The Field of Infinite Potential

his is a channeled message I received recently:

Dear Ones,

There is a Field of Infinite Potential that exists beyond the perceptions of most people. This field is at the heart of Source. It is the place where worlds — and everything else — are created. Your scientists call it The Zero-Point Field or The Quantum Field. Your films refer to it as The Matrix.

This field is empty, yet it is the Source of all-that-is. It knows every thought that has ever been thought and every emotion that has ever been felt. Access to this field is very simple, though it is not always easy. Focused thought and belief are the keys to the field.

Do you realize that you have all of the tools necessary to create the life you desire? You have mind, thought and emotion. If you can slow down, pay attention, focus your thoughts deliberately, while letting go of resistance, you can access your greatest desires.

We shall repeat so you will “get” it:

Slow Down
Stop distracting yourself for a bit — 30 minutes or more per day. Stop television, radio and music. Stop telephone and texting. Stop video games, eMail and computing. Instead, breathe deeply. Notice your breath. Consciously take deep breaths. Feel yourself relaxing into the knowledge that nothing needs to be done at the moment — only relaxing and slowing down. Allow the big sigh of relaxation.

Pay Attention
Direct your attention to here and now. Notice what thoughts are going through your mind. Do not judge them. Just allow them to pass by like strangers on the sidewalk. As you begin to be aware of your thoughts, you can direct them

Pull your thoughts inward. Only here, only now. No thoughts about the boss, the spouse or the friend. Not tomorrow or next month. Not yesterday or last year. Only here and now.

Start by being aware of how your body feels right now. If it is not relaxed, take more deep breaths. Breathe deeply — in — out — in — out. As you relax more and pay attention to here and now, you will bring the Source energy that is you into alignment with the physical being that is you. This alignment gives you great power.

Focus Your Thoughts Deliberately
Offer your thoughts about what you want. Don’t worry so much about the “how” of it. If you want a new house or a new car or a new relationship, do not distract yourself with the details of how it could happen, just how it will be when complete.

Feel yourself walk through your house or drive your car or go on a date. Visualize it from inside your body as if it was already true now. Notice how good it feels to have your desire.

Let Go of Resistance
If you do not have something that you say you fervently desire, then you are resisting its manifestation. The main way you resist is by not believing it is possible.

Again, do not worry about the “how” of it. Do not be concerned with the mechanics of it. If you worry about how it could happen, you are in resistance and in resistance, you will keep your desires at bay. Thinking about the “how” is a way of remaining in disbelief.

If you say “I want a million dollars but the only way possible is the lottery because I have no rich relatives, no rich friends and no other resources,” then you are telling source that you will resist every possible avenue but the lottery. Why would you want to limit the infinite possibilities to only one?

The Field of Infinite Potential can produce anything. You must slow down, pay attention, focus your thoughts deliberately and let go of resistance. Four very simple steps. Even though they are simple, they may not be easy at first. But is you practice this for 30 minutes per day (or perhaps 20 minutes twice a day), you will begin to exert enough mastery over your thoughts to get the results you desire.

The Field of Infinite Potential is constant and unwavering. It is always available to create new stuff, new situations and new opportunities. It only requires your focused, non-restant thought accompanied by the belief that it will manifest.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young