Prices to Pay

I received this message from Source on February 12, 1987

Dear Ones,

We wish to talk with you about your goals and dreams in life and their “prices”. Many people have high aspirations or secret wishes for things or situations but never act upon these dreams and wishes. The reason they never act upon them is that they think there is a “price” associated with doing or being or having the thing they dream about. As example, a person may dream of being a great writer. Yet that person never acts upon it because he believes that writers do not make enough money. He has decided the price of being a writer is not having enough money. He also decided the price was too much to pay so he does not pursue his dream.

Many people are walking around the world ignoring their dreams for the very same reason. When they become older, they will recite their dreams with great regret at having never pursued them. They decide when it is very late in their stay on the planet that they should have pursued their dreams, that they should have decided on the happiness that comes from doing what they really want. It is a very sad situation to be a the end of one’s visit and be full of regret for things one could have done but did not. Very few people at the end of their visit talk with great regret about what they did do. Instead they voice their sadness for what they did not do.

The person who wanted to be an actress but believed she would have nothing later on if she depended on her appearance for her living. She believed that the price to pay to be an actress was to sell one’s appearance and that when one’s appearance changed, she would be out of work and have no skill to rely on. She, too, established a price for being an actress that she deemed too high to pay.

Please understand, my dear friends that there is no established price to be paid for the fulfillment of any of your goals and dreams. The prices you perceive are those created by your thoughts and beliefs. Perhaps you obtained those beliefs from parents and others who had great influence on your life. That is fine. It is also fine for you to realize that you do not need to pay the price that everyone else says you must. You also need not make the overwhelming sacrifices that you imagine are required to reach your dream.

It is important to realize that you have been taught many negative belief patterns through your culture. Those patterns will be a reality for you for as long as you truly believe them. When you finally release unnecessary negative beliefs, you will no longer be subject to their power. If you want to be a writer but you believe that writers do not make enough money, then if you decide to write any way, you will not make enough money. This is because you have already set the condition with your thoughts and beliefs. You have already established the “price” of living your dream. Therefore, you will have to pay that price.

Please consider that all prices are negotiable. Just as when purchasing an automobile or a house the price is negotiable, the prices of your dreams are negotiable. The negotiation process for pricing your dreams involves your thoughts and beliefs. If you believe you can be an actress and never have to struggle to become one, you will walk into the interview for the first acting job and be hired. (The key is that you must truly believe it, however.)

You may find it interesting to perform the following exercise. Sit down with a paper and writing tool. Then draw a vertical line down the center of the page. At the top of the left hand side of the page place the title “Dreams and Wishes”. At the top of the right hand side of the page place the title “Price per Dream”. Then, please write your first fond dream or wish in the left side column. To the right of that list the prices of that dream. Do you believe it will take too long, or that it costs too much money, or that you would have to give up something, or that people would think you were crazy? It does not matter what your prices are. They are the negative things which you believe will automatically come attached to being able to have the dream or wish.

Now, do the same thing again for the nest dream and so on. Then please tear the paper in half along the vertical line. Save the half with the dreams and wishes and burn, yes set fire to the other half. You may consider reciting some words as you burn the half with the prices written on it. The words may state that by burning the paper you no longer are limited by the negative beliefs which you had attached to your dreams. This practice is very effective at releasing these negative prices. You may need to do it more than one time if you cling strongly to your negative beliefs. But, I assure you that you will notice a difference if you are diligent. By identifying exactly what you negative beliefs are and then burning them, you are changing the frame of your life. You will be changing your whole basis of living. You will be giving yourself more freedom and permission to live happily.

Peace be among you.

Copyright © 1987, 2009 by Victoria Young