Your Most Important Decision

Albert Einstein famously said that the most important decision someone will ever make is whether (s)he lives in a friendly universe or a hostile universe. Every time I revisit that notion, I find a deeper meaning to it.

That fundamental decision colors your entire world. Your life experience will be drastically different if you choose one over the other. Your beliefs (chronic thoughts) shape your reality. Partially from the angle of the prism you look through, and totally because of the harmonic resonance of those beliefs.

A good example of harmonic resonance is with pianos. Put two properly tuned pianos in a room, and hit the middle ‘c’ key on one of them. Check the other piano and you will see the string for middle ‘c’ is also vibrating on it. You can vibrate both middle ‘c’ strings by striking only one. That’s because it has the same resonance as the corresponding string on the other piano.

Your beliefs are thoughts in vibration. They have a harmonic resonance. That harmonic resonance attracts other things, situations, opportunities and circumstances of the same resonant vibration. So…which do you live in?

A friendly universe is full of nice people, good opportunities, luck, prosperity, etc. In a friendly universe, good health is natural, getting sick is uncommon, life’s challenges are growth opportunities and can be fun, great ideas are plentiful, people are helpful, honest, kind and getting money is easy.

A hostile universe is full of obstacles at every turn. Money is hard to get, people are competing with you for very limited resources, it’s hard to find happiness and life’s challenges are there to force you to struggle for everything. It seems like there’s never enough. The hostile universe is hard to navigate. Safety is difficult. Disease and germs are everywhere. The world is full of bad news.

Someone who decides on a friendly universe has a harmonic resonance to the positive items listed above. They expect to enjoy life. And that resonant vibration attracts situations that are identical in resonance. Someone who decides the universe is hostile will attract situations that resonate with (and therefore support) that belief.

Notice that I am referring to it as a DECISION (as Einstein did), not as an OBSERVATION. For no matter what you are observing in the world, you can make a decision that is different. You can CHOOSE to live in a different world than what you have observed in the past. It may take a while (up to 30 days) of continually holding that new vision in spite of what you’ve observed, but soon what you observe will change to mirror the decision you have taken.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young