The Heart Chakra Region – Divine Love and Deep Connection

The Heart Chakra Region of the body allows us to channel, draw in and anchor love into our physical environment and experiences. In the Solar Plexus Region article I stated we are here to fully express our talents, gifts and our own uniqueness. Well, how do we move forward in developing these gifts and talents? How do we become comfortable with ourselves to be unique, creative and have our own viewpoints?

We do this first by having an awareness that we are the energy of love having been created by Spirit out of love, with love and for the full expression of love. Secondly, we have to develop a realization that we are all a different expression of the One and therefore deeply and intricately connected to each other. Thirdly, we must love and accept ourselves fully, completely and unconditionally.

The two strongest and opposing energies in the universe are fear and love. Fear holds us back, restricts our progress, makes us doubt ourselves, and disconnects us from our divine connection and purpose in life. Fear makes us scared to live, face our challenges and be open and vulnerable enough to love.

Love gives us divine inspiration to leap, fly and bound over obstacles and challenges we set up for ourselves before we came into the physical realm. It also allows us to be happy, full of joy and completely involved and fully present in every moment of our lives. Love is the heart and very essence of living spiritually in the physical realms. Living a love-inspired life is our divine right.

The Heart Region is considered the great balancer and harmonizer of the entire chakra system because it is right in the middle of the seven regions; when this region is balanced all of the others are automatically aligned. The four chakras contained in the Heart Chakra Region govern the heart, thymus, lungs, breasts, and immune and circulatory systems. When these chakras are out of balance blood and heart dis-eases may occur, as well as leukemia, thymus and immune system disorders.

The Heart Region governs all aspects of intimate relationships. In these kinds of relationships we learn how to freely give and receive love, be sensitive and compassionate in our communications, negotiate our needs and wants while honoring the needs and wants of other person in the relationship, and express a higher form of love that integrates the mental, emotional spiritual and physical aspects of our expression. Our intimate relationships are the most powerful and fulfilling expressions of love. Reading books on cultivating male and female sexual energy and love will help us to understand how to fully transform the physical action of love making into its spiritual expression, as well as reading any poems on the subject of love.

Here is part of a poem from Rumi called “Dying, Laughing”:

A lover was telling his Beloved
how much he loved her, how faithful
he had been, how self-sacrificing, getting up
at dawn every morning, fasting, giving up wealth and strength and fame
all for her.

There was a fire in him.
He didn’t know where it came from
but it made him melt like a candle.

“You’ve done well,” she said, “but listen to me.
All this is the décor of love, the branches
and leaves and blossoms. You must live
at the root to be a True Lover.”

“Where is that!
Tell me!”

“You’ve done the outward acts,
but you haven’t died. You must die.”

When he heard that, he lay back on the ground
laughing, and died. He opened like a rose
that drops to the ground and died laughing.

That laughter was his freedom,
and his gift to the Eternal.

Copyright © 2010 by Shirlyn Wright