What Would Hera, Venus and Bast Say? – Part 1

Be like the gods and laugh at yourselves!

I remember reading this or something like it years ago and not quite understanding the full meaning of the quote. I kind of got that it meant not to take life so seriously, but a 20 year old always takes her/himself seriously. Twenty year olds are at a juncture in their journey where everything is done in serious earnest. Now that I am older I take every opportunity to laugh at myself: my need to be right; the need to be perfect; any perceived indignation; and my judgment of others.

However what else do I need to learn? My friend Eve and I were having lunch musing over what the Goddess from all the ancient cultures would have to say about some of the things we worry ourselves with during the course of a day and what is really important about life. Here’s a part of our dream conversation with the Ancients.

Shirlyn: “Will I ever find the love of my life?”
Goddesses: “A more fitting question is will your love ever be able to catch up with you! Go live a full life and love will always find you!”

Shirlyn: “How will I attract the right man for me?”
Goddesses: “What makes you special? Find this and you have the lock. Many men will think they have the ability to open the lock but only a few will possess the key. These few will prove to you why they are each your perfect match. In the end, you will select who is perfect for your growth and happiness. All will be in perfect order.”

Eve: “Will my boss give me a hard time today?”
Goddesses “You are your own consul and leader. Bring your divineness forward and decide how you live! So tell yourself to take a break today and go find something to spark your imagination!”

Shirlyn: “I’m too fat!’
Goddesses: “Your size is an illusion. You are perfect as you are right now. Now go find something decadent to eat and enjoy!”

Eve: “I’m not good enough!”
Goddesses: “You were perfectly created. Go seek the perfect expression of yourself now and let go of your negativity!”

Shirlyn: “I can’t seem to find real love!”
Goddesses: “Look in the mirror. Keep looking until your physical self dissolves and you recognize your beauty. Seeing yourself in a balanced way and accepting your expression is real love.”

Eve: “The world is a horrible place!”
Goddesses: “You created it…so transform it and build something better.”

Shirlyn: “I don’t like the winter months…it’s too cold!”
Goddesses: “Stop complaining. Besides, you’ll have 100 degree weather soon and you’ll be kvetching about that too! Embrace all the wonderful expressions of the Earth!”

Eve: “I want to marry a wealthy wonderful man and live a life filled with Prada, Hermes and exotic travels!”
Goddesses: “We don’t understand. Do you not know you are wealthy? Where does your wealth originate? It originated In your very feminine essence. Don’t believe what is written about the gods…we, the goddesses gave them their wealth. Again, we ask you to find your unique talents and gifts. Trust who you are and live grandly.”

Shirlyn: “How do we embrace and inhabit my femininity?”
Goddesses: “You’re the emotional and feminine expression of the Universe. You are beauty, joy, happiness, inspiration, joy, love, peace, gentleness and compassion. You are the heart of Spirit. This means you naturally use love to create life. You have birthed civilizations! What a wonderful gift you have! How much more do you need to know to understand that you are a goddess and one of us?”

Eve: “Why do women find it hard to trust each other?”
Goddesses: “Women have been put into competition with each other. How silly! This is not our natural way of being. We are nurturers and bring balance to any environment we inhabit. You have bought into a very masculine social order. You also believe what this social order has told you about the shortage of men and women being your enemies. Contrary to your popular “pop novels” about us, goddesses were never in competition with each other. Understand femininity and you understand your power. Trust yourself and you will learn to trust others.”

Shirlyn: “Is there anything else we need to know to live a more powerful life?”
Goddesses: “Femininity allows your intuition to blossom. Connect and develop your intuition. Do not allow others to make you doubt yourself. Stay on the path of truth and you will stay balanced. Embrace what we have said above. Finally, laugh even more at yourself…this will keep you centered.”

Copyright © 2010 by Shirlyn Wright

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  1. Kiwidolphin: “I really want the writer to know how delightful this was. How can I find suitable words to express how much pleasure I received from this article?”
    Goddesses: “No need to strain for a special way to say it. Smile and the whole world smiles with you!”
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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