Luminous Beings in Disguise

For a long time (over 30 years) my guides have referred to us as Luminous Beings. They say we are all luminous, every one of us. I thought understood what they were saying, related to our true nature being energy, etc.

Recently I have had a different notion about it. I realize that what my guides were saying is literally true. It is not a metaphor or a nice image. We really are Luminous Beings.

I was watching a David Wilcock video and he referred to our luminous bodies as being who we really are. He also gave some physical description of our luminous bodies. Something in his description caused me to access a “knowing” within me that started over 30 years ago.

I realized that we truly are the Luminous Beings my guidance speaks of and that these physical bodies that we call ourselves are just holographic projections that we have created according to our beliefs about the nature of the “physical world.” We project solid-appearing bodies with the physical limitations of this 3-dimensional world. We believe it is real because it appears to be solid.

Because we believe the holograms are real rather than our Luminous Bodies, we believe in limitations. We believe we get old and decrepit, we believe we cannot create everything from thought, we believe what we see before us is “how things are.” And we believe that “how things are” trumps any attempt to change things. We tell each other to “face reality,” and accept “how things are” as a permanent condition.

We forget how mighty and powerful we are. We forget that we are so powerful that we created “how things are” by continuing to have the same thoughts over and over that support “how things are” even though it has no basis in reality.

I also realize that those people who know who they really are — call them Enlightened, Aware, Conscious, Awake — whatever term you want to use — have a thinner veil between their Luminous Beings and their physical selves. Their luminosity is more apparent. There is an energy about them that we all find attractive (magnetic).

Then I began to think about all of the zillions of images that have been created over the years to depict “holy” people such as Buddha, Krishna, Jesus Christ and his mother, saints, angels, etc. All of those images show them with a glow of some kind — a halo, an aura, a shaft of light beaming down on them. You can see their luminosity. They literally glow because they are more in tune with their Luminous Bodies.

All of the “miraculous” stories about these figures showed that they were not hampered by “how things are” and perceived limitations. Buddha and Jesus walked on water — Buddha created a golden bridge in the air using only his mind — Jesus fed thousands of people by turning a few loaves and fishes into an endless supply of food — Mithras and Jesus both rose from the dead after three days. They knew that they could create whatever reality they chose.

It is time for all of us to remember that we are Luminous Beings in disguise. We are disguised as various physical versions of human (and perhaps other) creatures. Are you ready to claim your power and luminosity?

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young