Flow of Light Chakra – Constant Flow of Energy

The Flow of Light Chakra is the second of four chakras in the Heart Region of body; it is located in the right breast. This chakra allows us to realize our permanence in the universe. We are and will always be a constant flow of light, love, and life force radiating out energizing the universe. Part of our spiritual journey is to know and be (go into action) as this constant flow of energy radiating out to support the universe. The spiritual symbol for this chakra is a crystal sphere and its color vibration is emerald green.

“Jacqueline” is a real estate broker, has three grown children and is currently married to her second husband. She describes most of her life as being difficult. She grew up relatively poor after her mom divorced her dad when she was six years old. Her mom moved Jacqueline and her siblings from Cleveland to a small town about 150 miles away so the family could have a “fresh start.”

Jacqueline’s mom was young, pretty and had no relatives or friends living in this small town. The people in the community treated her and her children like unwanted outsiders. Jacqueline remembers being called derogatory names, witnessing her mom’s years of mistreatment by the men and women in the community, watching her brothers fight almost everyday after school, and feeling scared for her and her family’s well-being when her mom didn’t have enough money to pay the mortgage.

At 16, Jacqueline dropped out of high school and ran away from home to be with her father. She was not totally estranged from him; she would visit her father most summers. Before her parents’ divorce and during her brief visits with her dad, Jacqueline remembers times filled with pretty dresses, concerts, ballet classes and many things young girls could experience in a relatively big city. She remembers little of the physical abuse her mother experienced with her dad and her mother never spoke of it to her children.

Jacqueline’s father would not accept her into his home and told her that she was a failure and didn’t want anything to do with her if she wasn’t going to get her act together. Feeling rejected and unloved, Jacqueline drifted through life for the next ten years, getting jobs at or below minimum wage, using drugs, and marrying an abusive man at eighteen with whom she had her three children. Although Jacqueline’s life was difficult, she knew that life could be better and that she was really a good person who deserved to be treated better.

When I met Jacqueline she was engaged to her second husband, had a moderately successful real estate business, and had re-established her relationships with her mom and dad. However, she still saw herself as beneath others, frequently apologized for speaking her mind, and competed for attention with the closest people in her in her life as a way of standing out to be recognized. Soon after she married, Jacqueline began accusing her husband of infidelity when he glanced at other women or talked about his female work colleagues.

Although Jacqueline had made great strides in her life, she still didn’t and couldn’t see her beautiful inner light. She didn’t see her how great she is just for being Jacqueline; she was looking for outer acceptance and not achieving inner peace. Jacqueline’s health was mediocre; years of smoking started taking a toll on her respiratory system and she had been experiencing panic attacks for a number of years.

Jacqueline’s guides and I cleared a number of limiting patterns of intolerance, guilt, abuse, shame, addictions, abandonment, and hate of self. We also cleared a number of blocks to reverence, prosperity, love of life, love of men and love of self. Her guides told her she smoked in order to reconnect with Spirit; she was tapping into past lives as Native American shamans and healers and when she used smoke as a way to communicate with Spirit. We cleared these past lives, guided her to see herself as Spirit and to begin a meditation practice.

Tuning into the Flow of Light Chakra, I found very little energy emanating from this area and the color vibration ranged between grey and black. As I worked on Jacqueline, she had a challenging time receiving and accepting healing. She would try to get off the massage table, come up with excuses for not staying for an entire session, and try to give me advice as oppose to listening to her guides.

During one of her sessions I had to look Jacqueline in the eyes and say, “You deserve to be loved, cared for and supported. Allow me and your guides to support you now.” Jacqueline blinked, said, “OK”, took a deep breath and relaxed. Her chakra energy began to shift from the grey/black energy to a pale green. Her breathing became deeper and more peaceful. She was guided to say the above-mentioned deserving statement while looking in a mirror everyday for a minimum of 15 minutes. Jacqueline was also guided to see herself as a ball white light emanating to outer reaches of the universe. Her guides said, “She is as important to the universe as the universe is to her.”

After a month of sessions, Jacqueline’s panic attacks subsided. Instead of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, she down to two cigarettes a day and is currently listening to “No Smoking” CDs to finally kick the habit. Jacqueline is still struggling with her trust challenges with her husband, however she’s learning to love herself more and says she knows that she is loved by the universe and is allowing this to express itself more in her life.

Copyright © 2010 by Shirlyn Wright