The Moment of Power is Now

Most of us regularly state the equivalent of “I need to do-change-make-write-fix something one of these days.” Like Pa Kettle from the old movies, who kept saying, “I’m gonna get to that someday,” we push our chores or opportunities further into the future.

There is no power in the future. Your power exists only in the NOW.

As we allow ourselves to be aware of something that needs to be taken care of or a cherished goal or a promise made and then push off the doing of it to a future day, we are postponing our power. Every time you allow your attention to rest on something that needs to be done, you are leaving a bit of your energy there. Most of us have many little things that each grab a little bit of our attention, leaving less for us to focus on what is in front of us now. Those little postponed things keep us from being fully present in the now because they occupy a portion of our attention, in the form of a background uneasiness.

If you are unable to be fully present, you are unable to bring all of your power to here and now.

As I walk through my house, I end up noticing and making mental notations — “I need to dust the furniture, I need to vacuum the carpet, I need to buy some fruit, I need to burn a CD and send it to a friend, etc.,” I am leaving little bits of me in the form of my attention behind on each of those tasks. But, if I decide to take the time and do those things (or hire someone to do them), then I free that attention up again for what is directly in front of me.

Starting your bigger projects will provide momentum.

After you have taken care of the little things that are distracting, it is time to address the bigger things. That book you said you would write, the courses you said you would take. Once you get it started, you have given it a life. It can build momentum.

Any big promises or commitments, all deserve your honesty.

Are you REALLY going to write that book or do you just say it because it sounds good? Are you REALLY going to take those courses or does not having taken them provide you with an excuse for not accomplishing something?

All of us (myself included) need to regularly check up on ourselves and see if we are really intending to do what we say. Doing what we commit to helps us make progress. It builds momemtum. It helps us see how powerful we are. It gives us a sense of satisfaction and hopefully it contributes to the greater good.

Stop making promises you know you won’t keep.

Promising to do things we don’t really intend to do ties up a portion of our energy to juggle a promise that has no value. If you make idle promises to others, they soon learn that your word is not good. They may see you as undependable. They may stop trusting you. If you make idle promises to yourself, you learn not to believe them as well. Your sense of self worth suffers if you cannot trust yourself. If your self worth diminishes, then your ability to focus your attention and power on something important to you will be hampered.

These are the steps I recommend to keep your power strong and focused:

Once a week or twice a month, set aside a day or a few hours to take care of those little nagging things — clean the car, fix the stair, organize the closet, etc.

Act on your promises, goals and commitments. Start that book, take that class, take your kid to the beach, do what it takes to get some momentum behind your stated goals.

Avoid promising to do things you have no intention of doing. Don’t leave someone else hanging because you made a promise they are depending on. Don’t be afraid to say no. If it is something you really cannot or do not want to do, then say so. The value of your word will be increased. You won’t have to spend time and energy making excuses or avoiding people.

Practice focusing your attention on here and now. Without the other distractions, you will have more energy available for whatever you decide to do. You will have more energy for your bigger goals.

You will have more power NOW.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young