What Would Hera, Venus and Bast Say? Part 2

I had several friends who wanted to “play in the cosmos” and see what these wonderful Goddesses might have to say about some aspects of their lives. So here are some revelations!

Janice: Is there realty a Fountain of Youth?
Goddesses: Yes, it is your inner passion manifest for the world to see! You must be passionate about your life. What gives you inspiration, joy and happiness? What drives you and brings vitality into your life? Who supports your full expression of you? Accessing the Fountain of Youth is a matter of you getting to know your Self and learning how to live a passionately led life.

You don’t do this by compromising yourself and your ideals. You don’t do this by watching television (watching other people’s interpretation of life) a great deal of time. You don’t do this by judging or finding fault in others. Find out whom you are. See your grandness! Express your interpretation of love to the world and your inner light will course through every cell of your body. This light is your Fountain of Youth. You will always be young if you stay passionate about yourself and life!

Sara: What came first: feminine energy or masculine energy?
Goddesses: There is always this debate about what happens first: the sense or emotion of creating (feminine energy) or the thought of creating (masculine energy). Feminine energy has been defined as a passive or receptive energy while masculine energy is said to be active and creative. We don’t completely agree with these conclusions.

Let’s take a closer look at feminine energy. Feminine energy is sensual, meaning of the senses. Before anything is to be created you must have the inspiration, the instantaneous spark or feeling of how your creation will affect you and your world. Will you feel happy, complete, or free? How you feel puts into motion what is to be created. And here is why the debate goes on: is inspiration a thought or an emotion?

We can define emotion as “Energy in Motion’. Any kind of energy is an active phenomenon. It can be spontaneous like an explosion of energy or slow acting and passive like a simmering pot. Therefore, feminine energy ranges between active and actively passive in the sense that passive energy simmers beneath the surface readying itself to be inspired to spring into further action. We believe feminine energy is passive, active, creative, passive, boundless and contained. To understand feminine energy, study the characteristics of the three phases of the goddesses.

Sara: By your answer can we say that Spirit is feminine energy?
Goddesses: Spirit is everything therefore both feminine and masculine energies.

Lisa: Can you tell us about masculine energy?
Goddesses: It’s a wonderful loving energy that is neither greater nor inferior to feminine energy. Masculine energy is more like a grounding energy and keeps the creative process focused. It is like the lightening rod that draws the lightening in and focuses it in the most positive creative direction. It, too, is an active and passive energy boundless and contained. Both energies complement each other: feminine energy is creative motion and masculine energy is focused creation.

Jennifer: Why were we created?
Goddesses: You were created to go into action and experience what Spirit could become. You see, Spirit had a sense of Its potential…that It could learn, become greater and more expansive than it could have ever imagined or thought. Through your experiences, Spirit becomes the unimaginable but attainable.

Wanda: Why and how did the goddesses become second to the gods as opposed to remaining their equals?
Goddesses: Our stories are just the reflection of your human experiences. Here in the higher realms all are equal and work together for the greater good of the universe. In the physical, you have forgotten this truth.

In the beginning there were no gods. Why? Because on Earth women were and still are the creators of life. Unfortunately, this ability and knowledge was used to control men. Once men began to see their worth, they took control of your social systems and created their gods. In the beginning, Zeus was merely a sacrifice to the goddesses; now he has been given supreme god status! Look at the later stories of Hera! She is depicted as a jealous woman chasing Zeus and his conquests all over the hemisphere…how funny! Currently, haven’t men maintained their supreme status over women in most of the civilizations of Earth? Aren’t women still giving up their equal and divine status? Are not women and men misdirected in creating equality?

So, women and men have misused their power in the past and present. Now it is time to bring balance harmony back to the planet. You each have spiritual feminine and masculine energies that you are not incorporating into your daily lives. You only believe in the physical aspects of these energies.

In our previous discussion, our goal was to inspire women to embrace their greatness. Our message for men is expand their perception of who they are as well. You are all expressions of Spirit, the Creator, the Prime Mover, the Beginning and the End. Recognize this in each other and become whole and powerful again!

Copyright © 2010 by Shirlyn Wright