Affirmations – 7 Steps to Make Them Work – Part 2

In part 1, I gave you some sample affirmations and started explaining the seven steps that successful people use related to affirmations and changing their lives. I also covered the first three steps:

  • Make Peace with Where You Are
  • Practice Forgiveness
  • Repetition Helps You Start to Internalize It

Here are the remaining steps to help you successfully use affirmations to improve your life.

Move Your Attention From “What Is” to “What Can Be”
When you first start saying affirmations, it can feel like they are untrue. After all, you are affirming (saying) something that does not appear to be true right now. Saying the affirmation “I have lots of money” when you know your bank account only contains five dollars can feel like a lie.

Try to remember that the current condition of “I only have five dollars” will be perpetuated if you keep thinking that, even though it appears to be true at this point in time. Paying attention to and thinking about “what is” will only cause it to continue. Saying a positive affirmation, even if it does not currently seem to be true is an important step toward bridging from only having five dollars to having lots of money.

I’ll admit that I struggled with getting results from affirmations at one time. I remember when I was trying to lose weight many years go. I would stand in front of a mirror repeating “I am slim and beautiful,” “I am slim and beautiful,” “I am slim and beautiful,” over and over until I finally blurted out “I look like a whale.” (No offense to whales.) The reason I ended up making an emphatic statement that was contrary to my affirmation was that I didn’t really believe it. The mirror showed me the extra pounds, not slim and beautiful. And I did not really see how the affirmations could counter what I was seeing in the mirror.

The fact is that the affirmation itself is nothing more than words. It is the feeling behind the affirmations that is important. You can’t go from overweight and feeling fat and ugly to becoming slim and beautiful with affirmations — unless you can put some feeling behind it. And to put some feeling behind it, you need to feel that it can work. When I began to FEEL slimmer and healthier, it began to manifest in the mirror, even though I wasn’t on a diet any more.

Acknowledge What a Powerful Creator You Are
You have already created your life up to now. Just remember this: Your NEGATIVE affirmations got you into the situations you don’t like. Owning your power and taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and beliefs can lead to massive progress!

Keep in mind that your attention on being overweight or unhealthy has created more of it. Every time you’ve had a thought like “I’m too fat,” or “I hope I don’t get the flu,” you are doing negative affirmations. Every time you say “I don’t have enough money,” you are affirming that you don’t have enough money and perpetuating the situation. If you think about it, you can own that you already created this unwanted reality through your negative thoughts and feelings. So give yourself credit for being so powerful that you created all of this and know that you still possess the same power to create a reality you desire.

Visualization – Make it Feel Real
If you want more money, visualize yourself having it. See yourself with the clothes and lifestyle of a person with the amount of money you want. Use your imagination to hear and touch and smell the new car, or the cruise vacation, or the days at the beach. Try “thank you for my abundance” as an affirmation while you are visualizing it as if it already happened.

If you want to lose weight, visualize yourself slim and at the weight you want to be. See and feel and smell what it’s like to wear the clothes you want to fit into and do the activities you want to do. Imagine yourself running or being active and enjoying life.

Don’t visualize the “how” of anything you want. Only visualize the results. Leave the “how” to Source. Take action when you are inspired to, but don’t get bogged down in trying to visualize or figure out how you can get to the goals. That will only create resistance and slow you down. Make your visualizations as real as possible. Visualize your desired circumstances as if they are already true and they soon will be. Especially when you make your visualizations feel more real.

Consult With Supportive People
Only share your affirmations, goals and practices with people who can be supportive to you. Don’t go to people who will try to shoot you down, discourage you or tell you to “get real.” If other people choose to perpetuate their negative situations by concentrating on what they don’t like, allow them to do so for themselves. But do not allow, them to influence your pursuit of a better life. If they believe it is unrealistic, then it is — for them.

Here are the steps to successful affirmations in a nutshell:

  1. Make Peace with Where You Are
  2. Practice Forgiveness
  3. Repetition Helps You Start to Internalize It
  4. Move Your Attention From “What Is” to “What Can Be”
  5. Acknowledge What a Powerful Creator You Are
  6. Visualization – Make it Feel Real
  7. Consult With Supportive People

Copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young