The Joy of Thinking Less

Almost all of us are burdened with thinking too much. I myself attained a fifth-degree black-belt equivalent in thinking too much. I thought all the time. I had my ego tied up in being an intellectual, which I thought was a good thing.

I believed that my ability to think “in-depth” about things, know the history and inter-relationships of things gave me value. I was always trying to figure everything out. Always wanting to be ready with the answers if someone asked.

About 25 years ago someone said to me that not everyone had a zillion thoughts in their mind all of the time. How could someone not think all the time? It was a concept I could not ‘grok.’

Until I stuck to a regular meditation practice and witnessed a calming mind within.

Additionally, when you truly realize that you create your reality, you also realize that you can choose not to have all of that old bilge running through your mind. All of the time you have spent worrying about money, pandemic flu, a difficult relationship, etc., is not necessary — unless you WANT to create those problems in your life.

I heard about a psychology study that said over 70% of our thoughts are negative and redundant. Clearly, there is room to think a lot less if we think that negatively

My mind is still quite capable of running amok and it sometimes does. But, having experienced the peace, relaxation and pleasure that comes with not thinking so much, I prefer it. Judging and comparing in order to make people wrong and right seems like such a waste of time. I once reveled in it, especially during politically charged times.

Trust the Infinite, Unlimited Source. It is your source, your being, your existence and your destination. It is the Alpha and Omega. Always with you. Always available. Always present.

Let Go and Let God
A famous phrase from the recovery movement is applicable to all of us all of the time. We waste an enormous amount of time trying to figure stuff out that is really in the purview of Source (God). Surely you know that your little mind, no matter how clever it is, is no match for Source.

Relax. Breathe. Clear your mind.

You may not believe so at first, but I assure you that you will accomplish far more in your life if you stop thinking so much.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young