My Beautiful Inner Source

By guest writer Kiwidolphin

On New Year’s Day, my husband and I agreed that the best use of my time during January would be to focus on our biggest, juiciest dreams for 2010.

We had started in November, by writing down our top five mutual dreams. We had already put quite a bit of love energy into it during the late stages of 2009, but now we decided to super-commit. My husband would continue bringing home the major paycheck while I went on sabbatical from my career for one month.

It’s now Day 25 and I could write a book about everything I’ve learned so far. As a workaholic and over-achiever, it has been mind-expanding to put aside my “Productivity with a capital P” mode and explore my most magical dreams (which, as I found out, were not even related to the creative career I’ve been devoted to for the past ten years).

I’ve discovered many fun and joyous ways to express myself in this new arena. By far one of the most rewarding has been connecting with my Beautiful Inner Source.

As part of cultivating joyful thoughts to empower our dreams and goals for 2010, I’ve been playing with the Abraham-Hicks card deck, Ask and It Is Given. “First, I Reach for Joy, and All Else Follows” is propped on my desk where I can see it every day. So is “Absolute Well-Being is the Basis of My Universe.” But the one I kept front and center was:

“I Am Becoming Consciously Aware of My Inner Being”

When I first pulled this card, I didn’t try to figure out what becoming consciously aware of my Inner Being might feel like. I decided to treat it as an adventure and see what came up. I was doing many other “live your dreams” type activities, so that made it easier not to force something to happen. (“A watched pot never boils.”)

Very soon, I found I wanted to name my Inner Being. I named it My Beautiful Inner Source. I began talking to my Inner Source, thanking it for all the wonderful help and wisdom already given and asking for more help with living our dreams.

Soon, I began noticing information with a related theme coming in from various directions. Information about how we’re not only part of God, but how much we have God within us. About how we’re here to learn to become conscious Co-Creators with God. And how we’re here to learn to do that in the physical.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have seen, heard or read very similar ideas. And so had I. But by allowing this card to be front and center on my desk—and by re-reading it often—my intent in choosing that card strengethened my focus. Which, in turn, drew more experiences to enable me to learn it more deeply.

With my thoughts and feelings, I began to synthesize the information I was gathering. Sometimes the chunk of information was small, such as a few sentences from a book review on Amazon (even if I didn’t buy the book). Sometimes it was larger, such as an online course I subscribed to about “wishcraft.”

As I gathered the info, I would always change direction—or drop it completely—if I felt myself having less fun. And I paid attention to synchronicity. The amount of synchronicity I was experiencing greatly increased (or perhaps I just noticed it more!), and this amplified my enjoyment. These signs along the way also acted as part of my guidance system.

Then, on Day 24, I had an epiphany. A stray bit of something I’d seen on the Internet came back to me as I went to bed. I remembered something about how people who acknowledge God within them experience a huge acceleration on their spiritual path. As I was snuggling under my blankets and relaxing for sleep, I said this out loud:

I acknowledge that I am part of God
and that I have my own “piece” of God,
my own Inner Source, to work with. I
acknowledge my powers of manifestation,
and my powers of Co-Creation with God. All
I need do is to clarify what I want, ask with
passion and sincerity, live in joy, and remain
open to receiving what I’ve asked for.

I went on to thank my Beautiful Inner Source for Co-Creating with me, and for guiding me to so many delightful ways to learn more about my gift. I continued to say things out loud to take ownership of it. And then I fell asleep.

When I woke up on Day 25, I felt happy and eager for the day. What unfolded was the most amazing day FULL TO BURSTING with joy! Everything that happened (even though, from the outside, my day might have seemed uneventful) was permeated with joy. For instance, I received an email from my husband that simply said:


I could feel his love coming through like a blast of bliss! His email made me laugh with wild abandon. With sheer exhiliration.

Now, I’ve been in joyful moods before. But not one that lasted the entire day. Not one that made my face hurt from smiling for 12 hours straight. Not one that made my visualizations so incredibly vivid I felt I was living them, with tears of joy sliding down my cheeks.

Even mundane things like going to the post office became a light-filled adventure. And it was infectious. After she processed my two outgoing packages, the post office clerk grinned and said, “See you next time for more goody packages!” I had been served by the same clerk on numerous occasions with nothing memorable being said. Somehow she knew I viewed my life as one big pile of goody packages just waiting for me to open.

Try this at home, folks. Try acknowledging that you ARE divine, right now, today . . . not sometime in the hazy future, after you’ve mastered meditation or taken more self-improvement seminars. I read somewhere that Jesus Christ—who, incidentally, came to teach us about our powers of manifestation—said, “Don’t you realize you are all Gods?”

The act of acknowledging out loud is powerful stuff. If you’ve been longing for some extra joy in your life, it really might be this simple.

Four Helpful Tips

1. Just reading this article may have you all fired up to try it. If so, go with your feelings. On the other hand, if it sounded good in theory but you think it might not work for you, then you might need your own process of connection first. In that case, the article “Signs Are There to Love Us” might be helpful in getting you started.

2. Before having my epiphany and then acknowledging it out loud, I had been consciously inviting joy into my life every day for at least two months—so my vibration was ready to take a big leap into the joy pool. Anyone can do this. Just be aware that trying to change your vibration too fast can sometimes start a process of release. If you notice anger, fear (or even symptoms of illness) coming up, don’t panic. These are just old things your loving self is trying to help you release to make more space for joy. A free, four-minute meditation from Orin (as channeled by Sanaya Roman) called “Clearing Blockages” can be very helpful for those times. Scroll down to the section entitled Higher Self, Intuition, Mind to find the “Clearing Blockages” meditation:

3. The wording I used for my acknowledging ceremony came to me spontaneously. The next day, I found these words in an article by Victoria (“I Am Eternal”). You might resonate with these words more deeply. Or you might hear words that are perfect for you to speak.

4. Remember to celebrate your baby steps! For a sparkling reminder of this, check out Shirlyn’s article, “Celebrate Your Bounty and Good Fortune”:

Copyright © 2010 by Milli Thornton


Kiwidolphin is 50 and fabulous in 2010 and likes to think of herself as a sexy young grandma. Having spent many years learning through struggle, she is now embracing learning through joy. She loves opportunities to share this with others. After swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery (Cozumel) for her 47th birthday, one of her dearest dreams is to swim with wild dolphins. Meanwhile, she enjoys laughing and playing with them in her imagination, which she knows is just as real as 3D living.