Thoughts Becoming Manifestations – Multimedia

The video here refers to 2012 and coming changes. I personally am NOT attached to the ideas of 2012 being a point of no return, so I DO NOT see an end to the world and I don’t necessarily think of people being “left behind.” I don’t see it as an US against THEM situation. Though I know and respect people who subscribe to the theories about the Illuminati plots, I am NOT one of them.

For me it does not make any sense. It seems that that these plot theories basically say we can create our own reality through Law of Attraction EXCEPT the things the Illuminati control, for they have ultimate power over some things. In my world there are no exceptions to the Law of Attraction. Not even a supposedly very powerful group can override my power to create my own reality. If there is an Illuminati, then it must be the result of the Law of Attraction creating it from the hundreds of thousands who believe in them and their plots.

However, I like how some of the information is presented. I am especially interested in the practice of unconditional love, practicing kindness and knowing that our thoughts become manifestations. These pieces are well presented. Hope you enjoy it.

Text Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young