No Buts Please

I received this message from Source on February 12, 1987

Dear Ones,

We have talked to you about the fictional prices people think they must pay to achieve their dreams. (See Price To Pay, published on May 25, 2010.)

There is another method of freeing yourself from these limiting thoughts which you may wish to consider. It is deceptively simple. Of course, those of you who have worked with us know that all we have to say is deceptively simple. The truth is never complex or difficult. It is always very simple. The truth may appear to be complex at times because it permeates all that is and is therefore connected to all truth. However, it remains extremely simple.

The second method I spoke of is to simply eliminate the use of a certain 3-letter word from the vocabulary and speech and thought patterns. You may say “That is easy”, and I assure you that you will find yourself using this word more than you thought. If fact, you will be surprised at how often this word is used in your speech and the speech of all you encounter. As you train yourself to notice it more and more, you will realize what a very powerful word it is and how it creates your reality. What is this word?

The little word we speak of is the word “BUT”. People say things such as, “I would like to be a writer BUT I cannot because it does not pay enough.” Or they say, “He is a nice fellow BUT I would not want to live next door to him.” Or “She is pretty BUT she isn’t very smart.”

You see, in each case the word “BUT” disallowed the first half of each sentence. The word “BUT” in the middle of sentence means “please ignore the first half of this sentence”. The first half of such sentences is most often the positive half and the second half is most often the negative half. Therefore, when using the word “BUT”, you are cancelling the positive portion of any statement and asking the reader or listener to only notice the negative portion of the statement. This structure is often the one used when attaching a price to one’s dream. “I really would like to have this dream BUT the price (which I have invented with my mind) is too high.” When the human hears or reads or thinks that sentence, he/she is only giving power and energy to the second half, which is the limitation. The continual use of this method of speaking and writing and thinking helps you to maintain your limitations.

Many times, you will find that there is no need at all for use of any word and the the word “BUT” can be eliminated altogether. At other times you will find that the substitution of the word “AND” is most preferable. Even when you are making a potentially negative statement such as, “I would like to try out for the play BUT I am afraid.” It says I would like to do this thing but I will not because I feel fear. If instead you say, “I would like to try out for the play AND I am afraid,” you have not cancelled the first half. You said I would like to do this and I feel fear. It does not state or imply that you will not do this thing. It only says that you have fear associated with it. This statement still allows you to do this thing even though you feel fear. As you can see, there is a vast difference between the use of the word “BUT” and the word “AND”.

When we suggest that you do such a detailed thing as eliminate a specific word from you vocabulary, we are not arbitrarily inventing exercises for you to perform. We ar very aware that words, especially those used habitually and unconsciously are reflections of deep thoughts and therefore very powerful. We wish you to have your powerful words be those which create a positive, supportive atmosphere in your life. There is no need to push the river. It is the river of life and it flows in the direction you need to travel. Therefore, it is much easier and more pleasant for you if you flow with the river rather that try to fight its current through the use of negative thoughts. You know very well that all of your limitations are imaginary. Therefore, it is time to take this knowledge and use it in your daily lives to create a reality which is more nourishing to your growth and to the growth of others.

You may apply some very simple exercises to your life and find that what seemed once to be a field of weeds becomes a garden filled with lovely flowers and fruits. It only requires that you truly believe and that you are diligent at maintaining the positive vision of what life is and can be for you and those around you. The diligence is required because many people in the name of “realism” will attempt (consciously or unconsciously) to convince you that the negative vision is the truth, The fact is that the negative is the truth if you believe! Therein lies the secret to all which occurs in your life.

Peace be among you.

Copyright © 1987, 2009 by Victoria Young