I Am a Vibrational Being

Lately, I have been acutely aware of when I feel out of balance. In the past, it may have been background noise or a general malaise. These days, I really feel it when I am not in the flow of Source.

I guess I finally got into the flow long enough that the absence of feeling bad became ‘normal.’ When I get out of the flow now, I notice how different (read ‘uncomfortable’) it is to be out of the flow.

As you might guess, I have been feeling out of sorts for a couple of days. It started when I made the mistake of listening to the news. (Examples: 35% of New Jersey Republicans think President Obama may be the anti-christ, Senator Max Baucus released his version of health care that gives more money to Insurance companies, increases taxes and penalties on everybody and increases the risk of health-cost related bankruptcies, and there is still a lot of hate mongering going around.)

Instead of letting it roll off, I got attached to thinking the world is being influenced by total idiots. I felt discouraged that people with so little awareness are in charge. I began to feel uneasy, like all is not right with the world.

I clearly needed to get back in the ‘zone’ where I understand it’s all an illusion and that I don’t need to dwell on such things because it will only bring more. We get what we think about whether we want it or not.

So, I began repeating the following phrases. Over and over, especially when I’m falling asleep.

I am a vibrational being.
I am Source energy.
Everything I experience is a result of the vibration I have been offering in the form of thoughts and emotions.

It seems like I need to get that at a deeper level. It has been helping, though I feel like I need to keep at it — make it my mantra.

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The Honest Guys encourage us to commit random acts of kindness. I am so into this notion! When you do random good things for others, you not only make that person’s day, but you get a great rush of happiness from knowing you’ve done something helpful. Your random act of kindness may inspire the recipient to do something wonderful for someone else and create a chain of kindness. Since you are doing something kind and moving on, you won’t know for sure, but you can take great satisfaction in knowing you helped one person today!

Here, they are offering ideas and their food for thought to help you come up with your own random acts of kindness.


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Act As If or Fake it 'Til you Make It

For many years I’ve heard that in order to get from where we are to where we want to be, we are supposed to “Act As If” we were already there. A companion phrase that I heard oft-repeated was “Fake it ’til you make it.” Back then, I understood the theory (sort of), but I could not understand how a person who is 100 pounds overweight could look in the mirror and act as if (s)he was thin.

I could not see how one could act as if (s)he was wealthy when a glance at the bank account showed less than $100 to last the next two weeks. How could one act as if (s)he was in a great job when it was the same thing (s)he wanted to get out of? If they pretended things were different, were they in denial?

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On the HoloDeck

You are the master and creator of your HoloDeck and all of the virtual experiences, running as programs on your HoloDeck. They seem so real to you that you call them your life experience.

A common question from people who come for readings is, “How can I learn to create my reality?” Guidance always says you cannot learn it. You cannot learn what you already know. You cannot learn it because you are already doing it — every second, every minute, every day, every situation.

What you can learn is to pay attention to how you do it. Pay attention to the repeating patterns in your life. Especially the ones you are trying to prevent or the things you are trying to avoid. The repeating patterns in your life are the programs you are running on your HoloDeck. Everything in your life is running on your HoloDeck, every experience, situation, observation is on your HoloDeck and the repeating patterns are the obvious evidence of it.

I knew a guy many years ago who kept having problems with burglaries and vandalism. Austin (not his real name) moved to a better neighborhood. Another burglary. Continue reading

10 Minutes to Happiness

How do you go from unhappy to happy? I mean TRULY go from unhappy to happy. Not from unhappy because I don’t have much money to happy because I won the lottery. Not from unhappy because he hasn’t called to happy because I’m talking to him. Not from unhappy because my job sucks to happy because I have a new job. Not even from unhappy because I’m overweight to happy because I’m slim.

I’m talking about the kind of happiness that comes from within. True happiness from within happens because the greater part of yourself that still resides in Source is allowed to express.

As Guidance has told us many times, we are pure Source energy. A portion of that pure Source energy has condensed down into our bodies, minds, personalities, etc. However, the vast portion of who we are remains in the invisible vibrational energy realm as Source itself. That part of us (some call it the Soul or the Higher Self or God) is pure joy and happiness. That part of us is not at all concerned with the daily grievances we process. That part of us is unconditional.

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