I Am Eternal

When I am falling to sleep at night, I often “hear” these words over and over:

I Am Eternal
I Am Source
I have the Power to Create Worlds
I Love, Accept and Allow
I reject nothing

Everything exists in Me
My reservoir is without limit
All is Possible
All is Probable
It is up to You to Choose what you will

Of course I don’t hear it with my ears. But the words run through my mind over and over. My guidance is reminding me of the vast power available to us as we enter the formless dimension of sleep.

I have decided to read it aloud to myself a few times each morning so I set out with this knowledge each day. Beginning each day with the knowledge that I am eternal and powerful feels good. Knowing that I have access to Source and all-that-is is comforting. My confidence is boosted when I internalize this knowing.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young