Beyond My Dreams – My Journey to the Crystal Palace

Back in 1984, I took a “Meditation” class. It was supposed to put us in touch with our Guidance. I had already been doing sitting meditation, having learned it at a Buddhist University near my house. I enjoyed the peace that came with it and I still practice it today.

This “new” meditation I was learning involved the instructor leading us on a guided meditation. She put on some calming music and had us close our eyes and relax as she gave us suggestions that took us on a “journey” to meet our Guides.

The journey was supposed to take us to our own special, private garden. I did make it to my garden by traveling in a beautiful boat that sailed down a calm river.

It was a lovely peaceful garden, but I was transported almost immediately away from the garden, through the air to a Crystal Palace. I don’t remember visiting it before, but it seemed familiar somehow. It almost felt like “home,” though I didn’t remember it.

It had a beautiful glow and appeared to be made of massive crystals. The doors were vast — at least 30 feet high — and they swung open effortlessly to invite me in. I was greeted by someone in Monk’s robes. I don’t recall hearing him speak, but I knew he was directing me and I understood his directions. It must have been telepathic communication.

The Monk escorted me through a Grand Hall. The room had to have been at least 100 feet long and 40 feet wide. All of the trim appeared to be made of sparkling crystals and gold. It was at the same time huge and opulent, yet cozy and comforting.

From the Grand Hall, I was escorted through a door into a smaller (perhaps 30 feet by 30 feet) but no less opulent room. In the center of the room was a large pedestal. Perched atop the pedestal was a very large book. A light shone down on it from the ceiling. I understood that this was the “Akashic Record” and that I could see my pages in there.

I remember looking at the pages and getting goose bumps as I had a déja vu experience, but I cannot remember what was writ on the pages. I have visited there since and the “Records Room” has changed to something more digital looking. I’ll describe it in a future post. I presume the images I see are always representative of how we do things now.

I was in total awe during the experience. When the meditation ended and the woman leading the group asked us to share our experiences, I listened to others describe their gardens and what they experienced in them. When my turn came, I told my tale of visiting the Crystal Palace and what I saw there. The woman leading the class became angry.

“You are not allowed to go there,” she insisted. “You cannot go there without an experienced guide. That place is only for adepts and they don’t allow beginners there. You cannot go there.”

“Clearly I CAN go there,” I said. “I wasn’t expecting it, but that’s where I ended up, so I CAN go there. I did it.”

She continued to admonish me against going there. I didn’t argue any more. I just knew I could go there and I believed I knew how to get there. sometimes I wondered if it was just my imagination, though.

A few months later, I was sitting in someone’s house in Boulder, Colorado with a group of people who were interested in forming a group. It was to be called “The Geneva Group.” We did a guided meditation at that meeting. Afterwards, when people were sharing their experiences, a man said he had been transported to this amazing Crystal Palace. He described much of what I had seen. He was puzzled, because he didn’t believe in such things.

I was glad to hear of his unexpected visit there, as it helped me with the questions about my imagination. Someone else landed there by accident, so my journey must have been “real” even if it was in another realm.

When he finished talking about his journey, I was just about to tell him that I had been there too, but someone else in the group beat me to it! She told him she had been there and that it was indeed a real place to visit. So now, I knew of at least two other people who had been there. Very cool.

I have visited many times since then. I was shown many different rooms and a few rituals. In future posts, I will share more of my experiences at The Crystal Palace.

Copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young