None of the Above – or What the Heck am I Creating Here?

I’m sure our readers are wondering what happened to our articles. Did we fall into a black hole? Did we get bored and just give up? The answer is “C — None of the above.”

Shirlyn has been occupied with a family emergency and she is in the midst of creating her own web presence, which we will announce when it is up and running.

And I had a cold (I don’t think it was flu…) that sapped my energy. It set me back because I had let a lot of chores go — only the absolutely necessary ones, like feed the cats, clean their litter boxes, fix myself something to eat — got done.

Now I’m catching up on a lot of chores — from mopping floors and dusting, to writing, to eMail and snail-mail — they are all way backed-up. I’ve been doing the chores that MUST be done now and hope to be caught up soon. I’ll get back to writing regularly soon.

I haven’t had a cold for over three years, and this one was a doozy!! I feel like I produced at least half my body-weight in mucous during the past two weeks. A regular snot factory. Disgusting, I know. And it adds perspective in its own way. Lessons in judgment.

I believe that everything that exists is really energy. Things only “appear” to be fixed, independent and “real.” There is no hardened, solid, objective reality. Only the collective subjective reality that many people agree to. And of course, there are always those whose interpretation of reality is quite different — just listen to a political debate once in awhile for proof of that.

Anyway, it becomes tempting and alluring to think of the spiritual energy that animates all things as some bliss-filled mystical energy that can raise us up from the mundane, boring, distasteful aspects of life. The fact is that even those mundane, unpleasant and snot-filled experiences are part of the whole that is Source. It is so easy to judge the blissful as good and the uncomfortable as bad. But it all comes from Source and it all serves a purpose of letting us know how much resistance we have going on.

I’m getting to look at my own resistance first hand and today I got another reminder — I fell early this morning and got a gash in my head that required 9 stitches and a couple of other nasty wounds — one on my arm and I’ve sprained my neck, which makes it difficult to sit in the position the look at the computer screen for a long time. (Luckily, KiwiDolphin is offering another excellent article for you tomorrow.)

I plan to meditate on what I am creating here and what’s behind it!

Wishing you all that reminds you of your divinity.

Copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young