The Secret Wand of Isis & Earth Energy

By guest writer Kiwidolphin

The Secret Wand of Isis is solid sterling silver and can be used as a pendulum or worn as a necklace.

That is the simplest description of this item and matches its discreet appearance. However, there’s more to this than meets the eye, as I found out when I began wearing it.

The makers, Circle of Raphael of Britain, claim it to be “The Most Accurate Divination & Life-Enhancing Magical Pendulum in History.” This article will address the life-shifting results I’ve noticed while wearing my Isis Wand daily (I even wear it to bed). I’ll write about its accuracy as a pendulum in a later article.

I’ve had my Isis Wand for about six weeks. As a piece of jewelry, I enjoy wearing it. It’s small, relatively lightweight and looks attractive with any outfit. It has an unassuming, delicate appearance that almost blends in with its surroundings.

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None of the Above – or What the Heck am I Creating Here?

I’m sure our readers are wondering what happened to our articles. Did we fall into a black hole? Did we get bored and just give up? The answer is “C — None of the above.”

Shirlyn has been occupied with a family emergency and she is in the midst of creating her own web presence, which we will announce when it is up and running.

And I had a cold (I don’t think it was flu…) that sapped my energy. It set me back because I had let a lot of chores go — only the absolutely necessary ones, like feed the cats, clean their litter boxes, fix myself something to eat — got done.

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Quantum Physics & Consciousness

Quantum Physics tells us that everything in the universe only exists as possibilities or probabilities. They often call it “waves of possibility.”

Everything exists as a possibility, but only APPEARS to exist as a reality when the observer, through conscious choice, chooses a possibility — collapsing the wave into a single possibility.

I have always wondered why we keep choosing the same reality — continuing the same narrative — especially when it is a reality we want to change. I am still working on that one — how do we switch from an illusion that does not please us to an illusion that does? It seems like memory is a critical part of it.

Amit Goswami, Ph.D has written several books, including “The Self-Aware Universe.” He explains this stuff very well, so I am including some videos by him and Joe Dispenza to explain it. Joe Dispenza describes it from a slightly different point of view, and the addition of his brain-scientist point of view makes it more understandable.

Text Copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young

Amit Goswami Part 1 of 3

Amit Goswami Part 2 of 3

Amit Goswami Part 3 of 3

Joe Dispenza Part 1 of 3

Joe Dispenza Part 2 of 3

Joe Dispenza Part 3 of 3

The Moment of Power is Now

Most of us regularly state the equivalent of “I need to do-change-make-write-fix something one of these days.” Like Pa Kettle from the old movies, who kept saying, “I’m gonna get to that someday,” we push our chores or opportunities further into the future.

There is no power in the future. Your power exists only in the NOW.

As we allow ourselves to be aware of something that needs to be taken care of or a cherished goal or a promise made and then push off the doing of it to a future day, we are postponing our power. Every time you allow your attention to rest on something that needs to be done, you are leaving a bit of your energy there. Most of us have many little things that each grab a little bit of our attention, leaving less for us to focus on what is in front of us now. Those little postponed things keep us from being fully present in the now because they occupy a portion of our attention, in the form of a background uneasiness.

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Imagination — Your Most Powerful Tool

Today is Pi day. It is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Albert!

I have a poster with a portrait of Albert Einstein on it. Underneath the image, it says “Imagination is more important than Knowledge.” What a mighty statement! When I first got it (around 1980)I loved the statement but thought of it as a sort of “artistic” statement. Imagination, the creative, artistic act outweighed knowledge, the scientific element.

Now, because I understand that my thoughts create my reality, I know that imagination is far more important than knowledge. Imagination represents what is possible. Knowledge represents what we have observed or been told is true. Imagination is infinite. Knowledge is finite. Imagination is not limited by what we believe is possible. Imagination is a tool by which we can expand and grow our reality beyond “what is” now. Knowledge defines the boundaries of limitation.

I remember when I asked my guidance about a situation that had occurred (around 1985). I asked, “Was that real or was it just my imagination?” Spirit replied, “Why do you think there is a difference?” That was an “aha” moment for me. It was only my limited, unimaginative thinking that thought there was a difference.

I’ve heard that Einstein was an inductive reasoner. I am an inductive reasoner, so that idea interested me. Books will tell you that an inductive reasoner tends to go from the specific to the broad whereas deductive reasoners go from the broad to the specific. Inductive reasoning is more open and intuitive, seeing relationships among things observed. Deductive reasoning is more plodding and methodical, testing each step along the way, as in the scientific method.

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Mindfulness Meditation with Jon Kabat-Zinn

Jon Kabat-Zinn has a PhD. in Molecular Biology and teaches mindfulness meditation as a technique to help people cope with stress, anxiety, pain and illness. His methods were featured in the Bill Moyers PBS special called “Healing and the Mind.”

Kabat-Zinn deeply understands and explains very well why we benefit from meditation in terms of health, productivity, insight and general well being. I admire him, partly because he agrees with my statements that all the obsessive multi-taskers out there are suffering from ADHD. He understands the value of timelessness, stillness, pure awareness.

In this long video (over an hour) you can watch him show you how to discover your own awareness and find out who you actually are. He has a wonderful, balanced energy.

I recommend watching it many times. In parts, or all at once.

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Affirmations – 7 Steps to Make Them Work – Part 2

In part 1, I gave you some sample affirmations and started explaining the seven steps that successful people use related to affirmations and changing their lives. I also covered the first three steps:

  • Make Peace with Where You Are
  • Practice Forgiveness
  • Repetition Helps You Start to Internalize It

Here are the remaining steps to help you successfully use affirmations to improve your life.

Move Your Attention From “What Is” to “What Can Be”
When you first start saying affirmations, it can feel like they are untrue. After all, you are affirming (saying) something that does not appear to be true right now. Saying the affirmation “I have lots of money” when you know your bank account only contains five dollars can feel like a lie.

Try to remember that the current condition of “I only have five dollars” will be perpetuated if you keep thinking that, even though it appears to be true at this point in time. Paying attention to and thinking about “what is” will only cause it to continue. Saying a positive affirmation, even if it does not currently seem to be true is an important step toward bridging from only having five dollars to having lots of money.

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