What Is A New Year’s Day Celebration?

A New Year’s Day Celebration is a time of reflection, happiness, excitement, and acceptance of what you have accomplished in the year that is ending and anticipation of wonderful opportunities, experiences and relationships you want to attract into your life in the new year.

I always celebrate New Year’s on my birthday. A long time ago I decided to gauge my progress through my age because that’s what my parents did while I was growing up. I think they did it because of the adage “as we get older we get wiser and better.” I know for certain that most of us do this to a certain extent and there are both positive and negative benefits of this practice. The positive benefit is we stay focused on the wonderful things we want to accomplish. The negative benefit is we may get caught up in the attaining the goal and forget to acknowledge the little things we get to experience along the way.

I remember many years of my mom crying on her birthday/New Year mostly because she felt as if she were running in place – not progressing and living her dreams. I lived in a neighborhood where there were drug houses within blocks of our apartment building, gang activity, theft, and prostitution. I often thought my childhood colorful and a huge learning experience. I remember having conversations at 5:30 in the morning with a couple of prostitutes while waiting for the Madison Street bus to take me to Western Street so I could take that bus to high school. These women were always sad, hard and tired, but they were always nice to me and encouraged me to stay in school. However interesting my neighborhood experiences were, they paled in comparison to my mom’s biggest dream: to have her and my dad owning a house in a safer neighborhood.

I remember the year my mom stopped crying on her birthday. I was eighteen and it was right before the spring semester ended. A few months earlier she received an inheritance that would eventually allow her and my dad to buy the home of their dreams. When I called to wish her Happy Birthday, she and my dad had just started house hunting and she was on top of the world. Each birthday/New Year since, she always had more wonderful accomplishments she wanted to achieve for the following year. I believe she has been able to reach her goals quicker than before because she surrounds herself with excitement – not the energies of despair, bitterness and defeat that engulfed her when she was younger.

Each birthday/New Year, I take assessment of what has occurred over the year – great experiences, wonderful accomplishments, lessons learned, yet to be learned or unlearned, ah-ha flashes, and arrgh moments. I find every year (and some years show more progression than others) I am a bit wiser, happier, healthier, and more patient and compassionate with myself and others.

I don’t necessarily make resolutions. Instead I visualize exactly where I want to be, how I want to feel, and who I would like to attract into my life. Then I ask myself why I want to have or attract these goals or experiences. Two important things happen when you ask yourself the “why” question: you get more clarity around your goals, wants and objectives and you create energies of deservedness, worthiness, happiness and excitement. I find when I get the why question answered, my visualization is sharper, more detailed and I feel my heart (desire, worthiness and excitement) energy rises. When you can put a lot of positive feelings behind your goals, you will achieve them or something greater much more effectively and easily.

My birthday is in July so I use January 1st as my “check-in” date. I see how well I’m doing, make necessary adjustments, add some items to my list, and check off the things I accomplished (Yes and in record time!) My visualization shifts as I make these adjustments. I make sure that my heart energy is still on point and I have ton of excitement backing up my visualization. Although each day I reflect on my experiences and am grateful for them, on January 1st I acknowledge the little surprises I didn’t expect on my journey.

So, Happy New Year! May you have accomplished most of the items you put on your list last year and here’s to you making your goals, experiences and relationships in the following year. And don’t hold back! Make them grand, wonderful, out of this world, and seemingly impossible! Why? Because everything is possible.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright