Create Your Fortune by Letting Go of “What Is”

Almost everyone has a long list of things they want in their life that have not yet manifested. High on those lists are lots of money, a new house, a new car, a great job, meeting one’s soulmate, perfect health, long life and more.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you desire is coming toward you, by virtue of the fact that you desire it and put your attention on it. Your energy, resonating at a frequency of desire for something sets up a corresponding resonant frequency in the something you want so it is attracted to you. So why do so many people NOT have what they desire?

I believe it’s because they pay far too much attention to the ABSENCE of their desires in their lives. Continue reading

The Field of Infinite Potential

his is a channeled message I received recently:

Dear Ones,

There is a Field of Infinite Potential that exists beyond the perceptions of most people. This field is at the heart of Source. It is the place where worlds — and everything else — are created. Your scientists call it The Zero-Point Field or The Quantum Field. Your films refer to it as The Matrix.

This field is empty, yet it is the Source of all-that-is. It knows every thought that has ever been thought and every emotion that has ever been felt. Access to this field is very simple, though it is not always easy. Focused thought and belief are the keys to the field.

Do you realize that you have all of the tools necessary to create the life you desire? You have mind, thought and emotion. If you can slow down, pay attention, focus your thoughts deliberately, while letting go of resistance, you can access your greatest desires.

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The Law of Attraction From Many Years Ago

There has been much attention paid to “The Secret” book and movie in the past couple of years. It has wonderful, inspiring information. But the information is not new. As they state in the movie, this “secret” has been known by successful people throughout history.

Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich” talks about the importance of what you think and how it it creates your reality. He doesn’t call it the Law of Attraction, but it is the same thing. He says our greatest riches are given to us at birth in the form of the power to control our mind in order to manifest what we want.

W. Clement Stone’s “The Success System that Never Fails” is available in 12 parts. Jack Canfield credits Stone with teaching him the Law of Attraction and starting him on the path to success. Stone lived to be 100. He passed away in 2002. When he talks about selling papers a age 6, he is talking about 1908 in Chicago. He started out in poverty. His father gambled away the family money before he died when little Clement was only 3 years old. Stone became a very successful man.

Here are Parts 1, 2 and 3 so you can follow on from there.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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David Wilcock on 2012

This is a presentation given by David Wilcock on September 19, 2009.

The title of this presentation is 2012: Return to Camelot.

Wilcock talks about upcoming changes to DNA related to the changes coming in 2012, weaving together ancient prophecies and quantum physics.

It’s over two hours but you will might it fascinating.

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2012 and Beyond — Many Things to Ponder – Drunvalo

Quite often I post a multimedia file for your enjoyment. This one is of Drunvalo Melchizedek. He is discussing the Energy Shifts on the planet, 2012, the true nature of reality and how the paradigm is changing. Interestingly enough, this 2008 interview discusses “prophecy” that foretells the failure of the banking system and more….

He speaks in English and there are Spanish subtitles.

Enjoy and ponder!

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Beyond My Dreams – My Journey to the Crystal Palace

Back in 1984, I took a “Meditation” class. It was supposed to put us in touch with our Guidance. I had already been doing sitting meditation, having learned it at a Buddhist University near my house. I enjoyed the peace that came with it and I still practice it today.

This “new” meditation I was learning involved the instructor leading us on a guided meditation. She put on some calming music and had us close our eyes and relax as she gave us suggestions that took us on a “journey” to meet our Guides.

The journey was supposed to take us to our own special, private garden. I did make it to my garden by traveling in a beautiful boat that sailed down a calm river.

It was a lovely peaceful garden, but I was transported almost immediately away from the garden, through the air to a Crystal Palace. Continue reading

Get Out of Your Own Way

Get Out of Your Own Way.” The first time someone said this to me more than 30 years ago, I didn’t understand what he was saying. I was fully embedded in thinking myself into solutions, thinking myself out of problems. I could not see how I was standing in my own way.

I thought all of the thinking hard to figure things out, the working hard, the struggling to get what I wanted were not only how I obtained goals, but how I proved that I was worthy of obtaining them. If I needed to prove I was worthy, then clearly I did not believe I was worthy. I was trying to make things happen because I subconsciously believed I had to push to overcome my unworthiness.

In addition, all of the hard work and struggle were based on a deep seated belief in limitation. If you have to struggle so hard, it’s because things don’t come easily, right?

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