Affirmations – 7 Steps to Make Them Work – Part 1

I’ve known lots of people who tried affirmations to no avail.
For those new to this, an affirmation is a positive, present-tense statement about something you want to create in your life. Here are a few examples:

Money comes easily to me.
I am healthy, whole and complete.
I am loving and lovable.
I am thankful for my new job.
My romantic partner is loving and kind.
I am the perfect weight for my height.
My life flows easily.
People are friendly and helpful.
My life is full of joy.
My income is constantly increasing.
People appreciate my contributions.
I am successful.
I love myself the way I am.

I personally like affirmations that are short and to the point, like those above. It feels to me like they are more powerful because they are direct and uncluttered with a lot of clauses and conditions. However, I know people who prefer lengthy ones. It’s really only a matter of personal preference. Whatever works for you.

As I have talked to people for whom affirmations are successful, I’ve seen an evolution of experience that is common to all of them. These are the steps that have been successful for me and others.

Make Peace with Where You Are
Accept your current situation. Stop with the “ain’t it awful” stories. Make “peace” with it. The absence of being at peace with where you are is called Resistance. Remember the old adage “What You Resist Persists?” The reason is that when you are resisting something, you are putting a lot of attention on it. Where ever you focus your attention, even when you are fighting or pushing against something, you are causing that something to grow, increase or persist stubbornly. What ever you focus on expands. When you stop resisting something, it becomes easier to ignore it or withdraw your attention from it.

A HUGE part of making peace with where you are is loving yourself unconditionally. Don’t play the blame game with yourself for getting into this fix that you don’t like. Love yourself exactly where and how you are. You are a part of the source that creates worlds. You are directly connected to source. You are perfect exactly as you are. Own your divinity and love yourself.

Practice Forgiveness
Part of loving yourself is forgiving yourself for anything you deem to be “wrong” or a “mistake.” Let go of any labels you may have applied to yourself, such as “loser,” “failure,” “sinner,” “bad,” etc. See you life as having been an experiment where you were learning to find your way to your optimum self expression.

Repetition Helps You Start to Internalize It
At first, people start by “doing” affirmations, repeating them over and over. Like doing reps in a gym. You may have to say your affirmation(s) hundreds or thousands of times before you finally start to believe it. The biggest problem is that people give up too soon. Like when you plant a few seeds in your garden and give up on it before they are ready to sprout up. In the garden, you need to be patient and give the seeds water and fertilizer.

Saying your affirmation(s) over and over (in the shower, when you’re driving to work, etc.) is like the water that gets the seeds of your affirmations growing a little. And saying them with feeling is the fertilizer that makes them grow bigger and faster.

The remaining steps are continued in Part 2.

Copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young