, I have had a feeling of melancholy — a kind of empty sadness. I cannot point to anything that has changed in my life circumstances or changes in news, etc., as reasons for my somber mood.

A friend of mine who is a sensitive and conscious shaman suggested that many of us are “mourning for the world” because we are sensing big changes coming. I don’t think she was predicting devastation, but rather the fact that when we break-through into a new realm, we leave some of the “old” behind.

The sun will enter her first house on January 9, 2011 at 8:38 PM MST.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been aware of a “voice” (for want of a more accurate word) that keeps telling me my whole life is about to change. when I mentioned it to my son, he said he had been getting that message, as well.

The sun will enter his first house on January 19, 2011 at 8:50 AM MST.

As you can see, in addition to myself, many of the people I am close to have Capricorn Rising. One of them is New Year’s Eve Rising. The sun will enter her first house on December 31, 2010 at 7:07 AM MST.

Suffice it to say I feel big changes coming for myself and others. This year is a new beginning in a new paradigm. The year has begun. I hope your new year, whether you count it from January 1 or some other date, will bring many good changes for you.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young

Attitude is Everything

Below is a four-minute video about how our attitude is the basis for our thoughts, which aggregate and become beliefs. The beliefs become the framework for our reality. Our attitude generates the emotions that color and fill in the framework with a “reality” that seems quite solid, tough it is but an illusion.

Change your attitude — change the illusion.

Text copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young

7 Steps for Surviving Holiday Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde two weeks before Christmas (December 11, 2010) in North America. Most astrologers consider the two weeks leading up to the retrograde motion to be somewhat “iffy” in terms of progress or making agreements, signing contracts, etc. as well.

As a double Virgo (Mercury rules Virgo), I have long been aware of and affected by Mercury Retrogrades. There always seem to be hiccups related to communications, agreements and contracts. Lots of delays, misunderstandings and indecisive people. It is also common for communications devices — computers, cell phones, etc., to act up.

Mercury retrograde periods are not good for starting projects that require several people to communicate effectively and be on the same page.

The retrograde continues through New Year’s Eve (throughout the world), so it is quite possible for people to misunderstand details about where they are meeting to celebrate, etc.

Mercury’s retrograde motion ends on December 29, 2010. During this retrograde (on December 21), we get a Lunar Eclipse. It’s corresponding Solar Eclipse will be January 4, 2011 — only a few days after Mercury Retrograde ends. Eclipses are about endings and clearing the way for new beginnings, sometimes abruptly. Having the eclipses coincide with Mercury retrograde can make for some real confusion around the holidays.

Mercury retrograde is GOOD for revisiting old unresolved issues and taking care of them once and for all. It seems the retrograde motion is compatible with going back energetically to deal with unfinished business. New business that is still unfinished — not so much.

Taking all that into consideration, here are my coping strategies to deal with the Holiday Mercury Retrograde:

  • Don’t start a business or initiate major projects until January 14, 2011.
  • If at all possible, postpone signing contracts, agreements, leases, etc. until about January 20, as well. If not possible to delay, make sure your lawyers scour the documents with a fine-toothed comb, checking and double-checking to make sure it says what you think it does.
  • Backup your computers and smart phones.
  • Double check your answering machines.
  • Make sure your batteries are strong in important devices, including your car.
  • Take great care in double checking party and celebration plans to make sure all participants have the same notion of what you’re doing.
  • Spend the necessary time to take care of old, unfinished business that pops up.

After all of these precautions, anything that arises should be minimal.

Copyright © 2009-2010 by Victoria Young

New Moon — New Beginnings

Today is the New Moon, the time for new beginnings. It is the perfect time to plant the seeds of your future. Whether you are wanting a new job, new relationship, new healing, new home, new meditation practice, this is a great time for launching it!

I perform a New Moon Prosperity ritual every New Moon if possible. It is the most powerful if you do it within 24 hours after the New Moon.

As part of my process, I made some Blank Prosperity Checks to use to write checks from the Universe to myself. I made them look like the bank checks we are accustomed to seeing. There are three checks on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Here is what they look like: Continue reading

The Perception Of Consciousness

Here is a GREAT video, featuring David Lynch, Wyane Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden and more. They explain in ten minutes that the substance of the universe is consciousness. They tell us we only have fear when we believe that the substance of the universe is matter.

This Matrix is so incredible!

Text copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young