Rules of the Game — Part Two

2. The people who want to find find out what all the “rules” are so they can BREAK them.

These are people who have major issues with authority. They don’t care who the authority is, they just don’t want to be subject to someone else’s rules.

As a teenager, I did the “rebellion-as-rite-of-passage” routine. I didn’t trust anyone over 30. I saw all rules as bogus ways to to repress the creativity and freedom of young people. I’m part of the generation that rebelled politically in 1968, held Woodstock in 1969 and marched against the War our leaders pursued in the 60s and 70s. Rebellion and questioning authority were predominant themes during my teens and twenties.

A good side of this approach is that it fosters freedom, openness, creativity and breakthroughs. Some wonderful music (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Donovan, etc.), movies, art, and spiritual movements were created during those times. The down side is the backlash it creates from people who resist change or want to enforce the rules they are comfortable with. You can get a lot of polarity going on, especially if you have an emotional charge around your rebellion.

When we rebel against “the powers that be” because we hate the fact that they have power over us, we are giving more fuel to their power. We are making it seem more real. Essentially, we are playing “victim” to their power because we see it as something that exists independently of us that has some control over our lives. Our emotional charge against our leaders fortifies the situation. It becomes stronger and more polarized. It embeds more firmly into the illusion that we call our reality.

As I have journeyed through life, my beliefs that we create our own reality have solidified. I have many instances from my own life and others to point to. Whatever we rail against actually becomes more “solid” and “real.” That’s why the “war on drugs” has only produced a bigger drug problem.

My beliefs, over time, lead me to the third approach to life. I didn’t want to FOLLOW the rules any more and I didn’t want to BREAK them, either. Read my next post to see what’s next.

Copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young