Prices to Pay

I received this message from Source on February 12, 1987

Dear Ones,

We wish to talk with you about your goals and dreams in life and their “prices”. Many people have high aspirations or secret wishes for things or situations but never act upon these dreams and wishes. The reason they never act upon them is that they think there is a “price” associated with doing or being or having the thing they dream about. As example, a person may dream of being a great writer. Yet that person never acts upon it because he believes that writers do not make enough money. He has decided the price of being a writer is not having enough money. He also decided the price was too much to pay so he does not pursue his dream.

Many people are walking around the world ignoring their dreams for the very same reason. When they become older, they will recite their dreams with great regret at having never pursued them. Continue reading

It's All a Mirror

Your experience of the world is entirely up to you. Albert Einstein said that the most important decision you will make in your life is whether you believe you live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe.

If you believe the universe is hostile, you experience lots of obstacles in your life. It may go something like this. Everything is hard. People are not to be trusted. You have to struggle to get “your share.” Others are plotting against you or trying to take what is yours. There are dangers everywhere, in the form of germs, disease, “bad” people, smog, traffic, disasters, terrorists, politicians, etc.

If you believe the universe is friendly, you experience life as one lesson after another that contributes to your growth. You feel the universe is plentiful and you will always have enough. You know you are taken care of and that Source is always looking out for you. The people you meet are friendly, compassionate and fun to be with. You know there is a ‘gift’ with every challenge. You expect situations to work out for the best.

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I Am Eternal

When I am falling to sleep at night, I often “hear” these words over and over:

I Am Eternal
I Am Source
I have the Power to Create Worlds
I Love, Accept and Allow
I reject nothing

Everything exists in Me
My reservoir is without limit
All is Possible
All is Probable
It is up to You to Choose what you will

Of course I don’t hear it with my ears. But the words run through my mind over and over. My guidance is reminding me of the vast power available to us as we enter the formless dimension of sleep.

I have decided to read it aloud to myself a few times each morning so I set out with this knowledge each day. Beginning each day with the knowledge that I am eternal and powerful feels good. Knowing that I have access to Source and all-that-is is comforting. My confidence is boosted when I internalize this knowing.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young

How to Meditate

People who meditate tend to have lower stress levels, less anxiety, healthier blood pressure and more happiness than people who do not meditate. Meditators tend to have a stronger ability to focus and concentrate. As little as 15 minutes per day can be beneficial.

In meditation, we silence the mind. We let go of the silly, often frantic chatter that occupies our minds on most days. In doing so, we experience peace. We experience our eternal self. Our eternal self is so much more, so much greater than the petty worries of day-to-day living. When we know this, we are more able to detach from the trivial concerns, as we realize they are meaningless.

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