Be Awake To Your Fate

My good friend Mary showed me her poem and I asked her if I could publish it. She agreed, so here it is. Enjoy.

Be awake to your fate
Don’t fall back asleep
Nurture the light within
Let it go into the world
It flows, it flows
It glows. It grows.

One small light in the night
Brings the dawn
Dissolves the false beliefs of the night
And sets things right
Be diligent.
Stay awake.

Copyright © 2009 by Mary Young

Thanksgiving – George Winston

Once again we are celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States. It is a long tradition of turkey, stuffing and various casseroles consumed by various families with different traditions. Eating too much, taking a nap and perhaps a family squabble or two thrown in.

I like the idea of stopping and appreciating, being grateful for how wonderful our lives are. We have created this complex illusion out of consciousness. We should express our gratitude for this reality we’ve created — the joyous parts and the parts that have given us pause. The negative parts show us what we don’t want so we can work on creating differently.

All of our creation is a testament to our magnificence and the magnificence of Consciousness.

I invite you to watch/listen to this beautiful music video and think of the many things in your life for which you can give your thanks.

Text copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young

Energy Follows Attention

This video — a little over 7 minutes long — gives a very good explanation about what we give our attention to and how it affects our lives. Have you ever noticed that when things get “bad” they seem to compound and get worse? Or that when things start going well, lots of things start to line up how you want them?

It has audio with a static image, so you don’t have to actually WATCH it — you can just listen to it and get great info.

Text copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young

Rules of the Game — Part Three

3. The people who decide to make their own rules and take responsibility for the reality they create.

These people understand that all “rules” are artificial creations that result from a person’s beliefs becoming harder and more solidified. What ever you believe, whether it is supported by hope or fear, will dominate your life and appear real. It will become an opportunity or an obstacle, depending on the emotion you charge it with.

This approach to life is much more powerful than types one and two. It recognizes that all rules are basically arbitrary. Whether the rule is something like “you can’t wear white after Labor Day” or the various rules of games or was that are still on the books of most U. S. States (visit for examples) or the rules that say members of various religions are required to cut their hair, grow their hair, cover their hair, etc.

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Rules of the Game — Part Two

2. The people who want to find find out what all the “rules” are so they can BREAK them.

These are people who have major issues with authority. They don’t care who the authority is, they just don’t want to be subject to someone else’s rules.

As a teenager, I did the “rebellion-as-rite-of-passage” routine. I didn’t trust anyone over 30. I saw all rules as bogus ways to to repress the creativity and freedom of young people. I’m part of the generation that rebelled politically in 1968, held Woodstock in 1969 and marched against the War our leaders pursued in the 60s and 70s. Rebellion and questioning authority were predominant themes during my teens and twenties.

A good side of this approach is that it fosters freedom, openness, creativity and breakthroughs. Continue reading

New Moon –Write Yourself a Check!

Today is the New Moon, the time for new beginnings. It is the perfect time to plant the seeds of your future. I suggest you perform a New Moon Prosperity ritual every New Moon if possible. It is the most powerful if you do it within 24 hours after the New Moon.

As part of my process, I made some Blank Prosperity Checks to use to write checks from the Universe to myself. I made them look like the bank checks we are accustomed to seeing. There are three checks on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Here is what they look like: Continue reading