Create Your Fortune by Letting Go of “What Is”

Almost everyone has a long list of things they want in their life that have not yet manifested. High on those lists are lots of money, a new house, a new car, a great job, meeting one’s soulmate, perfect health, long life and more.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you desire is coming toward you, by virtue of the fact that you desire it and put your attention on it. Your energy, resonating at a frequency of desire for something sets up a corresponding resonant frequency in the something you want so it is attracted to you. So why do so many people NOT have what they desire?

I believe it’s because they pay far too much attention to the ABSENCE of their desires in their lives. They put their attention on what is missing and they cannot see any way for the missing components to manifest. Almost all of us try to extrapolate or predict our future by observing “what is.” Because when we look at the current circumstances, we do not see the logical sources from which our desires could be fulfilled, we have trouble maintaining the belief that it is possible.

I have done readings for people who will list in detail why they can’t get their desires. All of the detail is based on their current circumstances. They cannot imagine anything else. Many years ago, a client — I’ll call her “Jennifer” — was in a decent relationship and made enough money to satisfy needs and have a little extra. She wasn’t over the moon about her boyfriend, but he was respectable and “good enough.”

I saw very clearly that her future held the possibility of a passionate relationship and a lot of money. I told her she was going to meet someone she was very attracted to and he would be more compatible that her current relationship. I also saw that her current boyfriend had a roving eye anyway, so he was not going to be damaged by a breakup. She was absolutely certain that she would eventually marry her current boyfriend and could not imagine being with someone else.

As for the money, I wasn’t clear about the source, but it felt like a lot of money. She proceeded to tell me that she was not in line to inherit anything, didn’t know any rich people who might give it to her, didn’t have access to a lot of money, was not lucky at the lottery, etc. Basically, she was looking at what is and using her knowledge of what is to look for possible sources of income. Seeing none, she was unable to believe that the wealth was on the way. I found out later that Jennifer had thought I was just saying those things to offer her the good feeling one might expect to get from a psychic reader.

About six months later, Jennifer called to schedule another appointment. At that time, she told me that she had gone home and cried after our previous meeting. She did not want to hear that her current relationship would end and she had thought I was blowing smoke about the money.

Then she proceeded to tell me about the changes in her life over the past six months. She had been at the Denver airport waiting to board a plane to go visit her parents in San Diego. A man — I’ll call him “Ed” — came to the boarding area and sat next to her to wait. The weirdest thought went through her mind — “this is the man I’m going to marry” — out of the blue, an unbidden thought. She dismissed it, but had a nice conversation with Ed that continued on the airplane.

They discovered a deep mutual attraction and spent some time together having dinners and talking until all hours in San Diego. She wasn’t unfaithful, but she felt a little guilty about how attracted she was to Ed. When she returned to Denver, her boyfriend greeted her with the news that he had found someone new and wanted to break up. She was free to pursue a relationship with Ed.

Jennifer and Ed were a great match. She was terrifically happy, with more joy and passion in her life than ever before. She was telling me that because she had not been able to see the possibility of such happiness, she had gone home and cried because I told her the previous relationship would end. And now, six months later, she was deliriously happy in a relationship she could not have foreseen by looking at what is.

And the money? It turned out that Ed was a pro football player for the San Diego Chargers, making several million dollars a year. Because she lived in Denver and was attached to someone else, she did not see the possibility of meeting a stranger at the airport who would become her rich husband.

The lesson here is obvious — ignore what is and be open to the miraculous possibilities headed your way.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young