10 Minutes to Happiness

How do you go from unhappy to happy? I mean TRULY go from unhappy to happy. Not from unhappy because I don’t have much money to happy because I won the lottery. Not from unhappy because he hasn’t called to happy because I’m talking to him. Not from unhappy because my job sucks to happy because I have a new job. Not even from unhappy because I’m overweight to happy because I’m slim.

I’m talking about the kind of happiness that comes from within. True happiness from within happens because the greater part of yourself that still resides in Source is allowed to express.

As Guidance has told us many times, we are pure Source energy. A portion of that pure Source energy has condensed down into our bodies, minds, personalities, etc. However, the vast portion of who we are remains in the invisible vibrational energy realm as Source itself. That part of us (some call it the Soul or the Higher Self or God) is pure joy and happiness. That part of us is not at all concerned with the daily grievances we process. That part of us is unconditional.

Our unhappiness comes when we believe that our separation from Source is more real than our connection to Source. That’s when we get caught up in the stories. The stories that we tell to justify anger or depression or victimhood are the stories we use to defend our belief in separation. If “he did this to me,” then he must be separate from me.

There is a saying that I have heard for more than 20 years. A question, really. “Would you rather be right or happy?” For many people that is a null set. They thinks right equals happy http://genericoitalia.it/. Actually, being right means defending a story and proving someone else wrong. Being right means feeding the ego. Being happy means deciding to access one’s connection to Source, which is beyond the realm of the ego.

So, as I asked earlier — how do we get to happy? How do we let go of the struggle to be right? How do we merge with Source consciousness? And how do we do it quickly?

I have two different ways of doing this. One is very active and “out there” in the world. The other is very private, personal and quiet.

When I want to be active while linking to my happy self, I take one of the following actions:

Help a Stranger
Give to Charity
Volunteer in the Community
Any selfless activity that involves helping others (with no expectation of reward)

These activities take us out of our selfish mode and we quickly discover a sense of happiness and peace when contributing to the greater good.

When I want to privately link to my happy self, I do a Smiling Meditation. It is very simple. Sit comfortably in a peaceful place with no distractions. No cell phone, no TV, no radio, no computer.

Sit quietly as you would for meditation, but instead of relaxing your lower jaw (to help relax the rest of the body), smile. That’s right, SMILE. A genuine smile. No smiling through clenched teeth while you replay some story. Allow thoughts to pass by without attaching to them and smile.

If you can continue to smile for as little as 10 minutes, you will discover that you are happy. It works for me every time.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young